Ask Yourself the Tough Questions Like a Champ With Michael Cheney

Want to learn to ask yourself the tough questions like a champ? — Michael Cheney is a millionaire entrepreneur who’s been running his online business since the year 2000. With many awards and high achievements to his name, Michael continues to inspire people all around the world with his humor and wit. Not a stranger to challenges or hard work; Michael has gone on to win numerous medals in the bicycle racing world. He made it all the way to the world championship race whereupon he made a life-changing decision just before the finish line. That decision has shaped Michael’s life and has allowed him the freedom to share with the world the way to live a limitless life.

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Tips Mentioned:
Success Quotes
  • “Success isn’t won by wondering how, but rather by working in the wonder of now.” Michael Cheney
  • “Any kind of action beats wondering and overthinking by a thousand times.”  Michael Cheney
  • “Success is work.  There is no magic push-button.” Michael Cheney
  • “As an entrepreneur, there is a danger in being future-focused and not living in the present.” Michael Cheney
  • “Only when I took advice from those who were successful did I begin to make any money online.” Michael Cheney
  • “Follow people who are doing what you want to do.” Michael Cheney
  • “I always have a daily to-do list – usually done the day before.” Michael Cheney
  • “Follow your heart more than your head.” Michael Cheney

Setbacks & Failure
  • “I didn’t have enough belief in myself and I thought I had to do it all.” Michael Cheney
  • “I spent every hour I could 6 to midnight and all weekend for two years without making any money mainly because I thought I knew best.” Michael Cheney
  • “A product launch I had been working on for a year failed and had to be canceled.” Michael Cheney
  • “I learned not to outsource something without first having an understanding of it myself.” Michael Cheney
  • “Looking back, I gained more than I lost, even though it seemed like a disaster at the time.” Michael Cheney
Limitless Moment
  •  “When I came to the realization that I didn’t have to fit into anyone else’s description of who I was a rucksack of rocks was lifted from my back.” Michael Cheney
His Current Limitless Journey
  • “My goal is to help new marketers get to the point where paying the bills is not a struggle.” Michael Cheney
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