Build The Dream of the Warrior With Gerald Soh

Want to build the Dream of the warrior? — Gerald Soh is a highly sought after online business trainer.  He has mentored and helped his students to generate over USD$1,000,000 in online sales.  Since 2012, he has sold more than 10,000 copies of digital products online.  Gerald has networked with many successful people including Henry Gold the executive producer of the show limitless tv.  Gerald Sho has over 7+ years of experience and has made multiple millions from his sales strategies. Gerald Soh went from being broke; living in his mother’s house; to taking hold of the unstoppable belief in his dreams to achieve the limitless life.

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Tips Mentioned:
Success Quotes
  •  “If you think you can, you can.”     “I knew someone who was successful online when I was struggling.  I told myself, ‘If that guy can do it, so can I.’ ’’ Gerold Soh.  [Click to tweet!]
  • “Dream, Believe, Achieve”  Gerold Soh. [Click to tweet!]
  • “It took me 6 months to make my first commission online and I wanted to give up. My mentor emailed me ‘do not quit.”  Gerold Soh. [Click to tweet!]
  • “I realized self-learning is slow and can take me only so far. If I wanted to reach my goal as quickly as possible and with minimal mistakes, the answer was to get a mentor.” Gerald Soh [Click to tweet!]
  • “Henry Gold gave me some basic steps I needed to follow. Doing that and finding a mentor to teach high ticket closing made all the difference.” Gerold Soh. [Click to tweet!]
  • “When I did over $100K in 9 days, my mindset totally changed.” Gerold Soh. [Click to tweet!]
  • “My wife without much technical knowledge did $15K on e-commerce in the first 30 days.”  Gerold Soh. [Click to tweet!]
  • “Follow Henry Gold closely.  He has an amazing life and he is such an inspirational person.”  Gerold Soh. [Click to tweet!]
Setbacks & Failure
  • If Patience is truly a virtue, then persistence is powerfull.  Gerald found the secret formula after 6+ months of struggle.  Finally he broke through with his first sale online, then the rest relied on his secret formula.
Limitless Moment
  • Gerald realized that self-learning is slow and that can only go so far.  In order to reach his goals faster it made sense to invest in his education and have a mentor to guide him to where he wanted to be faster and with minimal mistakes.
His Current Limitless Journey
  • To become successful, Gerald said that you must choose to change your mindset. He has also emphasized that his morning routine is a crucial part of the day. It is also the elements that he uses to build the Dream of the warrior.
  • Gerald now travels the world helping others to find their inner dream of the warrior and to also become successful online.
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