How to Choose Domain Name for your Brand?

How do you come up with the right domain name?

Is your domain name enough to catch the attention of your audience?

Does your domain name reflect your brand identity?

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The Limitless Life: Powerful Lessons in Personal Success

The Limitless Life: Powerful Lessons in Personal Success

Often, when people come up with the domain name, they usually think of sexy or cool domain names. That might be something people will love. The reality is, they come up with a domain name that nobody recognizes. People may ask, how can you come up with many good domain names?

There’s a reason why you need to have the right domain names for your business. First, your domain name must be recognizable. Second, you have to understand that your domain name presents your perceived value to your audience.

These are the three simple steps to choose the right domain names for your business.

The first step is, it has to be in a “.com” expansion. Everybody knows that if you want to sleep, you’re going to sleep on the bed. You’re not going to sleep on a couch. Not even on the floor. That is the default standard. Avoid using “.net,” “.info,” or whatnot.

The second step is, your domain name must be coming from a non-proxy domain name provider. When you use a domain name that is a proxy, it means that they own your domain name. You are just renting. Domain name providers shouldn’t hold you.

If there will be bad apples, you are the only person who should resolve that issue. Domain name providers should only sell domain names. Many companies think that by having a domain proxy, you’ll get more protection. The reality is, they can easily take your business.

So when you have a domain name proxy, you got to be very careful. I will suggest that you transfer as soon as possible to a non-proxy domain name provider.

The last one is, your domain name has to reflect your vision. So, for example, and I own a domain name called “” When you see the domain name, you can easily say that it’s about having a limitless life. When I talk about my vision, it has nothing to do with me, but it is all about what my audience can get.

People should think that your domain name is acceptable. When you come up with a domain name, make sure that the other person sees the vision in your business. If they cannot perceive the concept of your business, it’s useless. Remember this, your domain name is not about how you feel. It’s all about how your audience sees your business.

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