How to move ahead when everything sucks

“I am leaving.” – It was the three most painful words that my ex told me as she readied to walk out of the door. I was 60% blind on both sides of my eyes. My kidney was failing. My heart was failing. My liver was not functioning. Yet, my situation was as fragile as it could be.

The word “suck” was not even a word I could describe. When people talked about heaven and hell, I was in a real-life living hell. If anybody was in my situation, they would probably have chosen an easy way out which was to kill themselves. – I didn’t. I decided to stay alive, but it was hard like hell.

The question is, “How did you do move forward when you have used every option that you got?” — It is easy for people to say, “Stay strong or stay positive.” They were not me. They didn’t experience my pain, but I did. Worse, the pain was so real in which it sickened in every part of my being. A lot of time, it was easy to die, but that was out of the options as I didn’t believe there will be any reset if I were to end my life.

As I tried to keep myself together, my intuition jumped into my thought.

“It is easy to die. What’s the rush?” My intuition asked me.

“But, life is tough,” I replied as I wiped my tear.

“It was because you focused too much on the final destination,” My intuition replied.

“How do you know?” I asked as I got angry with my intuition.

“I was there before you even exist in this world,” My intuition smiled.

“What should I do then?” I asked.

“Focus on these three simple steps,” – My intuition replied.

As I followed these three simple steps, I was able to get the pain under control. As I kept following the steps my inner guidance showed me, I became alive and well. I won the flat abs challenges. I lost 65 lbs and owned four-pack abs. I built a high six-figure per year business. I bought my dream car, a BMW X5. I went out on dates with many beautiful girls. – Many of them were younger than me by more than 10 years.

The questions are, “What are the steps my intuition told me?” and “How did I experience a drastic change in my life?”

Well, here are three steps I use to move ahead when everything sucks:

STEP #1: Trust Your Intuition At All Cost.

Your intuition is the bridge between what you want and where you are at the moment. It knows what you need to do to get to where you want to be. You don’t have to guess. You don’t have to think. You don’t have to doubt its existence. Why? Your inner guidance has and will always be your best friend if you allow it.

Here is something else that you need to be aware of:

Your intuition doesn’t focus on lust, hatred, anger, and darkness. — If you feel that it does, you are not connected with your inner guidance. Instead, you are mingling with the darkness within you, the Yin energy. How does the Yin energy play out in your life? Well, the Yin energy has only one goal. – It will take you to darkness, loneliness, and despair. The more you listen to the Yin energy in you, the more painful you become.

“I am Henry Gold. I couldn’t believe these things happened to me,” – I grumbled to myself as it felt excruciating.

“You are stupid. Just kill yourself,” – Mr. Demon told me.

“Don’t listen to him,” Mr. Intuition replied.

“Come on. So what you are Henry Gold. Your dad called you a loser. Your ex left you when you are almost blind. You are a loser. You should just die,” Mr. Demon told me.

“Don’t listen to him. You still have options,” Mr. Intuition replied.

“What options do I have?” I asked as I was sobbing uncontrollably.

“Take care of your health and business. Invest your time in doing just that,” Mr. Intuition suggested me.

“What if it doesn’t work,” I asked.

“It will work. I was the one who was there when you were grieving. I was the one who will be there when you need guidance,” Mr. Intuition replied.

“Can I trust you?” I asked Mr. Intuition.

“It is your choice, Henry. You can always choose between Mr. Demon and me,” Mr. Intuition.

My point is, “You must TEST your intuition credibility.” – I did. Every single time I followed Mr. Intuition, I get what I wanted. Mr. Intuition led me to win a flat abs challenge, attracted four-pack abs, built a high six-figure per year business, and married the love of my life.

And, every single time I ignored my inner guidance and chose to listen to Mr. Demon, my life started to crumble. Suddenly I felt an extreme pain in me in which it made me fall into depression, loneliness, and despair.

STEP #2: Focus on Taking Massive Imperfect Actions.

I read a quote somewhere on the Internet that “When you think, you put stress in your brain. It was at that moment you will feel the pain.” – As I read this quote, I realized that when I stop thinking and start focusing 100% on completing each task in front of me, things will change from worse to better. And, from better to excellent.

It was at that moment that I realized what the word “limitless” truly means. – It is something I am going to talk about another article for sure. For now, let’s stick into the sentence “Taking Massive Imperfect Actions,” okay?

You see, in life, there is no “undo” button. You can’t delete what you said. You can’t erase how you feel. You can’t undo what you have done. It means that there is nothing in between. It is either you follow what your intuition guides you on, or you will immediately fall apart. – And, if you are in a screw-up situation like I did, which I assumed you do as you read this article, your ONLY option to create a breakthrough in your life is taking massive imperfect actions.

The question is, “What are the benefits of taking massive imperfect actions?” – Well, here are the lists of the benefits I have written down in private:

A) When you take massive imperfect actions, it is all about building your internal muscles. — You develop your muscles in your heart. You grow your muscles in your soul. You create your muscles in your mind. You strengthen your muscles everywhere that are still weak and fragile. Let me logically share with you, okay? Answer these questions:

•How can you get four-pack abs?
•How can you get a degree if you haven’t graduated from high school?
•How can you buy your dream house?
•How can you buy your dream car?
•How can you get into a relationship with a beautiful girl or a handsome man?

Let’s just say you want to get four-pack abs and you are 238 pounds, the first step that you need to do is heading to gym three times a week first. Then, you start doing crunches 20 sets a day. And, you increase it incrementally by 10 more reps each day every single week. – It is how you build muscles in your body.

B) When you take massive imperfect actions, you don’t put pressure in your brain. – There is a saying that, “When you are taking massive imperfect actions, you will forget about the pain you experience in your current circumstances.” – I used this method when I was at the lowest point of my life.

Some people called me workaholics. The truth is, “I was trying to reduce the pain I experienced during the toughest time in my life.” As I keep taking massive actions, I lost 65 lbs. And, my business went up more than six times. How is that possible? I avoid the downtime at all cost.

C) When you take massive imperfect actions, you realized that you are the only person who can rescue you. – Seriously, I fear of all those kids that feel that mommy and daddy will always be there to save them. They won’t. They have their own problems they need to solve. It also means that when you can rescue you, you will lift up their burdens from their shoulders.

And, the more you take full control of where you are heading, the more you will strengthen your internal muscles. – It is the key to get everything you want in your life.

STEP #3: Exercise at Night until You are Dead Tired.

Studies have shown that it is vital for you to exercise before you start your day. ANSWER: It depends.

•If your life is on the uptrend, an exercise in the morning will always be a great idea. – Well, I do exercise three times a week before I start my morning. It is wonderful. It is healthy. It gives me more energy throughout the day.

•However, when you are the lowest point of your life, you must exercise at night time. – Why is that? There are “TWO” reasons:

A. To waste the toxic energy inside you. – During the darkest moment of your life, you will have a lot of mixed emotions in you. By exercising at night, it will help you to reduce the dark energy in you to the max.

B. To waste all the energy you have left. – It is preferable that you take kickboxing classes. Why? You can hit your anger to the sandbag. You can beat your frustration with the sandbag. You can punch your loneliness to the sandbag. It means that as soon as you completed the session, you only want to head to bed.

When I was at the lowest point of my life, I only had two choices left. (A) To feel sorry for myself; (B) To fight back and live a limitless life the rest of my life; as I chose the second option, I took kickboxing classes almost every day. Sometimes, I would attend two sessions at the same time in one day.

“Okay, everybody. It is your final round. You have to give everything you got,” – The kickboxing instructor told us.

“Let me die,” – I shouted as I hit the sandbag until it fell off the floor.

After the kickboxing session is over, my instructor approached me.

“That was very impressive,” My instructor praised me.

“Thank you,” I replied as I felt very exhausted and almost ready to head to bed.

“Why did you say let me die as you hit the sandbag?” My instructor asked as he became curious.

“Oh, it was just the phrase that I listened from the motivational song,” I replied with a smile.

After I get back home, I took a shower. I head to bed right away. The next day, “I felt a tremendous Yang energy in which I turn my focus on building my brand as my inner guidance suggested. Then, I head to the kickboxing class again to spend the rest of energy.”
As I continued to utilize this same formula, my circumstances changed from worse to average, average to good, good to excellent, and excellent to limitless.

The question is, “How do you move ahead when things really suck in your life?” Please share with other limitless family members your thought on the comment below.

Regardless, I strongly recommend you to download my new e-book, “The Limitless Mindset” for free at It will show you how to unleash your power to fulfill your duty & mission in life.

Limitless For Life,
Henry Gold
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