How to Handle Money

I had a terrible time dealing with money.In fact, as I write this article, I am still struggling to handle my cash especially there are plenty of temptations out there. — Well, I live in Queens, New York. There are Way too many new restaurants in the area compare to my previous location in Boston.

Every corner, you would see seven restaurants out of 10 stores. Plus, when you looked at all the bread, cheesecake, desserts, dumplings, and much more, it is too easy to take out $5 here, $7 there, and $10 on another corner. — I was very impulsive with money.

At one point, I was walking on the street in Boston, within one hour walk, I would lash out more than $100. When I looked at my monthly bill, I  discovered that I wasted more than $3,000 on things that I didn’t need. — Sure, I did invest a lot in my education such as: Investing in a mastermind group, home-study courses, seminars, coaches, mentoring program, and much more. — And, these are the necessary investments for my growth.

Well, I just invested another few thousands of dollars last week for my education which I didn’t mind to do it for sure.


I am NOT talking about investing in your education. Those are very important if you want to change the course of your life. Instead, I am referring to wasting your money on things that you don’t need.

One friend told me that he needed to buy that $5,000 Chanel bag for his girlfriend.– I mentioned to him that she is only your girlfriend, you don’t need to go crazy on investing in her. If she is your wife, that would be a different story. 

Ms. Apple told me that she has to get that new pair of shoes. — I asked her on how many shoes does she has? 20+. Then, I suggested her to stop buying those shoe and save some money for the rainy days. However, she said that one shoe is for winter. The other shoe is for spring, rainy days.  

Mr. Orange told me that every single time his girlfriend got upset with him, he would swipe his credit card and bought the Tiffany necklace.Then, he would take her to eat in an expensive restaurant. — I advised him not to and told him that my wife and I always eat at home.

(After I finished writing this email, I am  going to prepare meals for my wife as she preferred a home-made meal than eating out) 

Mr. Durian told me that he is saving $10,000right now so that he could take his family on a trip to Disney. — I asked him to keep the money for a down payment for a house as he was still living a rental house.–He rejected my idea and called it stupid.

The question is “How can you stop spending money on things that are necessary?” — Well, it requires you to build an internal muscle. It needs you to ask your inner guidance on every occasion. 

    “This pastry looks very delicious.” — I mumbled as I walked on the street doing my chore. 

“Sure, it is, but it is not very healthy. Plus, it would ruin your chances to have a great physical appearance.” — My intuition jumped in to remind me of my goal. 

    (I walked faster, there was a temptation from the other part of me and told me that should give in to those temptations!) 

“Don’t listen to her. She is part of the Ying energy which associated with misery in life.” — My intuition reminded me. 

“I know and I won’t.” — I replied with a smile as I know what my intuition was going to tell me. 

“What should I do now?” — I asked my intuition with a smile. 

    “Go home and prepare the meal.” — My intuition replied without hesitation. 

I listened. I made my priority straight. I set goals for what I wanted to achieve. I let go of things and people who would take me away from the vision I structured for my life.  

It is the reason WHY I invested in my self-growth instead of things that do not seduce betterment in life. — Think about this, okay? 

  • What does your loved one want from you? –Vacations wouldn’t solve a thing. What will? Internal happiness. If you care about your significant other, there is no reason for you to spend your money on things like flowers, Tiffany, and much more. — You are enough.

On Valentine’s day, I didn’t give my flower to my wife. What did I do? I gave a $10 Chocolate I asked my mother-in-law to buy for me from BJ. However, when she wanted to invest in a $200 on a beauty product, I wouldn’t say a word. 

  •  What does your body need from you? – Your body doesn’t require you to spend $200 on a dinner. Instead, your body needs to have a routine such as an exercise, eating the right foods, and much more. — Basically, you need to prepare meals ahead of time to stay healthy. Plus, you also need to sleep at 11 PM and wake up at 5 AM or 6 AM to start your day.  
  •  What does your brain need from you? — Your mind wants you to keep investing in your  future. It allows you to have the raise the standards of your life.

 You don’t need to go crazy on attending one seminar after another. You need to participate in the one that will help you expand your knowledge. There is no ego boosting, no need to go specific seminar just because everybody is going. — Instead, go to a live event that gives you the chance to move forward.

This way, when the right mentor or coach is indeed in front of you, you have the investment ready in your hand. — Personally, I only invest in what I need and NEVER on what others told me to do. (Yes,  I do receive guidance from my intuition.) 

  • What does your intuition want from you? — He wants you to focus on living a limitless life. It is ONE with the universe. It allows you to live your life with no fear, regret, and things that you didn’t do but wish to do. 

Follow it. Merge with it. Stay limitless, forever. 

The question you need to ask yourself is
“How is your relationship with money?”

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