5 Warning Signs of Low Self Esteem

I used to have very low self-esteem. I used to afraid of what other people say about me. I used to scare to voice my opinions even though I knew it was the right things to do. – It was because of this same reason; many people took me for a ride. My former partners stabbed me in the back without knowing it. Worse, I was almost at the point of one month away from being homeless.

The question is, “Why someone has low self-esteem?

Instead of blaming it to anyone, I want you to realize the existence of two sources of energy. These energy fields are co-mingling with each other since inception. — You may not know its existence, but it does exist. And, these two energy sources occupied your decisions on an ongoing basis.

A)The Yang energy. – It is the light. When you merge with the Yang energy, you become bold, fearless, and decisive in everything you do.

B)The Yin energy. – It is the darkness. When you merge with the Yin energy, you become fearful, indecisive, and worry about what people say about you.

The problem is, “97% of the human population allows the Yin energy to occupy their daily thought process.” – What they didn’t realize is, when they keep merging with the Yin energy, at the end of their life, they will live their life full of regrets, loneliness, and despair.

Low self-esteem is one of the biggest challenges I faced in my early career. At one point in my life, I felt under depression for more than five months in which I didn’t even dare to read any emails that I received.

The big question is, “How do you know if the Yin energy occupies your mind, body, and spirit most of the time?” and “How do you know if someone is low on self-esteem?”

Here are FIVE warning signs of low self-esteem:

SIGN #1: You are afraid of what other people say about you.

You are afraid of his or her opinions. If someone says bad things about you, instead of utilizing the method of resolving the conflict such as what I shared with you at this article here, you will occupy your days with anger and resentment. In a worst case scenario, you will start investing your days on finding a way to get even with the other person. – It is not worth it.

Here’s what you need to do instead: Let it go. — And, a lot of time, when someone accuses you of something, it is their own feeling and never you. Instead of getting all upset, invest your time wisely on self-growth. Well, here’s what I did before living a limitless life.

“Every single time my dad called me a loser, I promised to write one article to my audience on what they need to do to change their life.”

Until today, I still need to write 1,975 articles to my audience. – My point is, “Instead of getting all butt hurt on what people say to you, thank them.” – And, if it is your own mistakes, find a way of utilizing their feedbacks as a way to improve yourself.

SIGN #2: You spend your days browsing the Internet. And, you will try to find a way of escaping the reality of life.

Instead of spending your day toward your goal where you give your all on building the life you meant to live, a lot of people wasted their time and energy read someone else’ posts. – Those little decisions may look very innocent, in reality, they are not innocent encounters.

When a person prefers to browse the Internet for a whole day, it is an indication that this person has a little respect of their time. Why is that? Time equates to life. It means that when you appreciate your life, you won’t allow time to leave you without making it works for you.

Here are “THREE” simple steps to spend your time wisely:

A) Create a WHY statement. – If you don’t have a WHY statement, you are going to live your life like a zombie. You have no clue what you are going to achieve. You have no what you are going to do in life. What happens next is, you will get depressed, worry, and concern about your future. PERIOD.

B) Taking massive imperfect actions on your WHY statement. – You can have good or bad days. You have to take massive actions. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but you MUST give your all today, every single day, and the rest of your life. Your WHY statement could be as simple as “To exercise three times a week so that other people will start exercising three times a week.”

C) Once you have followed your old WHY statement religiously, creates a stronger WHY. Then, take a massive imperfect action on your new WHY statement. It means that if your old WHY statement was to exercise three times a week and you have completed that, you can create a new WHY statement such as “To get and maintain four-pack abs so that other people will start getting four-pack abs.”

When you focus your time and energy on these 1, 2, and 3 steps, you know for the fact that there is no downtime. The best part is you will give your all in everything you do. It is also how at the end of your life you will say, “I live a limitless life.

SIGN #3: You spend your days talking about how painful you are and how it is not possible for you on getting what you want in life.

When you are in pain, it means that you have way too many Yin energy inside your body. – The Yin energy is the darkness inside you. It will always want you to play small and live a regretful life. However, when you endure your pain and push through it, you allow the Yang energy (The light) to enter your body.

When you are comfortable with the pain and keep pushing through it the rest of your life, you become limitless in every area of your life. – Some people may say that it is easy for you, Henry. It is not for me. Here are “three” steps you can use to have greatness in your life:

A. You must live your life as if today is your last day on earth. – We are all going to die. It can be today. It can be tomorrow. It can be 10 years from now. It doesn’t matter. All I know is your time and my times are numbered. It means that the moment you wake up if you don’t give your best when you die, you will hear the word, “I wish I did this.” However, when you give your best, even if tomorrow is your last day, you will say, “I did it all.” – The question is, “Which words do you prefer to say?”

B. Every time you feel pain, you say “Goodbye” Yin energy. – I literally did just that for more than two years. It is also one of the key techniques I used to lose 65 lbs. On the first two weeks, after I decided to lose my weight, I said “Goodbye” Yin energy every time I went to the Kickboxing class. When the instructor asked me to do 8 sets of burpees, I did ten reps. Then, I increased it to 12, 14, and 16.
I could literally hear the “Yin” energy told me to stop, stop, and stop. I ignored it. I said, “Goodbye.” And, before I know it, I have already lost 65 pounds.

C. Repeat step A & B on a regular basis. — In my early career, one of the legendary marketers told me that I was a disabled person as I had no clue how to write a sales copy that converts. I smiled. I focused on my WHY statements. In a few years, I mastered the skill.
In fact, one of the sales copies that I wrote converted over 18% on the front-end and 75% on the back-end for high-ticket items in which it brought in over $375,000 in 7 days. When I was forced to retire last year because of brain tumor surgery, one of my campaigns did over $247,000. How did I do it? – I focus on following step 1, 2, and 3.

SIGN #4: You spend your money impulsively.

I have seen a lot of marketers in my previous industry, Internet marketing live a lavish life. They traveled. They spent their money on renting luxury cars. They spent money on foods. – In the surface, it looks cool. In reality, it is NOT. Why? Many of them told me that they are broke.

One friend told me that he is $50,000 in debt. The other friend said to me that he can’t pay the next month rent. – For me, that’s a sign of low self-esteem. Why is that, Henry? — When you live a full life, you will not buy things impulsively.

One time, I went out with a friend, Mr. Apple. Mr. Apple was the guy that did over $200,000 on his last launch. Since he visited New York, I became his chauffeur.

“Oh, man. This food looks delicious. Do you want some?” – Mr. Apple responded. Then, he shall out $10 to buy the noodle.

“No, I am okay with it. I am already full,” – I replied with a smile.

“Oh geez. I couldn’t believe that they have this new Gucci wallet,” – Mr. Apple told me as he pointed to a new wallet in a Gucci store.

“How much is it?” – Mr. Apple asked the clerk.

“$395, sir,” – The Gucci store clerk replied.

“I take it,” – Mr. Apple responded.

After hanging out with Mr. Apple for a couple hours, Mr. Apple has spent a total of $700 on those things that he didn’t need. – A few weeks later, Mr. Apple messaged me on FB messenger.

“Hey bud, do you have a few minutes?” – Mr. Apple asked.

“Of course, mate,” – I replied.

“Do you know the best ways for me to make an extra $20,000 in the next few days?” – Mr. Apple asked.

“Yeah, I can show you how to do it for sure,” – I replied.

“Thank you, bud. I am broke,” – Mr. Apple responded.

*After we ended the conversation, I shake my head.*

For me, if someone has just earned an extra $200,000 in net profit, it was impossible for him to become broke in less than six weeks. – Unless Mr. Apple spent it extravagantly.

Here are “TWO” ways to spend your money:

1. Spend money only on what you need. – My wife and I eat outside once every two weeks. We can eat out every single day, but we don’t want to. Why is that? It teaches us to stay humble, stay disciplined, and stay focus on what we meant to do as a family.

When we went out, we would eat high-quality foods that cost us $100 or more. – And, it is still better than spending our money on low-quality foods for $40 for each meal. We saved over $12,000 per month.

2. Invest your money on self-growth. – I will not hesitate to invest my money in buying assets, attend mastermind groups, and home-study courses. A mastermind group may cost me between $10,000 and $25,000 a pop, but it worth the investment. Why is that? Your network is your net worth.

SIGN #5: You give in to other people need and want even though they keep crossing your boundaries.

People have their own agenda. And, it is never your agenda. It means that you don’t have control over what people think and want. However, you do have controls over what you want and need. The questions you need to ask yourself are, “Do you want to advance your agenda?” or “Do you want to become a puppet of other people agenda?”

“Henry, you are awesome. Can I pick your brain? I can buy you curry chicken,” – Mr. Jack asked me.

“What can I do for you?” – I asked.

“You know, I have this one great product I need you to promote,” – Mr. Jack responded happily.

“What is the conversion? What is my cut?” – I asked with a smile.

“Well, I don’t know yet. It is depending on the response rate of your subscriber base,” – Mr. Jack replied.

“Have you tested it yet?” – I asked.

“Not yet. However, I have had a lot of people who wanted to buy from me,” – Mr. Jack replied.

“Well, once you have tested the conversion, I may look into it for you,” – I replied with a smile.

“Come on, Henry. You are a big-time marketer. I know your subscribers will love my product,” – Mr. Jack replied as he really wanted me to promote his product to over 100,000 subscribers.

“Get back to me when you have the conversion, okay?” – I replied with a smile as I packed my bag and left the conversation.

If you look at the scenario above, Mr. Jack has his own agenda in term of what he wanted for me. And, even after I gave him a set of benchmark on what I need from him, Mr. Jack insisted that I should promote his product. – I know some of you may say that this is a sales technique. It could be.

The question is, “What if I decided to promote Mr. Jack’s product and made two sales?”

1. Mr. Jack will tell the public that I suck on promoting his product. — Most people will blame others first. Mr. Jack would have the right to voice his opinions on how Henry Gold is not one of the greatest affiliates he has ever met in his life.
2. I would have wasted my effort on promoting a product that is untested yet. – I may blame myself for being too kind to Mr. Jack. My intention was great, but in reality, it would hurt my relationship with Mr. Jack in the future.

Here is what you need to do instead: Let other people meet your standard. – If they don’t fit the standard you have set, you got to be willing to say “NO” to them regardless of how tempting you are. They can be your friends, family members, relatives, or your parents.

Why is that? – Your time is your life. You don’t want to waste your time on other people dogma. Instead, you want to live your life based on the standard you have set for yourself. It also means that when people reach a specific benchmark, you will open up the doors for them. If not, let them keep climbing to where you are. – It is your key to live a limitless life, forever.

The question is, “What other signs someone has low self-esteem?” Please share with other limitless family members your thought on the comment below.

Regardless, I strongly recommend you to download my new e-book, “The Limitless Mindset” for free at http://thelimitlessmindset.com. It will show you how to unleash your power to fulfill your duty & mission in life.

Limitless For Life,
Henry Gold
Author, Speaker, Limitless Potential Expert, Entrepreneur

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