Increase Your Vibrational Energy With Jillian Schleger

Want to learn how to increase your vibrational energy now? — Being dissatisfied and overwhelmed with life Jillian struggled with chronic fatigue and migraines. Since then she has found the blocks to crush her limiting beliefs and has created a life of clarity and meaning. Jillian now teaches others how to overcome their blocks and limiting mindsets to go on and create a perfect life. Jillian teaches her clients to live a life by design and not one by default.

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Tips Mentioned:
Success Quotes
  • “Check your baseline.”   Jillian Schleger
  • “Make sure you are resonating at a high vibration.”  Jillian Schleger
  • “I learned that my emotions are feedback for what is going right and not so right.”  Jillian Schleger
  • “I was asked what my superpower was.  At that time, I realized my emotions were actually a superpower.”    Jillian Schleger
  • “That insight led me to decipher a system that tells us what is happening in the body and how that can help us or can be shifted to help figure out what the body is trying to tell us.”  Jillian Schleger
  •  “ Energy is supposed to be kept in motion.”   Jillian Schleger
  • “Instead of sitting in our emotions, we should be learning from them.”  Jillian Schleger
  • “I regularly check my baseline my muscle testing in regards to my goals.”  Jillian Schleger
Setbacks & Failure
  • “Being a very emotional person, I allowed [the] emotions of others to adversely affect me.”  Jillian Schleger
  • “I felt like I wouldn’t be understood.”  Jillian Schleger
  • “I didn’t think people would take my theories seriously.”   Jillian Schleger
  • “My first mentor told me that I was not his ideal client.”  Jillian Schleger
Limitless Moment
  • Jillian’s first mentor taught her that just because you have a client doesn’t mean it is the ideal client. Since then Jillian has focused on finding her ideal client, with the understanding that “You are not the ideal mentor for everyone.”  Jillian Schleger.
Her Current Limitless Journey
  • Jillian continues to inspire and teach others how to live the life they want to live for themselves.
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