Hello Limitless Family,

It’s Henry Gold here. I am the founder and the host of Limitless Life Podcast where I interview regular folks on what they do to live an extraordinary life. Many of them were once broke, worked in a 9-5 Just Over Broke (JOB) raised in a broken family, have had disabilities, bullied, and told they were no good. — Yet, they achieved what most people called impossible in life. 

After went through many life crises including dealing with a narcissist father, broken relationship, as well as diagnosed with a brain tumor the size of the golf ball, I made it my mission to show others how to live an extraordinary life regardless of their current circumstances.

So, if you are broke, stuck, struggles, or living a limited life, where you feel that you are running around the circle, thelimitlesslife.com is your home. My goal is to inspire you through my actions. It will also to guide you to find your purpose in life, and show you how to live your life without fear, hesitation, and self-doubt.

The beginning

When I was a child, I had always wanted to make my father proud. I wanted him to know that I was a successful kid. When I was 20 years old, I bought a brand-new BMW. – Instead of feeling proud of my accomplishment, he told me to use my cash flow to pay for my brother’s tuition fee, my sister’s living expenses, etc.

As innocent as I was, I did try just that. – Within less than one year, along with dating a physical abusive former girlfriend, I went bankrupt in less than one year. My father wanted to know how much money I had in the bank account, I refused. I would somewhat stretch the truth than telling him the reality.

After he overheard that I almost became homeless, he poked fun at me. When I told him that I wanted to kill myself, he asked me to kill myself faster. – One day, I took the knife and started cutting my arm. When I was about to cut my wrist, my younger sister stopped me from doing so.

“I don’t want to live anymore,” – I insisted as I cried uncontrollably.

“You got to show him you are stronger than that,” – My younger sister insisted.

“But, it is too painful to continue,” – I replied.

“You are my brother. I want you to stand up on your two feet and fight,” – My younger sister replied.

I wiped my tear. I stood up on my two feet and fought. Then, one day, during a gathering reunion in California, my father would call me “a loser” the whole weekend in front of my aunt, siblings, and my cousins. – Gradually, it lowered down my self-esteem in which every single time I met a friend, I feared that they would call me a loser just like my father affirmed it to me.

Then, you are in the right place. My goal is to change you through my actions, having my friends to show them their efforts, as well as

In my business, when someone emailed me and told me to F&*C off, I would get very nervous. The word “loser” clouded my mine. I would try to please that individual with plenty of gifts.

In my partnership, when my former partner took me for granted, I would stay quiet and kept working harder while sharing 50% of the profit. – A lot of time, I would cover most of the expenses as I wanted to make sure my partners were happy financially. – One former student saw my flaw as a way to smear my name and reputation as a way to increase her status.

In my relationship, my ex would take me for a ride. I cooked, cleaned, pay the bill, and did the entire house chore while she focused only on being pretty, gossip about others, as well as cheating on me. – I allowed it to happen as I was too weak to stand up on my own two feet.

The narcissistic dad

In 2007, I tried to make my father proud again. – I hold a seminar in Sandusky, Ohio with couple partners. I celebrated his birthday in front of 150 attendees. Instead of feeling happy for me, my dad compared himself to me. When we hang out in Vegas, my father would plant a seed in me and told me I wasn’t as successful as he claimed to be. Then, he would use the need of my validation as a way to against me.

I felt ashamed. – Once again, I felt trapped.

In less than one year after I celebrated his birthday, I almost committed suicide for the second time. My ex left me. My partnership felt apart. My closest friend decided to unfriend me. My former student used her student to spy on me. – Life was very miserable in which the thought of killing myself was the easy way out.

The dark time

Years later when I finally recovered both financially and mentally, my father re-entered my life again for two full weeks. – In just a short period, I became unstable emotionally physically and mentally. Worse, everything that I worked for was wiped out in weeks. My father knew how to run an asylum. Worse, the suicidal thoughts re-entered my mine.

I was at the wit end. I gained a lot of weight. Though people knew me from an internet marketing industry, the truth is I worked myself to exhaustion. I barely survived. I gained a lot of weight. At one point, I was 238 lbs. It was cumbersome especially for a guy who is only 5’7″.

Also, I was in a lousy relationship wherein she left me when I almost became blind. Worse, I had a severe illness since 2011 in which I had to sleep on the couch in the afternoon for 1 1/2 hours each day as I experienced severe pain from my shoulder, neck to my small brain which later I discovered it was the beginning of my brain tumor.

I became very stressful.
I became very pessimistic about life.
I became very ignorant of the reality that I had to change.
I became very unapproachable.

I became very fearful of what people said about me. I afraid the word “loser” as my father affirmed me so. It felt like a curse. – And, it was.

The light

As I felt the ending was near, a stranger which now became my godfather guided me out of the misery.

“Stop chicken out on everything. Face your fear,” – My godfather told me with a stern voice.

“But, I am afraid that people called me a loser,” – I replied with a lot of hesitation.

“The real loser is the person who said you are a loser. They are the coward. They don’t want to move, and they expect you not to        move,” – My godfather replied with certainty.

As I kept moving forward with my goal, some people who used to take me for granted in the past came back to haunt my life. – They wanted a piece of me.

“They are bad people. They just wanted to use me,” – I told my godfather.

“You always have to reward those people who are kind to you. If they are unkind to you, ignore them. If they take you for a ride,          remove them permanently,” – My godfather reminded me.

“But, people change,” – I replied innocently.

“Most people don’t. So, don’t have any hope they will change,” – My godfather replied.

The next day, I ditched my partnership with my former student. I rejected the proposal to work with everyone who used to take me for granted. I stopped dating a narcissistic girl. I declined to work with two clients who took me for granted. – And, I removed all contact with my dad.

The birth of the limitless life

In less than three months, I suddenly saw an income of over $100,000 in my business. Within three years, my company went from barely survived to a high six-figure per year business. Many people called me a high-influencer person; the reality is I decided to let go of takers in my life.


“Isn’t it selfish to ditch people?” – I asked my godfather.

“When someone decided to take advantages of you, they have already made that decision to hurt you. Each decision that we                make will come with consequences whether we like it or not,” – My godfather replied.

“What do you mean by consequences?” – I asked with a lot of confusion.

“When someone takes you for granted, what will you do?” – My godfather asked.

“I will ditch them?” – I replied with a question mark.

“That’s right. Whether people use their actions to take advantage of you, you must decide in real-time. The faster you let go of            those people who take you for a ride, the higher your chances to break the chain in you,” – My godfather replied.

As I let go of the need to receive validation from anyone and ditch people who took me for a ride, I become a full person. – I am enough. Within two years, my business went up by more than six times.  I walk tall. I trust my instinct. I move toward everything I want to accomplish in my master plan. I keep sending the signal to the universe on what I want to receive. — A lot of them have been granted. There were a lot more gifts have been awarded recently. I am confident that I will gain more rewards in the future as soon as I reach specific benchmarks the universe has set.

The brain tumor

As I have mentioned earlier, minor health issues had annoyed me. I said ‘annoyed’ because I didn’t think much about them when they first occurred. From long durations of fever and headaches to pain in the eyes and risk of being blind (it had gotten so bad I needed to squint my eyes to read on the screen!)

My fiancée told me that I should go for my annual checkup; I was a little stubborn but the main reason I kept postponing it? I was afraid to find out if it’s worse than I thought. When I attended my first checkup, the doctor found nothing wrong with me. I was in good health. So, he said. However, the headache, lethargy and occasionally being blind continue to persist.

Saturday, September 9, 2017.

Little did I know that I had an eye appointment arranged on this day, and it took my fiancée to remind me. I didn’t think much about it as I thought it was just a regular exam. However, as I entered the examination room, the optometrist told me that I could have glaucoma. I was required to do a further review which included some clicking as well as scanning the retina. Ten minutes after the exam, I got the breaking news:

“Well, it seemed like your eyes are perfectly fine,” said the Optometrist.


“… However, it is most likely you have a brain tumor.”

I was speechless. “Pardon?”

He repeated himself: “Henry, you have a brain tumor. I need to refer you to a neurologist.”

So, I’ve Got A Brain Tumor. I’ll Be Damned. I could see that my fiancée went from smiling to almost in tears. I was holding back mine as hard. I was in denial. I didn’t believe a word I heard. A few days later, I visited the Neurologist, and he confirmed everything the Optometrist had discovered – and then more.

“I have created an authorization with your insurance to make sure you do the MRI with and without contrast ASAP,” said the Neurologist anxiously.

“I need to know how big it is, and you need to do surgery immediately.”

Here’s What It Looks Like After The Scan:

I was sad and mad. It’s as if the whole world around me is collapsing. If I don’t do anything, I risk being permanently blind. A stroke is possible, and that will be deadly. And if I go for the surgery, there’s no guarantee that I will make out of it alive, and I won’t be the same again. I might recover. I might not. I might still be blind. I might lose my memory. I might survive. I might not either. Sucks knew my days were numbered.

The limitless embedded in my DNA

In six weeks, I sold every asset I owned in my IM business. I created a will. I trained my VP to take over my business operation. I said goodbye to many close friends. I moved all my stuff to the storage. I said thank you to my family and parents. I managed to lose 20 lbs. In 2 1/2 weeks to fight the tumor. I took the outdoor wedding pictures with my fiancée two days before the surgery. If I didn’t make it, my fiancée wouldn’t have any burden financially. If I made it, I would have the time to enjoy the recovery period by looking at those wedding pictures that we took.

As I entered the operating room, I was ready for whatever outcome. I had no regret. I had no fear. I just accepted things as it was. – Hours later, I became alert. 24 hours later, I saw IV lines were all over my body. Every four hours, there would a nurse came by to check on me, draw blood, as well as gave me meals.

On the fifth days, I was home. Though I was very weak, had a lot of fluid from the brain which resulted in leakage from the nose, I stayed strong. I asked my fiancée to order two books. – During my waking hours, usually less than six hours a day, I would read a lot of books. – As I experienced some slowness on my memory, I went to acupuncture nearby three times a week. It was excruciating as the doctor put each needle as if I didn’t exist. – However, it worked.

As I kept moving forward,  instead of slowing down and taking a lot of breaks, I gathered my strength to read countless books. Instead of staying idles and watching TV, I fired up my laptop on working on my new venture. —  I’ve also managed to move to a new place and married the love of my life.

I recovered. Three months after my surgery, January 17, 2018, I told myself that I needed to find a way to share with others how I lived my life. Instead of slowing down, I started to fire up my laptop and started writing. It pained me to see other people were suffering in silence. I convinced myself to be one of the few people to speak up. This way, the world will have fewer people experience what my siblings and I suffered.

The passing of my younger sister

Three months after my surgery, January 17, 2018, I told myself that I needed to find a way to share with others how I lived my life. Instead of slowing down, I started to fire up my laptop and started writing. It pained me to see other people were suffering in silence. I convinced myself to be one of the few people to speak up. This way, the world will have fewer people experience what my siblings and I suffered.

On February 1, 2018, at 3 AM, I received few urgent messages.

It read “Younger sister has passed away.” I called back my oldest sister right away. – She confirmed it. At that moment, the tear came down slowly. I was in a total shock as it didn’t make any sense to me.

You see, my younger sister was the bravest person in the family. When she was on duty, she would give her all. It was because of her, my father’s business became prosper in which we owned many properties, houses, and lands where my father could go to cruise 12 times a year. – Yes, it is 12 times a year. In the surface, it looked very flamboyant. In reality, my sister suffered depression from a narcissistic dad.

Since she decided to let go of her corporate job 13 years ago, I heard many horror stories where my father would verbally abuse her by calling her animal, pig, dog, whore, slut, and much more. – She would call my oldest sister many countless nights on how bad she felt where the tear was her only friends.

After her passing, I spoke with my mom. I told her that all her kids are very courageous. We are very independent. The only thing we wanted from her and dad was a sense of validation we are enough.

My younger sister didn’t get one. I didn’t get one. None of my siblings got any validation that we were good sons and daughters. I was lucky to be surrounded by my godfather, mentors, coaches, and good friends who validated me that I was enough. – It wasn’t the same thing for my younger sister. She was all alone. As the president of one of the largest non-profit organization and the owner of many companies, people looked at her for mentorship.

With a narcissistic dad, my sister closed her heart to every person around her including me. I did ask my dad to give her the validation she needed in October 2016, but he refused. He tried to undermine my integrity by starting to call me a loser. I told him that after building a high six-figure per year business for many years, networking with Fortune 5,000 CEOs, and celebrities, I told my dad that the only loser was him and him alone.

After being with him for 13 days in New York, I became physically and emotionally exhausted. – Luckily, my godfather and god sister helped me to eliminate the hatred and anger my dad planted inside me. I decided to block my dad from my life, forever. For me, he was bad news.

From self-first to self-less

As I was grieving for the passing of my sister, I blamed myself for sharing my story a little too late for her. I knew for the fact that IF I came out with the story one year before her passing, she might still survive. Instead of weeping over it, I decided to share everything I experienced in the past and how I came out from it alive and well. This way, there would be fewer people die in silence.

I know some of my friends died quietly. They didn’t have the second chance as I do. Besides, I also did some research that there were more than 87% of the population raised in a broken family. Some people are embarrassed by their childhood experience. However, they would instead hide, suffer and having a limited belief instead of knowing that many people used to be like them who were hurt and thrived.

I am lucky to break the chain and live my life as if there is no tomorrow even up to these dates. However, I can no longer stay in silence as I know that every single moment I stay quiet, there will be more people dying in agony without living a limitless life.

It is the reason WHY from today’s forward, I am going to SHARE ALL my stories, approach leaders in the industry to share their stories, as well as give back to the society and community that I love. – Together, we will break the chain and live the limitless life once and for all. Let’s do this together. I love you all.

Limitless for life!