Breakthrough Your Past With Angela Turpin

Want to learn how to breakthrough your past? — Angela is an independent mama and breakthrough coach. She’s certified in NLP, TimeLine Therapy, and Hypnotherapy with 5 years of corporate experience she left behind to fulfill her passion. She is on a mission to help women heal their past and let go of un-serving past conditioning. She wants to impact as many women as possible so they can live passionately and free.

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Tips Mentioned:
Success Quotes
  • “You are always worth the work.”  Angela Turpin
  • “I had a corporate job and on the surface, I appeared successful.”  Angela Turpin
  • “Follow your intuition, it is right 100% of the time.” Angela Turpin
  • “My primary battle was with me and shame.” Angela Turpin
  • “Hold on. Everything that is going on in your life has a purpose and once you get to the other side of everything that you fear, the most beautiful path will be in front of you.” Angela Turpin
  • “You have to be willing to face your fear.” Angela Turpin
Setbacks & Failure
  • “On the inside I was miserable…a time of depression set in.” Angela Turpin
  • “As I was working through [the depression], I had a flashback that reminded me of being sexually abused as a child.” -Angela Turpin
  • “In the midst of dealing with these issues, I unexpectedly got pregnant…I found out that I was having a little girl.” Angela Turpin
  • “During that time in going to court, I was receiving letters from [the child’s father’s] lawyers that my mental health was unstable, and that I had mental health issues.”–Angela Turpin
  • “Denial was a big part of my issue.“ Angela Turpin
  • “Every single day I got up to fight for myself and fight for my little girl.” -Angela Turpin
Limitless Moment
  • “I knew that healing my sexual trauma was the most important thing that I could do.”-Angela Turpin
  • “That decision changed my life.” Angela Turpin
  • “A loving family who had no idea of my mental state was most likely what made me determined to live.” Angela Turpin   
Her Current Limitless Journey
  • “My personal coaching program is designed in 3 phases; self-discovery, healing, and stepping into personal power…it is called the Ultimate Freedom Program.” Angela Turpin
  • “I use hypnotherapy, timeline therapy, as well as goal setting and NLP coaching.”Angela Turpin
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