Face Challenges Like a Warrior With Jane Clare

Want to learn how to perform like a champ? — From clinical depression to moving to 3 countries by herself to being faced with a breast cancer scare Jane Clare lives without regrets. Jane has taken everything that she has learned in the last 2 decades and passes it on to her clients. Teaching them to raise their energy, face life’s challenges and listen to their own inner voice inside of them. Using these techniques Jane’s clients have seen growth in not only their businesses but also their personal lives.

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Tips Mentioned:
Success Quotes
  • “My energy and my attitude come out in my smile. My face doesn’t lie!”   Jane Clare
  • “Thoughts and dreams are great and inspiring, but you have to have the goals  the drive, the purpose that you can put into a model that will work for you and take care of you.”  Jane Clare
  • “Everybody can be their own coach if they want to be.”    Jane Clare
  • “I have just written and filmed an amazing course – Be Your Own Coach.”  Jane Clare
  • “A good coach just guides you.”   Jane Clare
  • “You can’t fix everybody.”  Jane Clare
  • “We all over-complicate life. It is actually super simple.”   Jane Clare
Setbacks & Failure
  • “When the economic crisis in 2010-2011, I lost everything.”  Jane Clare
  • “I was living in London at the time and applied for over 500 jobs getting none.”  Jane Clare
Limitless Moment
  • Jane was asked when the last time she was really happy was. In thinking, back Jane remembered it was when she was on the Mediterranian coast of France. It was that moment that she decided to move to France even without knowledge of the language.
Her Current Limitless Journey
  • Jane encourages others to live a limitless life and find a life with a purpose.
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