How to Embrace your Dream With CF Jackson

Do you want to know how to embrace your dream? –C.F Jackson is the CEO of digital media start-up iDefine TV. CF Jackson has assisted high performing entrepreneurs, authors, for over 14 years. She helps startups to position their brands, products, and services. She does all of this via the internet, ie social media, to email marketing to SEO services.

She now helps to take experts and entrepreneurs from the saturated, busy world of YouTube to television. How? C.F. Jackson discovered the game-changing media distribution platform called Roku Streaming Player. Roku and the like allow entrepreneurs to expand their brand, validate their expertise and increase sales in a way that was once only for the super-rich.

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Tips Mentioned:
Success Quotes
Setbacks & Failure
  • CF Jackson let others define who she should be.  As a writer when she wanted to write her book and get an agent she got a lot of “not right now letters”.
  • CF Jackson realized that when she saw who she hung out with most of the time and changed that, things changed. This allowed CF Jackson to hack the system with a new way.
Limitless Moment
  • Once she began to look at Purpose of things  Listening to within herself, things changed.
  • CF Jackson decided to go after her future and created her own publishing company.
His Current Limitless Journey
  • To become successful, CF Jackson said that you must choose to support you and listen to your inner voice. she has also emphasized that her morning routine is a crucial part of the day. It is also one of the elements that she uses to hack the system.
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