3 Signs You Will Become Rich in The Future

In the past two decades of my career, I observed many people who are very successful. Some of them are millionaires, multi-millionaire, and even billionaires. After connecting with many of them, I realized that they possess certain traits that the majority of people do not have.

In fact, when I examined each one of them, I came to the realization that the word, “Your network is your net worth.” The question is, “What are the signs you will become rich one day?”

Sign #1: You know your “WHY” statement.

Last week, a syndicate from U.K interviewed me on how I was able to keep moving forward on each plan I chose to execute even though I was at a vulnerable position (i.e., Brain tumor surgery).

ANSWER: I have my “WHY” statement.

“To exercise three times a week, so that other people around me will exercise three times a week.”

– Again, a successful person knows that his or her job is to focus on “doing” and whether other people around him or her will follow the leads or not, it is not up to him to decide.


When I was 238 lbs, I decided to head to the gym three times a week. – No one followed my leads.

When I was 218 lbs, I changed my why statement to lose 60 pounds, some people started to head to the gym.

When I was 198 lbs, I changed my why statement to get four-pack abs, some people asked me how did I lose 40 pounds.

When I won a flat abs challenges in front of 200+ entrepreneurs around the world, a lot of people approached me on how I achieved four-pack abs goal in such a short period of time.

My point is, “Everything starts with your why statement.”

Sign #2: You implement everything you learn as fast as possible.

Unfortunately, I have seen a lot of marketers focus on talking about what they are going to do instead of implementing every step they have written down in their master plan.

Let me give you an example…

Mr. Pepper and I have been friends for a little over one decade. In term of ideas, he is the brightest guy I have ever met in my life. One day, he decided to share all his secrets and strategies with me on the right way to build a business.

After talking to him for more than five hours, I realized that Mr. Pepper is a genius. He knew a lot more than people in my industry. The strategies that he showed me are 20 years ahead of the game. The problem is, “Mr. Pepper has never implemented it into his own business.”

Finally, one day, I struck a conversation with Mr. Pepper.

“Dude, can you show me how you implemented what you taught me,” – I asked Mr. Pepper out of frustration.

“Dude, this famous guy is doing it. That famous guy is doing it. I know what I am talking about,” – Mr. Pepper replied confidently.

“I am talking about you,” – I insisted.

“Well, my business model is different than yours,” – Mr. Pepper replied.

At that moment, I realized that I was a guinea pig to his big idea. Since that time, I stopped listening to another big idea Mr. Pepper has. Instead, I focused on utilizing my own strategy to build my business. Within a few weeks, I am already on the money.

My point is, “Don’t talk the talk. Instead, walk the walk.”

Sign #3:You Trust Your Intuition 100%.

There is a saying that the gut is always right. It really is. Unfortunately, most people allow their ego to take control of their intuition. The next question is, “Who is Mr. Intuition?”

Some people called it your guardian angel.
Some people called it your subconscious mind.
Some people called it your higher self.

The truth is, “Your intuition is the connector between you and your higher-self.” It is selfless. It doesn’t have a hidden agenda. It is also the reason why 99% of the human population ignored its existence. Why is that?

“You got to stop dating her,” – My intuition warned me.

“I love her,” – I asked as I felt really hurt.

“Look at you. Do you want to become blind soon? Your eye pressures are spiking like crazy. Is this what you called love?” – My intuition reminded me.

“But…” – I replied.

After I stopped dating the girl, my eye pressure went back to normal. Within a few months, I found a girl who later on became my wife.

My point is, “Your intuition is the only best friend you need to get what you want in life whether it is money, wealth, relationship or even health.

Trust your intuition. Follow the guidance from your intuition. – And, you will get anything you want to receive in life.

The question you need to ask yourself is, “Do you have what it takes to become rich and wealthy in the future?”

Regardless, I strongly recommend you to download my new e-book, “The Limitless Mindset” for free at http://thelimitlessmindset.com. It will show you how to unleash your power to fulfill your duty & mission in life.

Limitless For Life,

Henry Gold
Author, Speaker, Limitless Potential Expert, Entrepreneur

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