How to Have Difficult Conversation

 It was hard. I used to be one of those guys who would say “YES” even though I didn’t want to. My voice was never heard.My opinions were never appreciated. — I could only say “Okay.” Nothing else.

If I try to speak up or try to voice my opinion, I would either be called loser or idiot. — That’s the story of my family.Neither did I realize that when I started my online business, the marketplace was brutal and full of people who were out there to take me for granted if I allowed it.

Back in 2004, I received an email from one of my subscribers. He told me that a lot of people were suffering. I should give away all my products for free. — I listened.

                           That was how my giveaway events were born.

Instead of getting the word “Thank You,” within 48 hours after I released it, I had over 3,000+ hate emails from many different folks.

“You should kill yourself, Henry.” – One email I received.
“You are an idiot.” — Another email I received.
“You are such a loser. I should report you to FTC.” — Another hate email I received.
“You should go to hell. You don’t deserve to live at all. You are freaking asshole.” — another email I read.
”Who do you think you are? You are a son of the b***.
” — Another email I received.

As I read each email, I questioned myself whether I did the right thing. The whole event that I did was focusing on helping others. For more than five months, I didn’t dare to log in to my emails. – I was very terrified. 

I almost quit my business on many different occasions. — Plus, I’ve almost committed suicide when one of my audience told me I should go to hell.
When the dark cloud disappeared, I resurfaced from my cave. One lady approached me. She sugarcoated me with many sweet words. Later on, I trusted her with a prominent role in my company. — I’ve even helped her on giving her a spotlight. 

Then, I heard the rumor that she bad mouth me in the back, smear my reputation, as well as told all my students how good she was and how Henry was a narrow-minded individual. However

                          “I was just like a little puppy in front of her.”

I didn’t know that my spineless act became part of her agenda to destroy me. She has even injected one of her students to become my VA. — Yep, to spy on every move that I had. Until one day

“Henry, can I keep a secret?” — One of my former employees told me.
“Of course. Tell me.” — I asked.
“I love you. You are a good guy. However, you got to be careful of the LADY.” —
My former employee told me.
“Why is that?” — I asked as I became very curious.
“She used me and didn’t pay me. She has also asked me to spy on you. I didn’t want to, that’s why I decided to quit.” — My former employee told me.
“Thank you for telling me that.” — I replied.
“You’re welcome. I love you. I want you to know that. Be careful with her.” —
My former employee warned me.

At that moment, I let go of my other VA. I removed the LADY from my partnership. However, the damage was done. Many partners have distrusted me. My friendship with one of my dearest friends ruined. — It pained me deeply in which at one point in my life, I almost wanted to end my life. Luckily, my intuition jumped into my thoughts.

“Henry, it is a good lesson.” — My intuition said briefly.
“Who are you?” — I asked as I got confused with the voice to come out from inside me.
“I am your friend.” — My intuition replied.
“Why should I trust you?” — I asked as I wiped my eyes grieving.
“Try me.” — My intuition replied and disappeared.

Suddenly, I burst into tears. That night, I didn’t Sleep.I asked myself on why I would allow myself to be used and taken for a ride like that. Fast forward, few years after those incidents, the cycle repeated many (many) times where I would be used by friends, students, partners, my dad, relatives, and much more.

I didn’t wake up until one day, and I met a stranger which later on became my godfather. He told me that I needed to act like a man. It was in that moment that I realized that IF I didn’t change the course of my life and stand up for what I wanted, it would be the end of me.

After a meeting I had with my godfather, I became wiser. I faced my own shadow. When things are not in my favor, I would say “No” to anyone. – It doesn’t matter whether this person is my dad, my relatives, my dearest friend, or my other half.

“I am heading to see my godfather in New York.”   — I mentioned to my ex.
“But, I needed to go to work on Saturday.” —    She replied with a lot of anger.
“Well, you made your choice to take that job even though I asked you not to. So, you have to live with the consequences for me not taking you to  your work.” — I replied with certainty.

She called my mom, sister, and all siblings to pursue me to go her way. — I stood my ground.

“Mom, don’t tell me what to do.” — I told my mom with a lot of emotion.
“I, and nobody should control you.” — My mom replied as she gave me the validation.
“Thank you, mom. I love you.” — I mentioned to my mom.
“I love you too. Go for it.” — my mom replied.

After the trip to New York, my ex-got more upset with me. She barely spoke with me. I didn’t care. I kept moving forward as I realized that when I asked her to accompany me when I had eye problems, she would prioritize her shoes more than my eyes. — Seriously, I was 50% blind at that time. I could barely drive a car.

“Auntie, he is very cruel to me.” — My ex told my mom.

*My ex-told my mom everything on I did and left me sleeping in the company sofa as there was no public transportation at 4 AM.

“I wanted to break up with him.” — My ex told my mom with a lot of anger.
“Can you please support Henry? He is on his way to go to the top. He needed you more than ever.” — My mom pleaded with her as I could hear my mom was crying.

(My ex left the phone alone and went to another room)

“Mom, I am sorry for not standing up to you. You are my mother. I would never want another woman disrespect you that way. Don’t ever beg her at all. She is not worth it.” — I pleaded with my mom as my tears burst out.

(My mom kept crying)

“Mom, I love you. I am a man. I will handle this myself. If she leaves me, it is her loss and never mine.” — I told my mom with an affirmation.
“I trust you.” — My mom replied.

After I finished the conversation with my mom, I held on to my tear and told my ex that if she wanted to leave, there would be nothing to hold her back. — However, if she disrespected my mom one more time, I would have to usher her out myself. Two days later, she told me that she was leaving me for good. It pained me, but

“Okay.” — I replied.

I didn’t look back. I just told my ex what I wanted. It hurts like hell, but as I made a promise to my intuition to let people be themselves, it frees me. In fact, it made me the person who I am today.

Some people called me heartless.
Some people called me a snob.
Some people called me cold-blooded.

However, when I realized that the true essence of limitless is to let people be themselves, you will start to merge yourself with the light. You are no longer concern about what you can or can’t do. – You become a very driven person where you will wake up in the morning to do things to get closer and closer to being limitless in every aspect of your being. 

When things are in line with what you have in your mind, you must do whatever it takes to adjust it or tweak it, and this is how you can get one-degree closer on living the life you meant to have. — That’s the only thing you need to do the rest of your life.  

The question you need to ask yourself is
    “What will you do if you are confronted with a difficult conversation?”

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