How to Get Chiropractic Patients with Donavon Hunteman

How to Get Chiropractic Patients — Donavon Hunteman is an eagle scout, a consultant, a columnist, and a local business expert specializes for Chiropractors. As someone who survived a traumatic accident, had to learn how to walk again, Donavon knew that chiropractors are his best friends. It is the reason why Donavon advocates his life on making people aware of the importance of going to chiropractors. He invests the majority of his time helping chiropractors to find more leads all across the United States.

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Success Quotes
Setbacks & Failure
  • At the age of 14 years old, Donavon got into a serious car accident. Donavon had a concussion. He broke three bones. The officer declared Donavon should be dead within 24 hours after the car crash.
  • After the accident, Donavon has been experiencing severe health issues including partially deaf. He had to go chiropractor to adjust his bone fractures on a regular basis.
Limitless Moment
  • Donavon learned quickly not to accept the word “no” despite his severe challenges.
  • Donavon realized that life is very short. He made everyday count. At the age of 16-year old, he received an eagle scout award.
His Current Limitless Journey
  • As he owed great gratitude toward chiropractor on saving his life, he became an advocate of making people aware of the importance of going to chiropractor.
  • Instead of grieving about his situation, Donavon turns his weaknesses into strength. And, he wants others to follow his leads.
  • To live a limitless life, you must let go of your painful past.
  • Readers are leaders.
  • Donavon wants the limitless family to know that it is crucial to take a rest once in a while. It will help you to regain your creativity.
  • The right mentor can help you shorten your learning curve by ten years or more.
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