Live Life With the Purpose of a Warrior With David Dobkins

Want to learn how to live life with the purpose of a warrior? — David Dobkins is a Husband, Father, a man of faith, Creative Entrepreneur, Designer, Non-Profit Administrator, and  Finance Executive. Having survived 2 drug overdoses David knows that life is meant to be lived. He is passionate about life and strives to help people who are ready for breakthroughs by implementing changes into their business and entrepreneurial journey, beginning with removing doubt, and galvanizing belief in themselves, then developing business processes and strategies to meet his client’s goals.

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Tips Mentioned:
Success Quotes
  • “Where your focus goes is where your energy flows.”  Les Brown
  • “Stop prolonging the agony.”   David Dobkins
  • “I didn’t want to die, but I didn’t want to live that way. “   David Dobkins
  • “My ego, my pride, and my selfish limiting beliefs kept me from opening up and submitting to the process.”   David Dobkins
  • “Let go of the results and embrace the process.”  David Dobkins
  • “Abundance is real.”   David Dobkins
  • “If there is a thing to do, do it NOW.”   David Dobkins
  • “Don’t be caught up in the mistakes you made or  the problems you caused.” David Dobkins
  • “We can learn from the past, but it is done.”  David Dobkins
Setbacks & Failure
  • Feeling that he didn’t fit in Daniel started hanging around the wrong people; this led to poor choices and drugs and addiction.
  • 2x David almost lost his life due to overdoses.
Limitless Momen
  • When David realized the destruction that he was leaving in his wake and how much he was hurting his family, he made the decision to do something different.
  • “Fortunately, through faith, family, and a good recovery program, I was able to beat the addiction and start a whole new life.”  David Dobkins
  • “I came to realize, “I’M MADE FOR MORE THAN THIS….when I began to focus and dedicate time to help people you find joy in life.” David Dobkins
His Current Limitless Journey
  • In addition to his business, David works to help others struggling with that same stuff that he went through; David also works in the online world to help people think differently.
  •  “I work full time in a non-profit organization that helps people overcome addictions.”  David Dobkins
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