5 Signs You Are Dealing With an Evil Person

When I was a kid, I always thought that if I have a positive mindset, people would be kind to me. If I treated others right, people would treat me right as well. The truth is, “The world is full of evil people.” – These are the people who are full of evil skills, knowledge, and experiences to attack you when you are weak and vulnerable.

They know how to exploit your weaknesses.
They know you are weak on your boundaries.
They are out there to take you for granted even though you said “No” on doing things their ways.

The problem is when we are young and naïve, we thought that everyone is supposed to be kind and out there to help us. – Well, they do help you, but not in a way you would have imagined. Instead, they helped you to grow up as a person. Unfortunately, for most people would experience one of the two types of growing process:

  1. Anger toward other human beings. – Instead of laughing and smiling like you used to be when you were a kid, you would assume everyone is out there to get you. You would have trust issues. You would be full of anger. You would judge others of faking their laughs and smiles.
  2. Picky on whom you allow in your life. – You understand the existence of Ying and Yang. You realized that not everyone is kind, but you are still you. In your daily encounter with others, you will laugh, smile, and being you. However, you are picky about who you will allow in your inner circle. Why? You are protecting your sanity.

When you are a type A personality, you will close down your door to great things in life. You will start to take advantages of people who are kind to you. Soon, you will turn many people who used to be innocent and naïve to become a type A personality.

When you are a type B personality, you will behave like a kid in front of people that you love, you will laugh, smile, and being all silly and crazy. However, in public, you will put on your armor as you know that the type A personality people are out there to get you and ruined your chances of being happy.

The question is, “How do you know if someone has a type A personality?

Well, here are seven signs you are dealing with an evil person:

#1: They possess a victim mentality.

An evil person will never admit that he or she makes mistakes. In their mind, it is all about the world against them. It is never their fault but others. In fact, when you spoke with them, you will hear how many people they blame. – And, it will never be their fault.

On time, I spoke with a former employee, Mr. Apple. He told me that Mr. Orange was a jerk. Since both Apple and Orange were my friends, I was able to hear both sides of their stories. I found out that Mr. Orange was right to be upset with Mr. Apple as Mr. Orange ruined his campaign.

As a friend, I asked Mr. Apple to apologize. However, instead of apologizing, he insisted that he wasn’t wrong. He told me that nobody liked Mr. Orange in his inner circle. It was the reason why his campaign failed. I shake my head as I knew as a leader, it is more than necessary to help your partner (Mr. Orange) by talking to your own inner circle to promote and asked them to support his product; especially Mr. Apple received 50% of the profit from the campaign.

#2: They want to control you.

They want to know what your next step is. An evil person wants to know why you are doing certain things. They want to have a grasp of what you want to do in your business. They want to know your family, friends, and even what time you are taking a shower. – And, if you don’t pick up the phone at a particular time or call them back late, they would get really upset.

Some of you may say that nobody does this. – Well, it depends. These types of personalities know how to make you tick and know how to make you snap. Why? – They studied you directly or indirectly. It is in their DNA.

A few years ago, my former partner, Ms. Pear installed her student, Ms. Peach to become my virtual assistant. Since that time, Ms. Pear knew every move that I took in my business.

“Henry, why did you want to focus on creating a product in affiliate marketing?” – Ms. Pear asked.

“How did you know?” — I asked as I didn’t tell anyone outside of my company.

“I am just guessing as you have been talking about becoming an affiliate marketer for a while now,” – Ms. Pear laughed.

A few weeks later, I got a call from my former virtual assistant, Ms. Sweet.

“Henry, I love you, but you need to be careful with Ms. Pear,” – Ms. Sweet told me with a lot of hesitation.

“What do you mean?” – I asked as I got curious.

“Ms. Pear asked me to spy on you. I refused. That’s why I quit,” Ms. Sweet.

“Thank you for letting me know,” – I replied.

The next day, I fired Ms. Peach.

#3: They will never say sorry.

It is never their faults but yours. If you are wrong, you must apologize, but when they are wrong, they will make you apologize as well. Why is that? They will never say the word “Sorry.” One day, I had an argument with my former employee, Mr. Cherry.

“Why is it whenever I called you, you were never available?” – I asked.

“I was not available, but I was doing the work you asked me,” – Mr. Cherry replied.

“The tasks that I gave you have been pending for six weeks. If I were to do it myself, I could have it done in two days. What’s up?” – I replied as I got really furious.

“You know I have to take care of my kid. My wife is not at home. Plus, I have been ignoring my kid for two weeks when I went to Japan. Now, I am working on your stuff,” – Mr. Cherry replied and felt really annoyed with my questions.

“Dude, I paid you to work on my project, not to hear that you abandon your kid or wife. Then, you ran to Japan for vacations,” – I replied as I am entirely fed up.

“Henry, don’t worry, I would get it done,” – Mr. Cherry replied aggressively.

Mr. Cherry used these techniques on dealing with me when I needed a bed rest after the brain tumor surgery. – He did get away with it many times as we were friends for more than 10 years.

#4: They want to remove people who are supportive of your growth.

There is a saying that we need to be kind to those people who are helpful to us and distance those people who are unkind to you. Unfortunately, the world is very different. Why is that, Henry?

  • We are kind to people who against us. We fear them. We allow them to take us for a ride. – Worse, we respect them.
  • We are taking advantages of people who are kind to us. We use them. We control them. We are unkind to them.

One day, I struck a conversation with a potential client, Ms. Love. Ms. Love told me that she invested over $5,000. I asked her two questions:

  1. What kind of results did she get?
  2. How long did the coaching last?

She told me that her previous mentor coached her for more than two years. And, she was able to make over $15,000 and created her own website. However, instead of saying how much she had learned from her former mentor, she blamed him for not allowing her to be successful. However, since she did a lot of meditation, she chose to forgive her former mentor.

Then, she asked me if I would coach her for free. She promised if I made her successful, she would tell everybody to become my student.

“Ms. Love, in your spiritual life, did they ask you to take people who are kind to you for granted?” – I asked.

“What do you mean?” – Ms. Love replied.

“Ms. Love. Your former mentor received a $5,000 investment, and you called him a bad person for helping you to receive revenue of $15,000. I would rather be a bad person like him,” – I replied.

“I am sorry, Henry. I didn’t realize that I have been a jerk all this time,” – Ms. Love felt very embarrassed.

The question is, “How does an evil person remove people who are supportive of your growth?

Four Words: By Stretching the Truth.

My point is, “Talk is cheap. Always look at what people do and never what they say.”

#5: They will use a manipulative technique to make you feel guilty.

In my business, I’ve encountered many different types of human being. Many people are very (very) sincere. Some people want to take me a ride. – I know how they act and I know how they behave. Of course, I don’t tell them as I can only control how I react in front of them.

The question is, “How do you know if someone is a manipulative person?”

Four Words: You will Feel It.

Your intuition will tell you. You will feel the irk feeling. You will feel drained. You can’t know if people are evil or not with your naked eyes. However, you will feel it deep down inside you. Worse, you can almost hear, “Something is wrong with this person.” – And, you had no clue what was going on.

A few years ago, a guy, Mr. Roger approached me.

“Hey man, how are you doing?” – Mr. Roger messaged me.

“What’s up, man?” – I replied.

“Do you think we can work together on a new project? I know a lot of guys who can promote our project together. I used to build a $10,000,000 business. And, I was on the platinum member for Tony Robbins,” – Mr. Roger told me.

Since he had a vast portfolio and experience, I immediately say “YES” to him to work together. During our one-time partnership, I worked on 90% of the tasks while he focused only on 10% of the to-do-lists. At that time, I got to know the writer that wrote the product.

“She is an attractive woman,” – I mentioned to Mr. Roger.

“Yes, she is,” – Mr. Roger smiled.

A few weeks later, I got to meet Mr. Roger and the writer in Manhattan. Mr. Roger saw that I was somewhat attracted to the writer, Ms. Smith. Then, after the one-time meet-up, I said goodbye to Mr. Roger and Ms. Smith.

The next day, I saw on Facebook that Mr. Roger used my name and his to announce a $5,000 contest even though the previous cash contest was still running. – I messaged Mr. Roger on the phone and told him that I didn’t agree with the $5,000 cash contest and asked him to take it down.

All of a sudden, I received a message from Ms. Smith, the writer.

“Henry, can you please put up a cash contest for $5,000 on your JV Page?” – Ms. Smith messaged me.

“Tell Mr. Rodger to take down the announcement on Facebook. I don’t agree with the cash contest,” – I replied harshly to Ms. Smith.

An hour later, Mr. Roger told me that Ms. Smith and he were disappointed with my decision on removing the cash contest even though I agreed with the contest. – I know I didn’t agree with the contest whatsoever.  And, I also knew that by saying “No” to Mr. Roger, I would lose my chances to date with Ms. Smith. I didn’t mind. I moved on.

The question is, “What if I agreed with Ms. Smith request on running a new contest that might cost me $5,000?

ANSWER: I would be Mr. Roger’s puppet for life.

The question you need to ask yourself is, “How do you deal with evil people in your life?”

Regardless, I strongly recommend you to download my new e-book, “The Limitless Mindset” for free at http://thelimitlessmindset.com. It will show you how to unleash your power to fulfill your duty & mission in life.

Limitless For Life,

Henry Gold
Author, Speaker, Limitless Potential Expert, Entrepreneur

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