3 Formulas to Regain Your Motivation

A few months ago, I had a tough week. I could say it was one of the toughest weeks of my life. What is it? I went to the doctor office. He told me that one of my hormone levels was below average in which I might feel tired all the time. – He was right.

When I was walking outdoor for 20 minutes, I had to sleep for six hours.
When I was working for 30 minutes, I had to sleep for eight hours.
When people talked to me, it took me 10 seconds to replied to them.
When people talked too fast, I got frustrated as my brain couldn’t process it.
When I was doing house chores for two hours, I had to take a rest for a couple of days.

Henry, I don’t think you can’t beat this unless you inject this hormone every single month,” Dr. George (An endocrinologist) told me.

“What is my option?” – I asked as I got distraught.

“You can inject this hormone every single month. This way, you can shoot your hormone level from 60 to a normal level of 260,” – Dr. George replied.

“How does it work?” – I asked.

“It will help you with your hormone level for one month. Then, you can come to my office to inject it again,” – Dr. George insisted and ready to inject me.

“What if I don’t inject it?” – I asked as I really don’t want to get an injection for the rest of my life.

“Well, you will feel what you feel now,” – Dr. George replied.

“No, I won’t take it,” – I replied.

My wife and I left the doctor office. At that time, I could see Dr. George was shaking his head in disbelief. After I went home, I reaffirmed to myself that long-term happiness took time. So, I decided to look for an alternative solution. That was when I searched for an eastern doctor, Mr. Huang.

“Your liver and kidney are weak,” – Dr. Huang told me.

“What should I do?” – I asked as I hold on to my tear.

“Let’s resurrect your kidney function first. However, it will take 30+ needles each session and 24 treatments,” – Dr. Huang insisted.

“Let’s do it,” – I replied.

“Ouch. It is too painful,” – I screamed as Dr. Huang injected the needle on my head, face, body, toes, hand, etc.

“Come on, young kiddo,” – Dr. Huang laughed.

*I stayed quiet in the bed as my tear dropped.*

Last week, I went to the family doctor. I got very nervous as I didn’t want to hear another bad news.

“Your hormone level is a little low,” – Dr. M said.

“How low was it?” – I asked as my heart was beating crazily.

“It was 197 out of 260,” – Dr. M replied.

*I laughed as it was better than a level of 60 a few months ago.*

Now, I am on my way to boost my hormone level back to normal by using exercise, weight loss, etc.

The question is, “How did I regain my motivation when things seemed to be dark and tough?

Well, here are three formulas that I use to regain my motivation:

#1: You reaffirmed to yourself the life you truly want to experience.

When I was really weak and vulnerable, I kept visualizing the life I wanted to have. I kept telling ME about the healthy life I wanted to have. I kept affirming to myself that I know that everything that I wanted will come to me naturally, but it will take time and effort.

And, a lot of time, I would draw on a paper the life I wanted to have including the health that I wanted to have, the people I wanted to meet, the clients I wanted to serve, etc.

I understand that it will take time.
I understand that I need to get there first.
I understand that I need to upgrade myself first.
I understand that I need to complete a specific benchmark before I am able to achieve the result.

For me, everything was all depending on the steps I am taking right now. I don’t blame. I don’t listen to those noises including Dr. George who was an experienced endocrinologist for 30+ years. Instead, I listened to my intuition every single day and the rest of my life.

#2: I asked the universe for what I should do to achieve the growth that I want to live.

Every time I was in doubt, I asked the universe these FIVE words. – Sure, I have mentors and coaches to help me on many aspects of my life. I have lawyers, accountants, CEOs, celebrities I hang out with from time to time. However, they are not the people I asked when I was in doubt. – The universe is.

What are those five words?

Before I shared with you what it was, let me share with you something else that you need to remember, okay?

Each one of us is connected to the universe. (Yep, you and I.) It means that when you can connect with the world, you will tap into your inner genius. – It is the key to accomplish anything you want in life.

The next question is, “How do you do it?”

Five words: What should I do now?

Last week, I met with my family doctor. She told me that my hormone level was low. She said that it was 197 out of 260. — For me, it was a significant improvement from 60 to a level of 197.

“Should I get a shot to improve my hormonal level?” – I asked Dr. M.

“No, get this Chinese medicine,” – Dr. M replied.

“Why didn’t you recommend me to take a hormone shoot?” – I asked Dr. M even though I knew I wouldn’t take it.

You are still young. I want your hormonal level to grow naturally,” – Dr. M replied.

*I smiled as I knew my intuition was right.*

After we left Dr. M’s office, my wife was shocked. She told me that I was right for refusing the hormone injection from Dr. George.

“I know,” – I smiled as I said thank you quietly to Mr. Intuition.

I am always there for you,” – Mr. Intuition replied to me.

#3: The universe will always test you to see how bad you want certain things in your life.

Before I found the one (Read my article here), I wrote down the description of the girl I wanted to have in my life. This way, I can be me. She can be herself. I don’t have to change her. She doesn’t have to change me. – And, I made it very specific on the traits of the girl that I wanted. Then, I kept it in my wallet. NOTE: I didn’t tell anyone about the type of girl that I want. This way, nobody had any chances to talk me out of getting the girl of my dream.

You can even say that it was the secret between the universe and I. – Mr. Intuition knows. I know. That’s it.

When I went on dates, I would go home and analyze if the girl that I dated that night met the description. If she didn’t meet my description, I wouldn’t waste each other time by going on a second date. Also, each time, I dated the potential girlfriend; I would test that person on many different levels.

“Henry, why did you stop calling me?” – Ms. Orange asked with a lot of emotion.

“It is because I am busy,” – I replied.

“What are we?” Ms. Orange asked.

“You were one of my dates,” – I replied.

“Were? I thought we are boyfriend and girlfriend,” – Ms. Orange replied with a lot of emotion.

“No, we are not,” – I replied.

*Ms. Orange hangs up on me.*

I know it sounded cruel. I could just go on and dated Mr. Orange as a way to make her happy. However, that action would be really cruel to her as she didn’t match the girl I was looking for.

One month after I wrote my description, I was still single.

Three months later, I was still single.

Six months later, I was still single.

One year later, I was still alone even though I had many dates.

1 ½ year then, I was still single.

“Are you started to doubt me?” – Mr. Intuition jump into my thought.

“No, I trust you. And, yeah, it is painful to be alone,” – I replied to Mr. Intuition.

“Well, the universe will test you to see how bad you want it,” – Mr. Intuition told me.

“I can wait,” – I replied with a smile.

Fast forward, I found my dream girl. I don’t have to change her. She doesn’t have to change me. When I had a brain tumor, she took care of me. After my recovery, she helped me quietly in the back to serve my clients.

That’s how I found my true love. A lot of time, you don’t have to chase for it. You merely need to tell the universe exactly what you want. When the time is right, the world will deliver the gift to you.

The question you need to ask yourself is, “What do you do during the dark time in life?

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Limitless For Life,
Henry Gold
Author, Speaker, Limitless Potential Expert, Entrepreneur

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