5 Signs You will Never Become Rich

In my early venture, I didn’t know why I was always broke. Sure, I did make tens of thousands of dollar every single month. Yet, by the end of the year, I was barely survived. Until one day, a friend told me that I did everything wrong. – Worse, it took me more than one decade a waste-effort.

Why did you call it a waste effort, Henry?

Well, if I were to know these secrets earlier, it would take me less time to reach my dream. The question is, “What are the bad habits that determine someone will be rich or not?” — Well, here are five signs you will never become rich:

Sign #1: You spend money impulsively.

I was guilty of it. If you gave me $200 cash, I would spend it in 24 hours. If you gave me $1,000 cash, I would use the money in my wallet in less than five days. I didn’t know where the money went. – I just knew it would disappear in the dust. It could go to brand clothing. It could go to expensive foods. It could be something else. The only thing I knew was, “My money would disappear in an instant.

How did it happen? Why did I spend money religiously?

ANSWER: To reduce internal pain.

Some people refer “internal pain” as stress, pressure, or any other name. In reality, I wasn’t happy. In one part, I made a lot of money. On the other part, I wasted all the cash that I earned. – It is the recipe I used to waste 10 years of my life. It is also the reason WHY when people asked me about what was the result of my hard work? – I would say, “I wasted it.


Sign #2: You blame others.

It is the politicians’ fault. It is the Economy. It is the government. It is my relatives, wife, husband, parents, and friends. – It is never your fault.

The truth is, “The nature of human being will always find something other than themselves as a way to justify their wrongdoing.” – It is normal. It is what the darkness within us works. Why? It will always want you to feel safe and secure. What it doesn’t know is the moment you take ownership of your own fault, you live a limitless life.

“Please save my son,” – My mother cried as she begged a stranger in New York.

“Did you know why your mom cries?” – My godfather asked.

“I don’t know,” – I replied as I had no clue.

“Apologize to your mom,” – My godfather asked me with a stern voice.

“Mom, I am sorry,” – I told my mom, but I was clueless about what was going on.

“Everything that happens to you is your own fault. If you don’t take ownership of your own life, you will disappoint your mom,” – My godfather told me.

“But…” – I was trying to blame it on my father.

“Stop blaming on your father. Your father blamed on his father. Do you want to become like your dad?” – My godfather asked.

“No,” – I replied.

“Then, look at your dad as an example on what NOT to do in life. If he called you a “loser,” you called others a “winner.” If he shouted at others as a way to get what he wanted, you use kindness as a way to motivate others,” – My godfather demanded me.

As I take ownership of my own life, my relationship with others becomes stronger. My business went up more than six times. It is all started from taking ownership of my own life.

Sign #3: You don’t care about money.

Some people say that “Money is the root of evil.” – Blaming on the money is easy. It is easy to blame on the Benjamin (a U$100 bill). The truth is, Money is just an object. – It will stay there unmoved unless you spend it.

If you put your money in the bank account untouched for six months, it will stay there. It does nobody any harm. The question is, “Why do people say money is the root of evil?

ANSWER: Many people have been brainwashed by the media.

The media will show you an evil person used their money to do bad things to society. The media will show you how this rich guy became a jerk. The media will show you how a lottery winner divorces his or her spouse. The media will show you how the spouse killed his significant others for life insurance. – And, when I woke up in the morning, my wife told me that this girl falsely accused a man of domestic violence.

The questions are, “Is money the root of evil?” Or “Is a person’s heart changeable?” — The next question is, “Why do people hate money?”

You can use the money to do good stuff.
You can use the money to grow your business.

You can use the money to buy groceries.

You can just leave the money in the bank.

The truth is, “Money is not the root of evil. If a person has a purpose and mission in life, he or she knows how to use his money wisely. If a person lives a life like a dead man walking, he or she will spend every penny that he earns as if there is no tomorrow.”

“Hey man, congratulations on your recent launch,” – I told Mr. Apple.

“Man, I am broke,” – Mr. Apple told me.

“How is that possible? – You just made $35,000 last month,” I asked as I was shocked.

“I stayed in this F&^%ing hotel and on spent more than $30 grand,” Mr. Apple told me.

“What did you do in the hotel?” I asked Mr. Apple as I got really curious.

“Some S*&^. Can you help me with my new launch?” Mr. Apple asked me politely.

*At the end of the conversation, I shake my head as I didn’t know why someone could be so impulsive.*

After I got to know Mr. Apple deeper I discovered that Mr. Apple used to be very successful and well off financially. However, his ex-girlfriend used up his money and cheated on him with another guy. – It traumatized him. Since that time, he looked at money as the root of evil. Worse, he didn’t live his life purposely as many limitless family members do.

Sign #4: You buy things you can’t afford.

Successful people spend money on what they need. They don’t try to impress this person or that person. Successful people know for the fact that once they upgrade their life, everything around them will upgrade permanently. Here’s one conversation I had with a friend:

“You owned five buildings in Atlanta. Why didn’t you spend money like one?” – I asked Mr. Butter.

“I don’t have to, Henry,” Mr. Butter replied.

“Why is that?” I asked.

“When I was in my 20s, my monthly expenses were about $3,000 per month. However, nobody knew I was a millionaire then. When I was in my 30s, my monthly expenses were remaining around $3,500. I don’t see a reason to increase that to $10,000 a month,” Mr. Butter replied as he shook his head.

“Why didn’t you try to use your money for buying a better car?” I asked as I pointing to his 1998 Mercedes Benz.

“I don’t need to impress anyone. A car is just transportation. As long as it is running, I am okay with it. Well, I do invest in my education though. I do take my wife on our twice a year vacation as I promised her when we got married. Nothing else,” Mr. Butter replied.

“Didn’t you want to show others you are successful?” I asked Mr. Butter.

“Well, success is between me and me. If I am not better than I was yesterday, that’s a failure to me. If my wife is not happier than yesterday, that’s a failure to me as her man. If I don’t grow as a person compare to yesterday, that’s a failure to me,” Mr. Butter replied with confidence.

“What will people say about you, Mr. Butter?” I asked.

“There are seven billion people in the planet. How many people will disagree with my way of thinking? If 1% of the human population disagrees with me and I care about what they think of me, I may have to get upset with 70 million people. – It doesn’t make any sense,” Mr. Butter replied.

“That makes a lot of sense,” – I replied as I nodded my head.

“All I care about is if I did my best for my family if I did my best in my business and if I did my best for my self-growth. As long as I care about these three things, I am the happiest man alive,” – Mr. Butter replied.

Since that time, I followed the principle Mr. Butter shared with me. In my home, I make sure that I cooked three meals a day for my wife, date her every week, and do the weekend getaway every three weeks. In my professional life, I provide value to my clients on a regular basis. — And, for my self-growth, I read one to two books every single month.

I don’t need to respond to people who don’t like my existence. It is because I am enough. And, I know when you are a full person, which you are, the only things that you need to do in life is to impress YOU every single day and the rest of your life.

Sign #5: You don’t know why you exist in this world.

If you don’t know why you exist in this world, you will experience pain. You will struggle to go through your day. You will look at life as an obstacle instead of opportunities. And, you will look at problems as challenges instead of the steps you need to take to get everything you want in life.

Well, I was one of those guys who had no vision, no dream, and no goal. Worse, I didn’t have a master plan. I didn’t have my WHY statement either. I would have a panic attack. I would lose sleep. I wished that the universe would give me a hint on what I need you to do. – Until one day, I struck a conversation with my godfather.

“The universe gives each one of us a heavenly book,” – My godfather said.

“What is inside the book?”- I asked.
“It is unwritten,” My godfather replied.

“So, why do we need this book for?” I asked as I didn’t see the function of the book.

“Well, we need to be the one who writes our own book,” My godfather replied with a smile.

At that moment, I realized that there is no rule book on how we want to live our life. We are the author of our own experience. If you look at the tombstone, it will read 1980 – 2018. We can’t change 1980 or 2018, but we can choose how we want to live our life in the word “Dash.”

We can choose to live painfully, or we can choose to live our life as if today is our last day on earth. It is up to us how we want to build our life. It is up to us how we want to look at our existence. The universe has already given us an ultimate gift. What is it? The Dash.

The question is, “Do you want to waste it?” or “Do you want to live a limitless life?” Please share with other limitless family members your thought on the comment below.

Regardless, I strongly recommend you to download my new e-book, “The Limitless Mindset” for free at http://thelimitlessmindset.com. It will show you how to unleash your power to fulfill your duty & mission in life.

Limitless For Life,
Henry Gold
Author, Speaker, Limitless Potential Expert, Entrepreneur

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