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  • "The Limitless Life helped me to reconnect with my long lost friend, my inner guidance. It helped me to understand the universe is always ready to give me anything I asked. Also, I realized now that all those past failures I experienced were the direct results of the illusion of limitless life. Thank you, Henry. Henry Gold is the Davinci of our time." -- Edmund Loh, #1 Internet Entrepreneur in Malaysia.

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What Industry Leaders Say About Henry Gold


John Delavera
Internet Marketing Legend
"As a kid, I used to believe that writing a self-biography is the easiest kind of writing; you just tell the story of your life. Easy... piece of cake. Until I grew up and met my future self. That's how I felt when reading Henry Gold's book. I am proud to call Henry a "brother soul." If you want to live life at its full potential and unlock the invisible chains you've handcuffed yourself since you're a kid, learn from Henry. Thank you, Henry. You made me a better person."


Edmund Loh
#1 Internet Marketer in Malaysia
International Best-Selling Author
Real Estate Investor

"For me, the most significant lesson from The Limitless Life is the precious connection I have with my inner guidance. Each day, I must maintain the current gift to receive more gifts from the universe. It made me realize that if I don't keep up with what I have now, I am allowing the darkness to take away everything I've achieved in life. Henry, you are the Davinci of our time."

Barb Ling
Internet Marketing Entrepreneur
#1 Top Affiliate on Warrior+

"Henry Gold's journey through life is the epitomy of the Hero's Journey. To see the amount of difficulties the man has overcome, from an unloving, overbearing father to a brain tumor, and also see how his spirit never falters... The Limitless Life is one of the best gifts you can give yourself (and those you love). It changes lives.
Jinger Jarrett
Author of a book, "Over 40 and Irresistible."
Former 71L, 46Q at Michigan Army National Guard

"If you want to know how to change your life and turn your dreams into reality, then you want to know Henry Gold. Follow its principles and have the life you have always dreamed of until now. Henry has completely opened my eyes to the real obstacle I was facing in overcoming my fears and has given me the tools to go the distance. I will never be able to thank him enough!"
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