Be Seen as an Expert Champion With Amy Burns and Randy Templeton

Want to learn how to be seen as an expert champion? — Randall Templeton is the CEO of a new startup called AR Broadcaster TV Network with his partner Amy Burns. AR Broadcasters creates on-demand TV Channels for anyone who wants to have their own TV Channel. Randall and Amy have both dealt with personal circumstances that paved the way for their journey to assist and motivate others. They believe that everyone is wired for connections and has a life purpose. Their mission is to help individuals live a more purposeful life. When not helping clients with their tv channels both Randall and Amy are active in their communities, helping feed and clothe the hungry and less fortunate.

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Tips Mentioned:
Success Quotes
  • “All things are possible to those that believe.”    Randall Templeton
  • “Enjoy the journey.”   Amy Burns
  • “Life is not about how many times you get knocked down, but about how many times you continue to get back up.”   Randall Templeton
  • “At my most difficult place, I went to others and asked what I needed to improve.”  Randall Templeton
  • “I had to learn that I could not change other people.”    Amy Burns
  • “There are multiple paths to reach a destination.”   Amy Burns
  • “Stop trying to deal with people who do not want to change.”  Randall Templeton
  • “Continue on your journey to success even when you have to leave others behind.”  Randall Templeton
  • “Stay focused and be true to your commitment.” Randall Templeton
  • “Don’t always look at the money.  Be willing to help people.” Randall Templeton
  • “Failure is not an option, keep moving forward.”    Amy Burns
  • “Having knowledge is not always the most important. Knowing where to get it is.”   Randall Templeton
  • “Recognize when you have to look elsewhere for knowledge.” Randall Templeton
  • “My days begin and end with reading.”   Amy Burns
  • “No one can stop you from being successful but yourself.”  Randall Templeton
  • “If you don’t know your destination, any road will take you there.”  Randall Templeton
Setbacks & Failure
  • Randall struggled with a severe lack of confidence in himself.
  • Amy found herself being challenged with finding a business partner who had the same drive and goals that she did.
Limitless Moment
  • . Randall found the quote — “All things are possible to those that believe.” and it shifted him to a limitless mindset.
  • Amy found herself reading and understanding that the biggest thing was to keep moving forward.
Their Current Limitless Journey
  • teaming up with a non-profit organization to provide small businesses with professional photoshoots and the profits go to help the less fortunate
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