Connect With Your Dream Life With William James

Want to learn the way to connect with your dream life?– William James is an actor, photographer, and affiliate marketer. He started in 2011 and struggled for years. In late 2018 he had a breakthrough and now earns a full time living from home using Facebook, and teaches others how to do the same.

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Tips Mentioned:
Success Quotes
  • “Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.”    Jim Rohn.
  • “I did every kind of job to pay the rent in New York City that would allow me to be an actor.”   William James
  • “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want.”   Zig Ziglar 
  • “I never accepted that a bad situation that I was in was permanent.”  William James
  • “Keep learning and taking action.”    William James
  • “I do what I have told myself I would do.”    William James
  • “The end goal has always been living my life on my own terms.” William James
Setbacks & Failure
  • “I lost $15,000 in a bad online investment that caused me to work 2 years full time to pay off.” William James
  • “Every job I had that would barely pay my bills prevented me from going to auditions and rehearsals.”  William James
  • “I spent years trying to figure out how I could pursue my dream without having a 9-5 job.” William James
  • William found affiliate marketing and struggled for years to figure it out; feeling like he was just spinning his wheels going nowhere while following trainers and teachers
  • “I was what was holding me back.  It was all in my mind.” William James
  • “I didn’t believe the strategies I was being taught could really work because they were too simple.” William James
Limitless Moment
  • “What I realized is that I was really learning and getting ready for my breakthrough.”  William James
  • “At a private Mastermind with a high 6-figure earner, I finally heard the key to unlock it all.”  William James
  • “I have been able to leverage that knowledge and teach others.”  William James
His Current Limitless Journey
  • “I have a Facebook group where I teach people how to market on Facebook.”  William James
  • “I only promote products that I feel will really help people.” William James
  • William firmly believes that Rhythm and routine are key to staying on track and accomplishing goals as this is one of several keys that William has used to create his own limitless life.
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