Letting Go

By: Henry Gold 

 It was the word my intuition told me. I ignored it many (many) times. In fact, every single time, he asked me to let go of certain people or let go of particular ego, I wanted to overpower it. — Yes, I was stubborn back then.

The truth is

“It doesn’t matter to my inner guidance whether I listen to him or not.”

If I do, I benefit from it.
If I don’t, I suffer the consequences. 

 “Let her go. She doesn’t love you.” —   My intuition told me.
“But, I love her.” — I replied as I wiped my tear.
“She cheated on you. She cared about her shoes more than your eyes. What other evidences do you need before you are willing to let go. – My intuition insisted.
“I don’t know.” — I replied as I kept sobbing on the reality I was about to face. — The life without my ex.
“It is your choice, Henry.” – My intuition replied.

As I made my decision to let my ex-go from my life for good, I removed all the trash from the living room, cleaned up the kitchen, washed the bathroom, as well as threw away all the rotten foods from my fridge. — I changed my diet, went to exercise, lost65 lbs, and got four-pack abs.

Sure enough, three weeks after we broke up, my ex-wanted to come back. I said “NO.” four months after we broke up, she begged me to come back, I said “NO.” One year after we broke up, she tried to find me in New York; I didn’t want to meet her.

My “NO” became a permanent “NO.”It means that when I said the word “NO,” I wouldn’t change my mind or be persuaded by someone to change it to “YES.” — In fact, I used it in every decision that I make regardless how big or how small it is. — It is either “Heck Yeah” or “Heck No.”

Some people would like me as if I was cruel.The reality is “You must have boundaries in life.” 

When someone crosses it, you have to let them go even though it will cause some emotional distress. — You can’t avoid that consequences for sure. 


If you don’t let someone or something that DRAINED you, take you for granted, sooner or later that person will slowly kill you mentally or emotionally. — Some say…”Henry, don’t be too drastic.”

Well, not really. My younger sister passed away this February 1, 2018. She was one of the bravest people I have ever met in my life.The only thing that I saw in her was she was too weak to walk away from the narcissist father who abused her mentally. — Yes, I did ask her to “LET GO” of my father on many occasions. 

I did plead with my father to stop cursing her. — He called her pig, animal, slut, whore, and all the names that are very harsh and something that a father shouldn’t say to his children. However, that was the reality my sister had to face. When I told my father back in October 2016 to stop doing that to my sister, my father decided to disown me. — Now, my younger sister is GONE.

I’ve spoken a word to my dad. He knows he was guilty of ruining my younger sister’s life. The question was

“Why Did My Younger Sister Passed Away at The Very Young Age?”

ANSWER: Compassionate toward the wrong individual.

Sure, we can be compassionate, but it has to be to the RIGHT person. Our heart shouldn’t go to someone who doesn’t appreciate who we are and what we do. Why is that? They will do whatever it takes to DRAIN YOU. — Yes, they are like a living vampire who will bite you until you have NOTHING left.

It is WHY it is important to be kind to people who are genuinely sincere to you and LET GO of those people who are unkind and wanted to take you for a ride. – It is the formula to live a limitless life.

It is the EXACT formula I used to network and work very closely with people like Kevin Harrington from the Shark Tank, Forbes Riley ($2.5 Billion Home ShoppingNetwork host), Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, International best-selling authors, and many top 5000 CEOs. — And, as I am working on a secret project with several New YorkTime bestsellers as well as many high profile leaders, you will see more of me in the future.

How is it even possible, Henry?
Two Words: Letting Go.

If you don’t let go of the wrong people, you will suffer emotionally.
If you don’t let go of your ego to be right, you will stay where you are for the rest of your life.
If you don’t let go the need to have control of your life, your life will be out of control.
In the end, it will be just misery, pain, and attracting unnecessary emotional distress. — Is it worth it?
Is it worth wasting your life on things you can let go?
Is it worth wasting your time NOT being happy? 

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