3 Choices You Will Regret Forever

I regret it. I wasted three decades of my life. Many times, I said the word, “I wish I have done things differently.” The truth in life is there is no “Undo” button. You can’t say things like I wish I can rewind things. – You can’t. Some friends passed away a few months ago. One friend passed away recently. My younger sister passed away a few months ago.

It was tough to swallow. It was the reality of life when I became mature in life. The question is, “What did you decide to share your regret lists, Henry?”

Well, every day, I saw more and more people doing what I didn’t do. Some of them are my friends. Some of them are clients. Some of them are my social media friends. Some of them are my business partners. – I can’t tell them that they would regret these behaviors. Again, we don’t have any rights to change anybody. We can only improve ourselves.

I tried to influence my younger sister two years ago. It went to deaf ears. She didn’t listen. She was already too broken to hear to anyone. It was also the main reason WHY I decided to use TheLimitlessLife.com as a way to awaken other people limitless being. – This way, many people will be able to realize that we are not here forever.

Now, the ultimate question is, “What are the decision we make will lead us to massive regrets in life?”

Regret #1: Make the decision based on what other people think.

I was guilty of it. I was young and naïve. As a young kid, I didn’t receive validation from my own dad. So, I tried to seek one from others. When a lady, Ms. Grape kept praising my work, I was instantly attracted to the validation she gave me.

She was broke. She was living in a trailer car which she called an “RV.” – I didn’t mind. I helped her with her email marketing skill. Within a few months, her earning jumped from a casual $500 to $1,000 per month to over $10,000 per month. What did I need from her? ANSWER: Validation.

The more she praised me, the more I felt great about myself. – What I didn’t realize was she used my weaknesses as a way to take my employees and I for granted. Ms. Grape asked my assistant to do stuff for her. Later on, My assistant, Ms. Peach told me that she quit.

“I felt sad,” – I told Ms. Grape.

“What happens, sweetheart?” – Ms. Grape asked.

“My assistant quit. I had no clue why,” I replied as I got confused.

“Don’t worry. You can hire Ms. Cake, my student. She is in our industry. She is much more capable than Ms. Grape,” – Ms. Grape replied.

“You are very kind. Thank you,” – I replied as I was able to get an assistant.

Neither did I know that Ms. Cake reported directly to Ms. Grape. So, Ms. Grape knew every move in my business. — Within a few months after I hired Ms. Cake, my company went under. I was forced to retire as I couldn’t bear the emotional pain.

What did I do wrong? ANSWER: I was hungry for validation.

The incident with Ms. Grape looked very small, but it damaged many things in my life. I had a lot of hardship financially. My ex-girlfriend broke up with me. My reputation was on the line. At one point, I almost took a knife and wanted to cut the wrist. Even until today, I still say the word “I wish.”

I can’t change it. I can’t tell other people when they are about to make mistakes. Why? – Well, when I speak up, people will quickly judge me for being arrogant. I don’t blame them. That’s human nature.

REMEMBER: People can’t change unless something drastic happens in their life. It is painful to watch. Even though I know a friend is about to go downward spiral, I can only watch them painfully on the sideline.

Regret #2: Not expressing your true feeling with others.

When I wrote about my narcissistic dad, a lot of people judge me. Some people called me a filial son. Some people called me that he doesn’t deserve me as his son. – The truth is, “I still speak with my dad only on special occasions.”

The question is, “Why did I share his bad characters in public?”


I know you will say that it doesn’t make a lot of sense. However, let me give you a story from Lao Tzu, one of the prominent teachers in China.

“Why there are bruises all over your body?” – Lao Tzu asked an 8-year old boy, Huang.

“My father loved me,” Huang replied with a smile.

“Why on earth did you allow your father to hit you?” – Lao Tzu asked.

“It means that my father is still strong. He can still hit me. It means that he loves me. I told my father that it is okay for him to hit me as long as it showed that he is healthy,” Huang replied as he covered his bruises son.

“You are not a filial son,” Lao Tzu replied with a stern voice.

“What do you mean?” Huang replied with a lot of confusion.

“What if your father hit you and you die? – It means that you made him a criminal. You should run away from him,” Lao Tzu replied.

This story woke me up from my sleep. I love my dad, and I want nothing but the best for him. It is also the reason WHY I used his story as a way to help him to create great karma. How is that possible? – Well, as soon as I released a new article called “My hellish fight,” I received many emails from readers.

“Henry, you saved my life. I was in a similar situation like what you experienced. I was about to kill myself. However, when I read your story, I told myself that I got to be strong. Thank you.” – Mr. Sage.

“Thank you, Henry. I know what to do now. I am not going to waste my life living with an abusive partner. I know that I can only change me. Please keep writing,” – Ms. Jade.

The question is, “What if I kept my dad’s story to myself?” The ultimate question is, “Who is the kind person? Is it my dad or me?

Even though I wanted to take credit for it, the reality is, it was my dad who saved Mr. Sage and Ms. Jade. I am merely a guy who coincidently to be my dad’s child. I am only the guy that owns a platform with over 100,000 readers.

Regret #3: Share more love to the loved one.

I cook three meals a day for my family. Every single week, I would prepare one new dish per week. I will try to cook my new found recipe. I will date my wife every three weeks by taking her on a weekend getaway. Will I keep doing? – Well, I have been doing it for a while now.

Am I a chef? No. Do I love cooking? I could be. I found out I can cook well after I tried to do it. Do I love cleaning? I chose to. The question is, “Why did I do it?” ANSWER: Love.

The next question is, “Why did I do it every single day?” — ANSWER: I don’t want to say the word “I wish” at the end of my life. – Instead, I want to say the word “I did it all!” If I don’t focus on sharing my love with others, I won’t publish one after another. — Here is something else that you did not know: Each article takes a few hours. Why? I chose to produce high-quality contents.

Why did I write the article myself? Answer: The power of one.

There is a lovely lady, Leila Carpenter who will always comment on each blog post I publish. There is a young man, Donavon Hunteman who press the like button on my threads on many different social media platforms. For me, if I can change just one person, I will keep producing new content on a regular basis.

I know some people told me in private that they read my blog posts. I know some readers said to me that my articles keep them going during the darkest time of their lives. For me, as long as I have ONE person read my post on TheLimitlessLife.com, I will keep writing until I am six-feet under. – It is the promise between me and me.

The question is, “What are the biggest regrets you experienced in your life so far?” Please share with other limitless family members your thought on the comment below.

Regardless, I strongly recommend you to download my new e-book, “The Limitless Mindset” for free at http://thelimitlessmindset.com. It will show you how to unleash your power to fulfill your duty & mission in life.

Limitless For Life,
Henry Gold
Author, Speaker, Limitless Potential Expert, Entrepreneur

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