3 Secrets to becoming relentless and unstoppable

A few days ago, I went to see my doctor. As usual, I loved to joke around. I would talk with the assistant with a smile on my face. I would call them by the first name. I would ask them what they are going to do during the holiday season. Some of them were nice. A few had a tough week. – I understand as they have to deal with people with brain problems.

I remembered that a few weeks after my surgery, I had problems thinking clearly. A lot of time, I became aggregated easily as my brain couldn’t take all the input from others.

“You lost a lot of weight. The last time you came here, you were 198.5 pounds. Now, you are 185 pounds. – What did you do?” – Ms. Cherry, the nurse asked as she got curious.

“I was just printing the body that I wanted,” – I replied.

“What do you mean?” – Ms. Cherry replied.

“I visualized the body that I wanted which is a guy with four-pack abs. Then I print it slowly to my body. I don’t have to put any effort into it. It will show up sooner or later,” – I replied.

“That’s interesting. Did you change anything on your diet,” – Ms. Cherry asked as she got curious.

“No. I asked my brain to take control of my body. I let it guide me on how a guy with four-pack abs will behave, eat, and stay that way. So, when I eat, my brain would tell me how much I can eat. It is automatic. I didn’t have to control anything. – I can only guess it has to do with being limitless,” – I replied as she took my blood pressure and told me I was healthy and all.

The next question is, “Do vision equate to success?” — ANSWER: It depends.

Some people say that you need to take massive action. – It is true, but it doesn’t make you unstoppable. Why? – What if someone hits you from many different directions? Will you still be able to stand firm? Or will you feel defeated like most people? – Here are “TWO” possibilities:

1.If you are not limitless, you will break. – A lot of time, you will become paralyze and feel sorry for yourself. I did. I felt sorry for myself for more than three and a half decades.

2.If you are limitless, you will keep moving forward. – You will realize that when other people tell you that you are this or that, they are referring to themselves. – Never you. Of course, you still need to understand the layer of trust within you.

The next question is, “Why do you need to create a layer of trust?

ANSWER: It is because you do not know who is significant to you and who is pretending to be kind to you. – By utilizing the layer of trust formula, you are able to attract limitless-being to your inner circle.

Some of my mentors are very mouthful. Some mentors only say a few words. Some of my mentors are kind. – My point is, “If people are tough to you, you can’t judge this person as unkind.” – One of my mentors would test my endurance. He wanted to see if he could break me. He knows that if he was able to break me, I needed to toughen up.

“You are an idiot,” – I scolded Mr. Orange.

“Henry, don’t shout at me,” – Mr. Orange replied as he got upset.

“Your wife looked down on you. Your parents-in-law poked fun of you. You should be ashamed of yourself for allowing them to take you for granted. I called you an idiot as you acted like a little girl. What’s up with this?” – I replied as I tried to break Mr. Orange’s limited mindset.

“I know. I am a feminine type of guy. I know I like to cry. And, I don’t want you to yell at me,” Mr. Orange replied and started sobbing.

“Dude, everybody has already poked fun of you. Why in the world are you not standing up for yourself? That’s a shame. I don’t know how else I should teach a person like you. You are a man. Act like one. If you want, I can buy you a skirt,” – I replied as I wanted to throw away Mr. Orange’s curse someone put on him.

“I admit I am a feminine guy. I don’t know how to change it,” – Mr. Orange as he sobbed in misery.

“Stop crying. A man doesn’t cry like that. A man cries when he reaches his victory in life. As a man, you need to be ready to die every single day and the rest of your life. Don’t act like a little kid. – You are not. You are a grown-up man. If you are weak, your son will be as weak as you. You must show him how to be a man,” – I replied with a stern voice.

*A few weeks later, Mr. Orange asked me to meet him.*

“What’s up, dude?” – I asked Mr. Orange.

“Thank you for shouting at me. You woke me up from a deep sleep. I was weak as a little bi&^h. Thank you,” – Mr. Orange replied with a smile.

“You are welcome,” – I smiled.

My point is, “Every mentor I encountered uses different techniques.” – What I injected to Mr. Orange is what I called, “The Yang manifestation technique.” I knew that if I didn’t use this advance strategy, his limitless-self would stay asleep deep inside his soul, forever. — Of course, if we look at the surface, people would judge me as cruel, arrogant, and harsh. In reality, I cared a lot about Mr. Orange. – He knows it.

The question is, “How can you become relentless and unstoppable regardless of the adversities you face in your life?”

Here are “three” secrets to become relentless and unstoppable:

SECRET #1: Take massive imperfect actions every day.

As a brain tumor survivor, I don’t play tricks with my time. – I know my time is numbered. I do not know when. I know for the fact that I would die one day. — It could be five years, ten years, or even 50 years from now.

I’ve also realized that when I waste just one day for doing nothing, I may stay stagnant for many (many) days. Without knowing it, I would have lost weeks, months, or years. Recently, I had many friends whom past away for either committing suicides or died of a specific illness such as brain tumors and cancer. – I know for the fact that I am on the line.

For me, “When my time is up, there is nothing I could do to take it back.” – The only thing I can do is taking massive imperfect actions. The next question is, “Why do I use the word “imperfect” in my wording?”

I am not perfect. If people called themselves “perfect,” it is either that person is full of him or herself. Someday, I could have a tough day. The other day, I could have a good day. – It doesn’t matter. I keep moving. I stop caring about what people say about me.

“You are an idiot, Henry,” – Mr. Durian told me.

*I keep moving forward.*

“You are a loser, Henry,” – Mr. Brown told me.

*I keep moving forward.*

“You shouldn’t be in business, Henry,” – Ms. Banana told me.

*I keep moving forward.*

Instead of getting all upset, I would use other people’ criticisms as a way to build my internal fortitudes. How? — Every time I receive criticism from others, I promise to write one article. Well, if you are my readers, please say “Thank You” to those people who criticized me. Without them, I may not have published a lot of articles.

SECRET #2: Don’t delay what you can do today.

Whenever I head to the gym, I would do one extra rep. – If I were to do 20 push up, I would try to do a set of 21 or even 22. I apply this to every area of my life. Let’s just say I have ten tasks in my to-do-list, I would try to complete ten tasks and two more tasks from the following day. – In other words, I will always compete with me from yesterday.

However, I will never do less than what I did from the day before. Of course, you need to be a little careful of overtasking yourself. – What I mean is if your task is to create a sales letter for your website, instead of having an aggressive to-do list such as:

1.Sales letter for 30-day transformational blueprint 1.0

Here is how your to-do-list should look like:
1.Pre-head statement.
3.Sub-headline 1.
4.Sub-headline 2.
5.Opening statement.
6.Intro to the product.
7.Feature #1 bullet point benefits.
8.Feature #2 bullet point benefits.
9.Feature #3 bullet point benefits.
10.Feature #4 bullet point benefits.
11.Feature #5 bullet point benefits.
12.Feature #6 bullet point benefits.
13.Feature #7 bullet point benefits.
14.Feature #8 bullet point benefits.
15.Feature #9 bullet point benefits.
16.Feature #10 bullet point benefits.
17.Feature #11 bullet point benefits.
18.Feature #12 bullet point benefits.
19.Bonus #1 bullet point benefits.
20.Bonus #2 bullet point benefits.
21.Bonus #3 bullet point benefits.
22.Bonus #4 bullet point benefits.
23.Bonus #5 bullet point benefits.
24.Bonus #6 bullet point benefits.
25.Bonus #7 bullet point benefits.
26.Closing statements.
27.Postscript #1 statement.
28.Postscript #2 statement.

If you don’t break things down like the example above, you will get frustrated. – I did. At one point, I told myself that it was impossible to complete any tasks. However, when I started to create a “micro” version of my to-do-list, I know that I can keep competing with myself every single day and the rest of my life.

SECRET #3: Focus on taking action. And, never ask how long it will take.

One day, I was at my godfather’s house. He told me that there would be more than 500 boxes of containers we needed to take care of. – When the big truck arrived, I asked a ridiculous question:

“There are a lot of boxes. How long will it take to unload all the containers to storage area?” – I asked my godfather.

“That’s a stupid question. Don’t ask. Just do it first. Then, you will know,” – My godfather replied.

“Okay,” – I responded and kept my mouth shut.

*Two hours later, I discovered that we have already completed our gigantic tasks.*

At that moment, I realized that when we asked the words “how long?”, It will create pressure in our brain. It is also how you create pains. And, A lot of time, the darkness within us will start telling us something like this:

“This is too much work, Henry.”

“What are you thinking you are doing?”

“Oh my lord, do you think you can finish all these tasks?”

So, I stopped asking questions altogether. As I focus on taking massive imperfect actions, a friend of mine messaged me on Skype.

“Hey bud, how are you doing?” – Mr. Banana asked.

“I am doing great. What’s up, dude?” – I replied.

“How many articles can you write in a day?” – Mr. Banana asked.

“I don’t know. I just keep writing. Based on my to-do-list, I wrote three yesterday,” – I replied plainly.

“All you did yesterday was only writing three articles?” – Mr. Banana became curious.

“Of course, not. I’ve also done so many other tasks as well,” – I replied and chuckled.

“Dude, all your articles are very high in quality. And, they are pretty long too. I asked a few freelancers to write them for me. They told me that they need a minimum of a couple days to write articles like yours. What did you do differently to write that fast?” – Mr. Banana asked.

“I don’t know. I guess I never asked the word “How long” it will take me,” – I replied.

My point is, “When you stop asking questions on how long it will take to do something, you would have saved a lot of time by simply doing the tasks in front of you.”

The question is, “How do you become unstoppable and relentless in everything you do?” Please share with other limitless family members your thought on the comment below.

Regardless, I strongly recommend you to download my new e-book, “The Limitless Mindset” for free at http://thelimitlessmindset.com. It will show you how to unleash your power to fulfill your duty & mission in life.

Limitless For Life,
Henry Gold
Author, Speaker, Limitless Potential Expert, Entrepreneur

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