Find Your Secret Super Human Strength Today With Celina Pizarro

Want to learn how to find your superhuman strength like a champ? — Celina Pizarro is a wife, ex bodybuilder, and health and wealth coach. Finding that corporate life wasn’t for her after making her overweight, burned out with zero time and energy to look after herself. Despite having a 6 figure income, a large house and Mercedes; Celina left it all. She left corporate to pursue my mission, to help women live well and be well. And that is what she continues to do every day. you can find out more about her here:

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Tips Mentioned:
Success Quotes
  • “What can I do today to be a little better than yesterday?” Celina Pizarro
  • “That failure set me up for success.” Celina Pizarro
  • “We are what we do routinely.” Celina Pizarro
  • “If you stay in your comfort zone you will never grow.” Celina Pizarro
  • “Even though I was a public speaker, I was very insecure.” Celina Pizarro
  • “You do not have to know the end from the beginning.” Celina Pizarro
  • “Create a nighttime routine that will set you up for success tomorrow.”   Celina Pizarro
  • “Gratitude for what has not yet come is powerful.” Celina Pizarro
Setbacks & Failure
  • “After months of preparation, out of the hundreds of contestants in my first bodybuilding contest, I came in the last place.” Celina Pizarro
  • “Being a leader in everything I had done previously, this failure caused me to reevaluate everything I was feeding my body and my mind.” Celina Pizarro
  • “At the contest, I had felt defeated because I was feeding myself negative thoughts.”  Celina Pizarro
  • “My stage fright was terrible.” Celina Pizarro
Limitless Moment
  • “In analyzing that event with my family, I realized I was the only one who had control of my mind.” Celina Pizarro
  • For the next event in 8 weeks, Celina envisioned herself as a winner.
  • Celina won the competition with first-place proving to herself that what you feed your mind is as important as what you eat.
Her Current Limitless Journey
  • “I work with women entrepreneurs to help them become the best version of themselves.”  Celina Pizarro
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