The Power of Detachment

It wasn’t easy. In fact, this article is the hardest article I have ever written. When we mention the word “detachment,” it will make any human beings cruel, cold-blooded, and unkind. – It is also the reason why many people make mistakes whether it is a relationship, health, business, or more, they will instead stay attached and go with their emotions, rather than living a fulfilling life.

Some people say that they want to get four-pack abs. – However, when you put a box of chocolate long enough, many of them will most likely eat the whole box.

Some guys say that they want to get the right person for their life. – However, when a beautiful girl says “hi” to them, 99% of the will assume that she is the one for their survival.

Some girls say that they want to save money to buy a house. – However, when you take the girls to the shopping mall, 99% of them may end up buying a pair of shoes or more.

Some people say that they will never waste their money on gambling. – However, if you take them to a casino for a little over one hour, the majority of them will start to gamble their money away.

The truth is most people will get on their life with an autopilot mindset. They will reaffirm to themselves by saying things such as I am not good enough, or this is the way life is.” However, when you understand the power of detachment, you will act differently. You will become very decisive in everything you do. – You will be able to separate your mind, body, and soul.

The questions you need to ask yourself are:

  1. How do you stay detached yourself from your emotion?
  2. How do you utilize the power of detachment and still be a happy individual?

Before I understand the power of detachment, I was a miserable person. I assumed everybody was kind. I didn’t know that the earth consists of many different types of human being. Some people are great. Some people are helpful. Some people are just out there for themselves. (Read here on why I betrayed younger Henry) – I wanted to deny this reality that only 3% of the human populations are kind, while the rest of the people are out there for themselves.

It is also the reason why the power of detachment becomes crucial. When you deny it or assume that everyone is kind, you will live your life in misery, agony, and pain.

The question is “What is the power of detachment?

It is the ability to detach yourself from the outcome while being kind.
It is the ability to differentiate between right and wrong.
It is the ability to decide in real time.

It is also the power to get anything you want in life as you live only once. – This life. I know some people will say things that there is life after death. I don’t deny that. Some religions believe that if you believe in GOD, you will go to heaven. The reality is, “I have no clue where I will be as I am not dead yet,”

The only truth I know for a fact is each one of us has to keep doing our best to make each moment successful. – As someone who experienced near death experience, I know for a fact lay down in the hospital bed helplessly was no fun. I couldn’t do anything. I had to obey what the nurse asked me to do. I had to allow the nurse to take my blood 21 times in four days.

Of course, I was able to detach myself from my body. – It was also the reason why two days after I got out of the hospital, I started preparing meals for my fiancée. Also, I read two 400-page books in 10 days. On top of that, I’ve even managed to move to a new resident in less than a month after I got out from the surgery room.

How did I do it? – Again, I detached my mind, body, and spirit.

When you understand the power of detachment, you will have less stress, less pressure, and less likely to explain yourself on why you behave a certain way. – Also, you will be more than okay to be misunderstood as you know that 97% of the human population will never understand how to detach themselves from the outcome. When you stay detached, you become unique. It is how you will live a life full of abundant and love.

The question is, “How can you use the power of detachment?

Here are FIVE simple formulas to utilize the power of detachment in your life:

STEP #1: Everything starts with your WHY statement.

The “how” and “what” you need to do will find their ways to you. It also means that when you have your WHY statement, everything that you desire will come flawlessly to you. – In other words, you have to follow the guiding force, your intuition to show you the way.

When I wanted to have four-pack abs even though I was still at the weight of 238 lbs, the universe told me what I needed to do to get my four-pack abs. It asked me to take kickboxing classes, focused on losing weight first, and ate less than before. Then, when I was 180 lbs., the universe sent a stranger who has six-pack abs all his life to tell me to do intermittent fasting.

In less than two weeks, I had my four-pack abs.

STEP #2: Complete two strategic tasks daily.

Once you have your WHY statement, your next step is to complete two different tasks every single day. It is nothing more and nothing less. – As long as you complete these two different tasks on a daily basis, it is more than okay to spend the rest of your day watching TV.

Here’s an example:

Every single day, I will write two articles. Both articles took me roughly about three hours. Once I completed these two strategic tasks, I will spend the majority of my time doing other stuff such as: Answering emails, post motivational quotes on social networking sites, talking with friends, going to Gym, and prepared meals.

By the end of one year, I will have 730 articles I can broadcast all over the Internet.

STEP #3: Become best friend with your intuition.

There is only one best friend that will never betray you. – Your intuition. It detaches from all sources of guilt, depressions, loneliness, and self-doubt. During the dark times, my intuition guided me out of the misery.

You see, people change. One day, they can be your best friend. The next day, they have already forgotten about your existence. However, your intuition will always be there for you through good or bad. All you need to do is asking your intuition a simple question, “What should I do now?

“Focus on writing this article, Henry,” – My intuition jump into my thought.

“I am not sure if people will appreciate the content inside this article,” – I asked as I’ve been trying to write a new article for more than two hours now since 5 AM.

“Do it. You’ll save a lot of life,” – My intuition replied.

STEP #4: Surround yourself with a like-minded individual.

You must remember that you are the average of the five people you spend the majority of your time. – It also means that when you spend your time with tiny-minded individuals on a regular basis, your chances of becoming successful is slim to none.

When I first heard the sentence above, I was laughing as it didn’t make any sense to me. However, as I became part of the mastermind group where I surrounded my contact list with highly successful people, the way I looked at my life and business shifted to a higher paradigm. It is almost like you look at your life from a 10,000-foot views.

It is because of that reason I deliberately connect with highly successful individuals all the time. I will ask questions. I will share my feedback when they ask. I will implement most of their constructive feedbacks in my own business. It is how I can stay motivated at all cost.

STEP #5: Give unkind individuals the gift of missing you.

Rocky Balboa said, “The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place… and I don´t care how tough you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently, if you let it. You, me or nobody, is gonna hit as hard as life.”

And, Rocky is right. There are way too many people who are ready to take you for a ride when you allow them to. In business, my former partners betrayed me. My former employee asked me to give him my whole list. My former student backstabbed me. – I am not saying that these betrayals may happen to you, but you must be ready for them.

In a dating world, a girl used me for free meals in expensive restaurants. My ex-girlfriend left and cheated on me when I almost became blind. It was because of these unkind individuals I decided to create a simple rule. What is it, Henry?

When people are genuinely kind to me, I will give them the gift of my time.

When they are unkind to me, I will give them the gift of missing me. And, if the same person keeps pushing the boundaries, I will give that person the gift of losing me. – In many cases, it will be forever.

REMEMBER: You are the ultimate decision maker. It also means that you have 100% control over the word “Yes” and “No” of letting anyone take you for a ride. – So, use your word wisely.

As you understand the power of detachment, you must implement this process in your life on a daily basis. It allows you to be ONE with it. It is also the recipe for living your life to the fullest extent. – It is that powerful.

And, don’t forget to download my new e-book, “The Limitless Mindset” for free at It will show you how to unleash your power to fulfill your duty & mission in life.

Limitless For Life,

Henry Gold
Author, Speaker, Limitless Potential Expert, Entrepreneur

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