How You Know When You Found The One

After my ex-girlfriend left me, I decided to stay single. I didn’t want to go on a date. I didn’t believe in the relationship. At one point, I had that hatred feeling toward women. I just thought that all women were similar to my ex-girlfriend. – It was because of this same reason, I decided to focus on what I want to accomplish in life solely.

  • Some people said that I might die alone.
  • Some people said that I might stay single forever.
  • Some people said that I might one day found a girl similar to my ex-girlfriend.

The truth was I didn’t care what other people said about my future. They were not me. They had no clue what I wanted. They had no clue the type of girl I wanted to date in my life. — All I did care about was I wanted to live a full life. Besides, if I got into a new relationship and the person I would be with only care about being in a relationship instead of me, there was no reason for me to enter into a new relationship.

The question is, “How did you end up finding the one?”

Here are five steps that you can use to attract the one:

Step #1: Focus on what you want to accomplish in life.

Instead of focusing the type of girls you wanted to marry or be in the relationship with, I looked into every area of my life that I wanted to improve. I was way too overweight. I decided to lose 68 lbs. I wore tear jeans, I bought a new wardrobe. I had an extremely messy condo, I cleaned up and organized my place.

I wanted four-pack abs badly, I decided to do 100 push-ups a day. Also, I decided to perform a 100 sit-up per day on a consistent basis. I wanted to build a multi-six-figure business; Thus, I launched one product after the other. I tried to master my craft; Thus, I joined a mastermind group.

It was never about what other people want. Instead, it is all about what I wanted to accomplish in life.

Step #2: Create a list of description you wanted to have in your dream girl.

Once you’ve created the list, keep the file in a safe place. You don’t share with others. You don’t talk about it with others. – Instead, you keep reminding yourself of the type of person you wanted to have in your life. Now, here’s the kicker you always have to remember, okay?

If your date didn’t meet the exact criteria of the person you wanted, you walk away.

Example #1:

One evening, I picked up a beautiful lady from her house. She looked all dressy, beautiful, and sexy. I was very impressed. – The only downside was I had to wait another 30 minutes for her to get ready.

You look beautiful,” – I praised Ms. Apple.

“Thank you,” – She replied.

As I drove the car, I asked her one tricky question:

“What do you think if we get to know each other in McDonald,” – I asked her while winking my eyes.

“I hate McDonald,” – She replied with a stern voice.

I decided to drive back to her house. Then, I told her I had a good time and left. She got very confused, and she has never had that experienced with any guys who would reject her in less than 10 minutes. Approximately 10 minutes later, I received a phone call.

“Why did you do this to me?” – Ms. Apple asked emotionally.

“I am sorry. I am not your type. So, I really don’t want to waste your time,” – I replied.

Example #2:

One evening after I took a kickboxing lesson, I saw a new kickboxer in my area and asked her if she would be interested in spending 30 minutes for a cup of coffee. Once I let her into my car, I started the engine.

“Nice car,” – She smiled.

“Thank you,” – I replied.

“Is that X5 or X3?” – She asked with a lot of curiosity.

“It is a BMW X5,” – I replied as I got a little bit annoyed.

“How much is it?” – As she got really curious about my car.

I ended up turn off the engine and told her that I forgot that I had an emergency meeting with my team members and I had to leave. – The next time I went to a kickboxing class, I didn’t mention about wanting to hang out with her again.

My point is, “Once you’ve created the list of what you want in a dream girl, you spend your day on eliminating those dates you don’t want to have in your life.

When you keep focusing on being the best version of you, you are giving a powerful signal to the universe the type of person you want to have in your life. It is how you are able to get the girl that matches the descriptions you wrote down on a piece of paper.


Step #3: Always demand more from yourself.

Instead of keep hoping that the girl of your dream will show up in front of you; invest the majority of your time to upgrade YOU. – What do I mean by that?

  • When I joined the kickboxing class for the first time, I weighed 238 lbs. There wasn’t one single lady that looked up at me.
  • When I weighed 210 lbs, few ladies told me that they admired my persistence on kicking the sandbag.
  • When I weighed 200 lbs, few ladies asked me if they could become my kickboxing partners.
  • When I weighed 190 lbs, two ladies asked me to hang out with her. – Some of them were even staring at me the entire class.
  • When I weighed 180 lbs, some girls asked me how I lost a lot of weight. Some ladies told me that they wanted to hang out with for a cup of coffee. – I didn’t ask, but I was asked.
  • When I weighed 173 lbs with four-pack abs, a lot of ladies inside and outside of the kickboxing classes asked me to hang out with them. – I didn’t get used to being stared, but I had to.

This incident made me realize that the more I invest in upgrading myself, the more people want to stay close with me as they feel the higher vibration energy you share with them. – And, It is also how I was able to have more choices on the type of persons I could attract in my life. Basically, it was all about focusing on what I want to achieve first and NOT what I could get from others.

Step #4: Visualize yourself as a catch and never the other way around.

On the surface, when you tell others to look at ourselves as a catch, it sounded very arrogant. The truth is, “When you don’t love yourself enough, how can you have the time to love others.” – You can’t. Everything starts with self-love. The more you are willing to love yourself and look at yourself as a catch, the more you will attract the right person for your life.

Of course, you always have to remember that I am not asking you to become a narcissistic person where you concentrate on crazily in love with yourself where you focus on taking advantage of other people. Instead, I want you to focus on loving yourself enough where you will only surround yourself with a selected few.

What do you mean by that?

If you have all the money in the world, you will prefer to own a BMW X5 compare to a Toyota Corolla. If you have the freedom like most successful entrepreneurs, you will prefer to travel on a private jet compare to 100-seat passenger aircraft. If you want to get the best watch in the world, you will prefer to own a Rolex compared to a cheap Seiko watch.

My point is, “You need to be that BMW X5. You need to be that private jet. You need to be the Rolex.

It also means that when someone gets into a relationship with you, he or she will become the luckiest person in the world.

Step #5: The ONE has to accept you for who you. — It is the recipe of having a long-lasting relationship.

When I went on a blind date with the ONE, she didn’t ask me about my car, my job, and my wealth. Instead, we talked about food, food, and food. – Well, for two hours, she did 90% of the talks while I merely focus on asking questions. Later on, I got to know that she was one of the most successful CPAs in New York City.  After two hours timeframe, I ended our dinner.

“It was really nice meeting you,” – I mentioned to her as I was ready to pay.

“Let’s split the bill,” – She replied.

“No, it is on me,” – I insisted.

“Well, I didn’t like the idea that guys have to pay for a date,” – She replied.

“Next time, I would let you pay,” – I replied with a smile.

For the next few dates, we paid equally as the ONE didn’t want me to spend my money on her. For me, she was unique as she allowed me to be me. When we were not on a date, we would focus on our own careers. On the other hand, when we were together, we were just two little kids that haven’t met with each other.

Basically, the relationship was effortless. I don’t have to change the one. She doesn’t have to change me. – In fact, up to these dates, we are two independence individuals that came together as one. And, one day, I stumbled upon the description of the person I wanted to have in my life.

“This is crazy,” – I grumbled to myself.

“What is it?” – My intuition jump into my thought.

“She matched the exact description I wrote on my list two years ago,” – I replied with a smile.

“You got what you wished for,” – My intuition replied.

At that moment, I realized that the universe will always want to give you what you wish for. The question you need to ask yourself is, “Are you prepare to receive the gift?”

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Limitless For Life,

Henry Gold
Author, Speaker, Limitless Potential Expert, Entrepreneur

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