5 Toxic Statements Great Leaders Never Say

In the past 19 years of my ventures, I learned from a lot of great mentors. I’ve met many people who are incredibly successful in their life. I’ve also able to build a lot of great relationship with top thought leaders. – It allows me to understand the mind of great leaders in many industries.

Some entrepreneurs are direct. Some CEOs are very indirect in which if you are not careful; you wouldn’t be able to understand the underline meaning of their statements. A lot of time, you need to ask them repeatedly to avoid misunderstanding. – What do you mean by that, Henry?

“You know, I think I can do the marketing part of our project,” – I replied to Mr. Apple.

“Well, that’s great. And, I am looking forward to seeing the end result of the project,” – Mr. Apple replied.

Two weeks later…

“Henry, I thought I made it clear that I wanted the result of the marketing,” Mr. Apple replied with a shocked voice.

“I gave you the marketing plan and what we are going to do,” – I replied innocently.

“Henry, when I mention the word “the end result,” I am referring to you are going to write the sales letter, test the sales conversion, and show me the result from your test,” – Mr. Apple replied.

“I didn’t realize that,” – I replied shockingly.

The question is, “How do you read the mind of a highly successful individual?”

ANSWER: It depends. – I will cover that specific topic on the future article. For now, it is essential for you to know the characteristics and traits of a real leader and why it is vital for each one of us to develop them. — And, before I share with you the “toxic” statements a leader will never say, let me share with you one conversation I had with one of my former employees.

“Henry, I have had problems with my wife. She told me that I was useless and threatened to leave me if nothing changed,” – Mr. Orange told me with a lot of emotions.
“Why don’t you read this book?” – I asked Mr. Orange.

(Three weeks later…)

“Henry, my wife told me that she wanted to leave me. I don’t know what to do. Should I beg her? Should I let her go?” – Mr. Apple asked.

“Did you read the book I mentioned last time?” – I asked.

“What book? You mean that book? – No, I didn’t,” – Mr. Apple told me.

“Read the book,” – I insisted.

“I will, but, can you tell me what I should do now?” – Mr. Apple insisted.

I had no clue how Mr. Apple’s relationship ended up. What I do know is, “With every mentor I have, when they asked me to do A, I would do A. When they asked me to do B, I would do B.” – I don’t ask them the word WHY. Instead, I would do as I told. Why? – A lot of time, they may have the answers I don’t have. Here’s another conversation I struck recently:

“Hey Henry, can you promote this for me?” – Mr. Pear asked.

“Do you have a sales letter, an affiliate page, or a conversation result?” – I asked.

“Well, a lot of big-name gurus bought my product. I got people from IBM, Apple, and Microsoft used it,” – Mr. Pear replied.

“What is that has to do with me?” – I asked as I know what he meant but pretended to be confused.

“Well, if a big name has it, I think you need to look into it as well,” – Mr. Pear said proudly.

“Thank you, bud. Once you have the sales letter, an affiliate page, and a conversion result from your own testing, I will be more than happy to look into it for you,” – I replied.

“Whatever, dude. Who do you think you are?” – Mr. Pear scolded me.

If you look at the conversation above, you know for the fact that I was trying to help Mr. Pear. I know for the fact that IF he has all the conditions met, I will refer him to all my friends who have an accumulation list between 100,000 and 1,000,000 subscribers each. – My point is, “When the doors are opened for you, you have to walk through it.”— One day, in the mid of agony, my friend whom I haven’t met in person for 12 years called me on the phone.

“Henry, buy a ticket and come over here,” – Mr. Durian asked.

“When, how long, and where should I stay?” – I asked.

“Stay in XXX hotel for four days. Come here between July 8 and July 13. It should be plenty,” – Mr. Durian replied.

“Got it. I will get it done now,” – I replied and got off the phone.

20 minutes later…

“I booked the ticket and hotel. I am ready to go,” – I messaged Mr. Durian.

“I will see you then,” – Mr. Durian replied with a smiley emoticon.

For four days, Mr. Durian taught me the techniques on what I needed to do to build a solid eight and nine-figure business.

“Wow, you opened my mind to the impossible,” – I told Mr. Durian during our meeting.

“Welcome to limitless,” – Mr. Durian replied with a smile.

The question you need to ask yourself is, “What if I missed the subtle queue Mr. Durian gave me?”

Unfortunately, most people will miss the hint. Why? Well, if Mr. Pear did work on his sales letter, affiliate page, and conversion, he would have opened up his own door for infinite possibilities. If my former employee, Mr. Apple read the book, it might save his relationship. – Why? He would have a better understanding of WHY his wife acted in certain ways.

The truth is, “A lot of people are ignorant.” – If they were to see the subtle hints closely, they might get the answers they seek. – As you are ready, here are three toxic statements a great leader will not use:

Statement #1: “It can’t be done.”

The word “entrepreneur” means solving problems. A great leader will never say things like, “This stuff will not work.” Or “It can’t be done.” Instead, they will find a way to solve the problems. Recently, I had a conversation with one of my team members.

“It is impossible to create 30 videos in just a few days,” – Mr. Durian told me.

“How can I make it possible?” – I asked.

“If you can provide me contents for each video every one hour, it is still possible, but that’s still a push,” – Mr. Durian.

“Let’s do it the way you suggested,” – I replied and ended the conversation.

The keyword is, “How can I make it possible?” – When I started asking that specific question, the mindset of Mr. Durian began to change. He was no longer in search for reasons why it can’t be done. Instead, he is asking himself what it would take to get things accomplished.

Statement #2: “Don’t bring me any bad news.”

Good news and bad news are very crucial to the growth of any companies. – A great leader dislikes people-pleasers. In my company, people pleasers are the first few people that I let go.

A great leader will always want his or her team member to share things as it is. If their team members bring them the good news, they welcome it. If their team members bring them the bad news, they will work on solving the problems. – It is a vital component to build a successful business.

And, if a leader tells you not to bring them any bad news, a lot of time, 99% of the time, he or is not a limitless individual. You can almost tell that the company will go bankrupt sooner or later. The question is, “What is a limitless individual?”

ANSWER: A limitless individual welcomes all news.

People who are fearless think differently. They are not running scared. They don’t avoid the reality of life. They don’t just want to hear good news all day long. Instead, they live in a moment.

Statement #3: “I don’t have time right now.”

This statement is not only cruel, but it is also one of the fastest ways to close down every door in your personal and professional life. – A great leader will always have an open door policy. And, of course, an employee has to find a way to make everything productive.

“Hey Henry, quick question,” – Mr. Apple asked.

“What is it?” – I asked.

“What do you think?” – Mr. Apple asked.

“Should I use software A?” – Mr. Apple asked.

“Should I use software B?” – Mr. Apple asked.

“What about software C?” – Mr. Apple asked.

“I think software A is great.” – Mr. Apple asked.

“I think B is also awesome,” – Mr. Apple asked.

(…. Mr. Apple continued sending me 50 other messages before I had a chance to reply to him.)

“Dude, I haven’t said a word. If you text me next time, can you put everything in a complete sentence first? This way, I don’t have to look at spending 25 minutes of your time reading your message,” – I asked.

If you looked at the conversation above, Mr. Apple violated my kindness. In that scenario, I have no choice but to put a boundary as each minute that I wasted on something that is less productive, I would spend less time to grow my business. – However, in your personal life, you have to do things differently.

“Honey, can you help me to do something?” – My wife asked as she was preparing washing the dishes.

“Sure, honey.” – I finished up my sentence on my new article and headed to my wife.

“Please help me throw out the trash,” – My wife asked.

“Sure, honey,” – I replied and threw the trash.

(30 minutes later…)

“Honey, can you give me a message?” – My wife asked.

“Let me wrap things up and give you the message,” – I replied as I worked on completing a specific task.

(15 minutes later, I gave my wife a message on her shoulder for 10 minutes. Then, I headed back to work again.)

My point is, “A great leader will always find the time.” — In both my personal and professional life, I would never say the word “I am busy.” – Even if I am tight up with something, I will make sure my door is always opened.

Statement #4: “It’s not personal. It is business.”

Every CEO I spoke with, they know each employee by name. A lot of time, I would overhear the conversation such as: “How is your family?”, “Did Jessica feeling better yet?”, “How is your son?” etc. – Everything is personal.

You see, humans are social creatures. In our home, our family is personal to me. And, a good leader knows that when each employee treats the business as if it is their own, they will put their best foot forward. – It is also the reason why most of my employees have been in my business for more than five years. – Why? I treat them as my brother and sister.

“Henry, can I say something to you?” – Mr. Peach asked.

“I know that I will follow you to the grave. If the company sinks, I will sink with it. If the company thrives, I will grow as well, “Mr. Peach asked.

“Why are you so sure?” – I asked Mr. Peach.

“You treat me as your brother. I know that with your leadership, we will get there sooner or later,” – Mr. Peach replied with confidence.

“Thank you for saying that,” – I replied.

“During my darkest moment, you gave me two months salaries and asked me to spend more time with my wife. I couldn’t thank you enough,” – Mr. Peach replied.

“You are family. It was the best thing I could do,” – I replied.

Statement #5: “I am the boss. You are not.”

A great leader will almost seldom use the word “I am the boss,” unless the person he spoke with crossed the line. One time, I talked to a friend who owned a nine-figure per year business. In the middle of the conversation in the office, one of the janitors came over to clean up the trash.

“Mr. CEO, can I clean up the trash?” – Mr. J asked my friend.

“Called me Dan, J,” Dan replied.

“Okay Dan,” – Mr. J replied.

“J, you got to teach Henry and me how you did that dance again,” Dan asked Mr. J humorously while showing off the move.

*Dan and J started dancing while I was watching in a puzzle.*

“Did you see it, Henry?” – Dan asked me.

“Yep. Awesome J,” – I praised Mr. J.

After my meeting was over, Dan walked me out of the office. Then, I coincidentally met J. – J told me that he has been working with Dan, Mr. CEO for more than 10 years as he felt respected.

“You know Dan makes a lot of money right?” – I asked Mr. J.

“Yes, I do, but he has never once told me that he is the boss. Every time, I came to his office, he would tell others how great I was. One day, he told his guests that I am the boss of the cleaning department,” – Mr. J replied proudly.

“How is that make you feel?” – I asked as I got curious.

“It made me feel love and wanting to make each office room the cleanest room in the whole town,” – Mr. J replied.

My point is, “When you care less about your title or position, people will flock to you from many different directions.” — The question is, “What are other toxic statements a leader will never say?” Please share with other limitless family members your thought on the comment below.

Regardless, I strongly recommend you to download my new e-book, “The Limitless Mindset” for free at http://thelimitlessmindset.com. It will show you how to unleash your power to fulfill your duty & mission in life.

Limitless For Life,
Henry Gold
Author, Speaker, Limitless Potential Expert, Entrepreneur

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