Become Happy in the moment of “Now” With Rejj Smooth

Want to learn to become happy in the moment of “Now”? — In Rejj Smooth’s own words: “I live in a small house in the jungle with Empress and Bruno. I hear the river and jungle birds from my bedroom. The ocean is always warm and the beach is half a block away. I hold my breath to spear 30-pound tuna and play with baby dolphins. I ride horseback through clouds of butterflies. I am happy. ” Rejj Smooth

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Tips Mentioned:
Success Quotes
  • “I am the selector, the director, the guide, the pattern maker, the blueprinter of that unlimited, unformed yet all-powerful completely obeying infinite energy with every instant of my life flows to my mind. I am the eyes, fingertips, consciousness, the sole ruler and absolute monarch of this infinite energy. I manifest my life experience.” Rey Smooth
  • “This practice forces you to live in the now.” Rey Smooth
  • “The universe does for you what you focus on.” Rey Smooth
  • “Attitude is the only thing we control, but its the only thing that matters.” Rey Smooth
  • “Jump to the top and fight to stay there.” 
  • “If you can turn your perspective to where it needs to be you will always have what you need to win.” Rey Smooth  
  • “Stick with your dream for your reasons, not anybody else’s reasons.” Rey Smooth
  • “I cannot pour from an empty cup.” Rey Smooth
Setbacks & Failure
  • “I accept that everything that happens in my life — I have caused in one way or another.’  Rey Smooth
  • “Once Rey learned about manifesting, he manifested the wrong things because he manifested the things that he thought would make him happy; so the next thing had to fix the last thing.

Limitless Moment
  • “I learned that happiness is a state of mind not a thing and I chose to be happy.” Rey Smooth
  • “When people ask me how I am, I say,” I am happy.” Rey Smooth
  • “If you do this for 30 days, you will soon begin to pause and think about what you have to be happy for.” Rey Smooth
His Current Limitless Journey
  • “We are working with some developers to build a net-zero solar-powered holistic development.” Rey Smooth

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