3 Things Successful People Never Worry About

What is a real definition of the word success? If you have money, do you feel successful? If you have the relationship of your dream, do you feel successful? – You see, I learned this on my earlier career from a friend. He told me that successful people think big and make things happen. And, unsuccessful people, think small and think people.

Today, as I was low on fuel, I decided to head to the gas station. When I entered the convenience store inside the store, I overheard a conversation from fellow patronage, Mr. Durian. — He was outraged.

“This election sucks,” – Mr. Durian told the store clerk, Mr. Doughnut.

“Yeah, these f*&^ing stupid democrats are going to ruin our economy. Are they stupid? I am a little worry know about my job,” Mr. Doughnut replied.

“What book did you read this week?” I asked Mr. Doughnut.

“I don’t read the book,” Mr. Doughnut replied as he got confused.

“Time to upgrade our brain,” – I replied.

*I smiled and left the store.*

As I headed to my car, I realized that even though my inner circles have evolved, but the majority of the people stayed the same. They focus on blaming the economy, the government, the politician, and much more. – Here is another conversation I had with the girl I used to date:

“Guys are jerks. They just want to get into your pants,” Ms. Cherry told me.

“Why did you say that?” I asked as I was surprised by Ms. Cherry’s statement.

“As soon as my ex-boyfriend became with me, he didn’t put any more effort into our relationship. He just wanted to make love,” Ms. Cherry responded.

“How long were you guys together?” I asked as I didn’t expect that on the first date.

“On and off two years,” Ms. Cherry replied.

“Why didn’t you cut it off earlier if you feel that things wouldn’t work out,” I asked as I didn’t understand.

“He begged me to stay with him,” Ms. Cherry replied.

“Well, you always have a choice to say yes and no,” I replied.

“I don’t know what my friends will say about me if I cut off our relationship,” Ms. Cherry replied.

*I changed the topic as the conversation was getting too toxic to continue.*

You see, everyone has a choice in life. If you like something, say it. If you don’t want something, politely reject it. – I know it is hard especially if the other person was smiling graciously on trying to give you something. Here is the conversation I had with my wife:

“Eat this pork rib,” – I said to my wife as I tried to put the pork rib to her plate.

“Honey, I wanted to eat, and I had a small stomach. Can you eat it for me?” – My wife replied politely.

“Okay,” I replied as I smiled.

*Later on, my mother-in-law told me that my wife doesn’t like to eat meat at night.*

At that moment, I realized that my wife has a healthy boundary. She has the control over the word “Yes” and “No” in everything she does. It is also the reason why she is successful in her career.

The question is, “What is the difference between people who are successful and unsuccessful?

Well, here are three things successful people never worry about:

#1: They never care about instant gratification.

A few years ago, I struck a conversation with a friend who owned a few buildings in Indonesia and Taiwan. When I spoke with him, I learned that he would always wash the dishes every single day.

“You have five maids. Why didn’t you ask them to do the job?” – I asked as I got really curious.

“Henry, I do, and I appreciate them. I am doing this so my children will be able to see that regardless of how successful I am, I want them to realize that there is no instant gratification in life, “Mr. Apple replied.

“How many times did you eat out with your family?” – I asked.

“Once or twice a month,” Mr. Apple replied.

“How many hours do you work?” – I asked Mr. Apple.

“I don’t understand what you are talking about. I enjoy what I do,” Mr. Apple acted surprised.

“I don’t understand by your reaction,” I asked as I become very curious.

“Henry, we will exit the world one way or the other. What’s the rush?” Mr. Apple asked me with a smile.

“What do you mean?” I asked as I got confused.

“The moment you focus on the ending, the moment you transform yourself into a walking dead,” Mr. Apple replied.

As we ended the conversation, I realized that we must earn limitless, daily. It means that the moment we stop giving our best in every area of our life, everything will be taken away from us.

#2: They don’t care about what people say about them.

I learned this the hard way. Back in 2004, I am known as a giveaway guy. I asked 117 friends to give away their digital products for free. Instead of receiving praise and kind messages, I received 3,000+ hate emails. – It traumatized me.

For three months, I didn’t dare to log in to my own email account. Why? I was afraid that someone would yell at me. However, when I attended the 1st seminar in Phoenix, a beautiful lady approached me.

“Are you Henry Gold?” – Ms. Peach asked me.

“Yes, I am,” – I replied.

“I wanted to say THANK YOU for what you did,” Ms. Peach replied.

“What did I do for you?” – I asked as I got curious.

“Your giveaway event inspired me to pursue my Internet dream. It has allowed me to go after what I wanted. Thank you,” Ms. Peach complimented me with a sincere smile.

*I ended the conversation with a big smile in my face.*

After that conversation, I decided to give my all as I was hungry to find another Ms. Peach who told me that my vision changed her life. – I didn’t care what other people say about me. I know for the fact that someone out there is waiting for me. If I stop, I disgrace them. — Then, one day, I struck another conversation.

“Henry, I haven’t mentioned to you before, but I think it is appropriate for me to tell you now,” Mr. Banana told me.

“What is it?” I asked as I was puzzled.

“It is because of you I was able to attract tens of thousands of readers for my business,” Mr. Banana replied.

“What did I do for you?” I asked.

“You did a campaign a few years ago. I was one of the contributors. And, it was because of you I was able to understand how marketing works. I mimicked your ideas and built a high six-figure per year business,” Mr. Banana replied.

“Wow,” I replied as I hold on to my tears.

“You saved me. You saved my family. You didn’t know it,” Mr. Banana replied.

*After the conversation, I said “Thank You” to my younger self on making the right choice in life.*

The question is, “What if I listened to 3,000+ people who told me I was stupid and I should go to hell?”

#3: They stay away from negative people and negative conversation.

Life is too short to deal with negative people. It sounds mean and harsh. In reality, you can’t save people. You can’t change others. And, you can only change you. – Even as you read this article, you don’t take any actions on improving your life; you will stay stuck with the word “inspiration.

With my wife, we avoid negative conversation. We avoid gossiping about others. Our discussion will end with questions like this:

“Honey, can you rate your level of happiness in our marriage?” – I asked my wife at the end of the day.

“It is a 10. If there is 11, I will give you 11,” – My wife smiled uncontrollably.

“What are the things you want me to improve?” – I asked my wife.

“Please make sure you don’t waste the food. Buy less food. This way, one of the veggies didn’t get rotten like the one from three days ago,” – My wife replied.

*After our conversation, I wrote down on what my growth list.*

We don’t talk about Mr. X or Ms. Y. We just focus on what we can improve in our life. There is no drama. It is all about what we can do to support each other to grow. And, that’s the commitment between my wife and me. — The next question is, “What if you are dealing negative people in life?”

A. If a negative person in your life is your parents or relatives, it will be a great idea to distant yourself. If you can’t avoid them, don’t share your vision of living a limitless life with them.

NOTE: Your idea of living a limitless life is between you and you. In 2000, I told my mom that I wanted to become an online entrepreneur, she told me to find a job. I grew resilience. – However, when I reached my first breakthrough in October 2003, my mom said to me that she was proud of me.

B. If a negative person in your life is your boyfriend or your girlfriend, it will be a great idea to tell your boyfriend or your girlfriend on what you are looking for in a relationship. – Everybody becomes mature on their own timing. If people want to stay where they are, you have to choose to grow with or without them.

C. If a negative person in your life is your close friend, it will be a great idea to tell your friend what you are looking for in your friendship. — This way, your friend knows that if they stay negative, they may lose you as a friend.

REMEMBER: Your network is your net worth. When you surround yourself with people who don’t want to grow, soon enough, you will lose motivation to improve. – Don’t waste your life.

The question is, “What are other signs successful people never worry about?” Please share with other limitless family members your thought on the comment below.

Regardless, I strongly recommend you to download my new e-book, “The Limitless Mindset” for free at http://thelimitlessmindset.com. It will show you how to unleash your power to fulfill your duty & mission in life.

Limitless For Life,
Henry Gold
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