3 Signs You’re On the Right Path to Limitless

After I am received a second chance in life, I minimized the word “fear” closer to zero. When others told me that it couldn’t do it, I smiled and moved forward. When people poked fun at my new mission in life, I laughed and kept taking massive imperfect actions.

I don’t care what people say about me. When my audience gives me constructive feedback on how to improve my mission, I apply things that made sense to me in TheLimitlessLife.com. When my some people tried to degrade my integrity, I would smile and keep moving forward with what I needed to do. – Why? I am thankful for a chance to get out from my deathbed.

For me, words are no longer something I will speak. Instead, actions would be a new term for my words. The question is, “How do you know if you are on the right path?” Well, here are three signs:

#1: You say “NO” to temporary happiness.

There is two types of happiness in life: (A) Short-term happiness; (B) Long-term happiness; Even though on the surface, both terms looks similar. In reality, they have a different effect on the outcome.

When I first started my online business, I replaced my corporate job as a mutual fund accountant in one of the largest financial institutions in the world as a 7-11 convenience store clerk. – It allowed me to work on my online business while having an extra few hundred dollars per week to pay the rent and some other living expenses.

My friends stopped hanging out with me.
My relatives told me I was stupid to do that.
My acquaintance told me that I was an idiot.

However, I didn’t give in to their opinions. Instead, I knew where I was heading then motivate myself to lead in that direction. It was full of challenges, but it was worth it. Fast forward, a few years later, many friends came up to me and asked the question you heard in the magazine, “How did you do it, Henry?”

#2: You invest in your education and never on temporary happiness events.

Back in 2004, I lived with a roommate. He was one of those people who would blow all his salary almost immediately. When he asked me about the nightclub, I said “no.” When he asked me to hang out with him to a fancy restaurant, I said “No.” However, I wouldn’t hesitate to invest in some expensive courses that cost me $500 or even $1,000 a pop. One day, my ex-roommate came back home.

“Here is your Thanksgiving dinner, Henry,” – Mr. Roommate put the plate on the table.

“Wow, that was very kind of you brother,” – I replied as I saved my file and closed the cover of my laptop.

“Eat it. I feel bad for you,” – Mr. Roommate told me.

“Why do you say that?” – I asked as I got curious.

“You spent too much time on the computer. You should enjoy life a little bit,” – Mr. Roommate replied.

A decade later, I met Mr. Roommate in Boston. He saw in my new ride, BMW X5. Then, we struck a conversation over Starbucks. At that time, he told me things that I have never heard before.

“Henry, I wish I invested in me just like you did,” Mr. Roommate told me.

“What do you mean?” – I asked as I didn’t understand.

“Back then, I cared too much about what people say about me. When I told them about you, they told me that you were too boring and I should take things easy. Now, you travel 12 to 14 times a year. I have no choice but to stay home and feel miserable,” – He replied.

#3: You have your WHY statement in front of you.

Here’s my WHY statement:

“To inspire others how I live the limitless life, so that together we will live the limitless life.”

It is in front of me. It is on my phone. It is the statement I abide by it after I was out from the hospital bed.

The next question is, “Is it easy to follow?”

Two words: Absolutely NOT.

I always need to build my internal muscles on a regular basis. I still need to pass the hurdles in front of me. However, it is the statement that I believe 100% with conviction on what I am going to do the rest of my life. – And, if I don’t embed this statement in my DNA, I will regret it the rest of my life. Why is that, Henry?

In the past, I was so looking forward to the day I would grow old. However, after I had a brain tumor the size of the golf ball, I told myself that IF I don’t give my absolute best in everything I do now, I am not sure if I even have the time to achieve my WHY statement in the future.

Think about this, okay?

I have never (ever) thought that at a very young age, the optometrist would tell me that I had a brain tumor. I thought it existed only on TV. When I had one, I was like, “Wait. This must be a joke, right?”

Well, the reality is, “Whatever you saw in the newspaper, it was the projection of a real-life situation.” It is why when I had a brain tumor; I realized that IF I didn’t take my WHY statement seriously, I would have a lot of regrets on the things I didn’t do but should have done.”

It is the reason WHY I live my life as if today is the last day on earth. I don’t believe in tomorrow. I don’t think that there will be another day. It is because I understand for the fact that today is the gift.

Unfortunately, for the majority of the human being, they think differently. When they project a lot about the painful future, they become very painful. When they anticipate a lot of happy moment, they become very loving and kind. The truth is, “That’s what I always refer to daydreaming.”

When you focus on NOW, you become bold and fearless. It is how limitless feel. It is what you need to do for the rest of your life.

The question you need to ask yourself is, “Are you on the right path of living a limitless life? If not, who and what are stopping you?

Regardless, I strongly recommend you to download my new e-book, “The Limitless Mindset” for free at http://thelimitlessmindset.com. It will show you how to unleash your power to fulfill your duty & mission in life.

Limitless For Life,

Henry Gold
Author, Speaker, Limitless Potential Expert, Entrepreneur


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