Become a Warrior Plus Champion With Michael Lantz

Want to learn to become a Warrior Plus champion? — Michael Lantz is a husband, father, geek, internet marketer and the CEO of the popular platform Warrior Plus. Michael has a passion for creating marketplaces to help people share their knowledge and expertise with others while being able to make money along the way. Michael has high standards of excellence and strives to provide the best value for all his clients and customers. Michael knows what it is like to be an entrepreneur and has created the platform Warrior plus to make it easier for the next generation of entrepreneurs to make a positive difference in today’s world

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Tips Mentioned:
Success Quotes
  • “Failure is the thing that allows us to succeed.” Michael Lantz
  • “If we are not failing, we probably are not trying hard enough.” Michael Lantz
  • “In business, you can’t wait for everything to be perfect.” Michael Lantz
  • “Success is available to you if you do the work.” Michael Lantz
  • “Being successful in business doesn’t mean everything goes as planned.”   Michael Lantz
  • “Think about the value you are creating for others first.  Everything will flow to you from that.” Michael Lantz
  • “Complain less and congratulate people more.” Michael Lantz
  • “We as a Christian family and we every day take time to spend time  together to study together to learn together.”Michael Lantz
Setbacks & Failure
  • “I always had a feeling that there was something missing from me.” Michael Lantz
  • “As a computer programmer, perfection was a big thing for me.” Michael Lantz
Limitless Moment
  • “I have learned to live in the moment.” Michael Lantz
  • “Being flexible has allowed me many great opportunities.” Michael Lantz
  • “My biggest aha moment was when I realized that many years ago  it was about the value I could create for others.” Michael Lantz
His Current Limitless Journey
  • “My goal for this year and the foreseeable future is to make a greater impact on people to succeed in their businesses.” Michael Lantz
  • “One of our goals is to improve the direction of the industry we work in.” Michael Lantz
  • “The most important thing to recognize is the value we create in other people’s lives.” Michael Lantz
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