My Hellish fight

“Do you want to be happy and misunderstood?” or “Do you want to be right and miserable?”

It was the sentence I kept reminding myself as I picked up my broken soul. In fact, for many moons, tears were my only friends. I cried for the misery I experienced. I cried for the pain my father caused me. I cried for all the manipulation techniques he used to ask people in my inner circles to attack me, control me, and used me.

I knew who they were, but I chose not to talk about it. Why is that, Henry? – It would just sink me deeper into the agony.

“I thought you said the words “I am enough” made you stronger,” – My intuition asked.

“I wish it were that easy,” – I replied as I wiped my tears.

“What do you mean?” – My intuition asked.

“Those are just words. I still feel the pain, the emptiness, and the reality that my life was all screwed up,” – I replied as I cried uncontrollably.

Start out by cleaning your bathroom,” – My intuition jump into my thought.

“What is the connection?” – I asked.

“Just do it,” – My intuition replied and left me deep into my thought.

I picked up the broom and start cleaning the dirt in my bathroom. It was nasty. As I started up to clean the toilet bowl using the sponge, I felt disgusted and ashamed of myself for torturing me for many years. As I continued cleaning, I didn’t realize that I invested two hours of my time on completing the task on my hand.

I didn’t think about how painful I was. – Instead, I focus on getting things accomplished.

Then, I started cleaning my bedroom, kitchen, living room, the second bedroom, balcony, and car. Also, I threw away some of my clothes that were no longer wearable, donated by jeans, as well as packed away my winter clothes. – By night time, I had an organized house.

The next day, I started my day by doing a 15-minute of breathing exercise. It is an exercise that allows me to have a peace of mind. I used this breathing exercise as a way to stop time. – It does. In fact, as I make it my habit even up to today’s to do a breathing exercise every morning before I fire up my laptop. It became the reason why I was able to 10x everything I do.

By the end of day 7, I completed a lot of tasks. – I cleaned my house. I brainstormed my six-figure per year business venture. I signed up for kickboxing lessons, slept at 11 PM and woke up at 5 AM, ate very clean and had 7 pm no food policy, etc.

As I felt that I was on a roll, my father called me. – I picked up the phone. All hell broke loose. However, my intuition suddenly jumps into my thought.

“Tell your dad that you are about to go to a business meeting,” – My intuition asked me to do.

“But, that’s a lie,” – I replied.

“Save yourself first,” – My intuition reminded me.

“Dad, I got to go now. I have a meeting in 2 minutes,” – I told my dad.

After I hang up the phone, I felt miserable.

“Start working on your project,” – My intuition reminded me.

“I can’t. I am really angry about what my father told me,” – I replied as I tried to control my emotion.

“Do your breathing exercise,” – My intuition asked me.

After 15-minutes of the breathing exercise, I started to feel calm. I wrote a note and said, “Every time my dad called me a loser, I would postpone calling him for 24 hours”.

“Okay, I will wait 12 days to call him back,” – I grumbled to myself.

“He called you loser 12 times in five minutes,” – My intuition asked me.

“Yeah,” – I replied.

At the end of the second week, I’ve completely reorganized my business. – I had a very serious conversation with my former partners and employees. Some of them agreed with my plan. Most of them didn’t. I had no choice but to let go all my partners.

Sure, it was a very painful decision, but I got to do what I had to do. In fact, it got me into depression in which I couldn’t sleep for many nights thinking whether I made very cruel decisions to let go of my partnerships and one key employee.

I asked several friends. – All of them told me I was cruel. However, one friend from Massachusetts told me that I got to take care of myself to get out from the mud. As I tried to tell my former partners I was wrong with the decision; my intuition jumps into my thought.

Do you want to be happy and misunderstood?” or “Do you want to be right and miserable?” – My intuition asked.

“What do you mean?” – I asked with a lot of confusion.

“People love free meals. You work hard. They received the benefits. Isn’t it what you experienced in the past?” – My intuition asked.

“Yeah, but I feel bad,” – I replied.

“Most people are kind to people who are unkind to them. Unfortunately, many of them take advantages of people who are kind to them. Your job is to reward those people who are kind to you,” – My intuition reminded me.

How can I reward those people who are kind to me?” – I asked.

“It is in your hand,” – My intuition replied.

At that moment, I list down all those people who I wronged. I called them, emailed them, and utilized social media to ask for forgiveness. Some of them thought I was joking. Some told me that they forgave me. Some told me never to contact them anymore.

As I received forgiveness from several friends, I lend my hand to helping them with their businesses. I didn’t expect anything in return, but 99% of them tried to return the favor. – When I kept saying “no” to their favors, one of my closest friends got very upset.

“Henry, I am a giver just like you. You need to let me give back to you,” – Mr. Apple told me.

“But, I just did out of the kindness of what you’ve done for me in the past,” – I replied with a smile.

“Dude, I want to help you because I want to help myself,” – Mr. Apple insisted.

“What do you mean?” – I asked as I got confused.

“Giving and receiving are the energy that flows to each one of us. When you give me something more than I anticipated it to be, I must find a way to return you the favors. Otherwise, I won’t dare to contact you anymore as the energy inside me will start to resist yours,” – Mr. Apple replied.

“I understand, and I will accept your gift,” – I replied with a smile.

Mr. Apple decided to introduce me to his friends. To my surprise, all of them are givers who were just like Mr. Apple. As I keep giving to people around me, I keep receiving more and more gifts my way. – Some friends decided to promote my products. One friend helped me with my copywriting. Another friend helped me with my product.

Within one year, my business went up by more than four times.

As I thought that things were on the rise, my ex-girlfriend decided to ditch me. Though I knew in the back of my mind my ex-girlfriend was cheating on me; I didn’t call my ex-girlfriend out. Instead, I agreed with my ex-girlfriend decision on leaving me. As painful as it was, I decided to swallow my pride and cried alone.

“Why did you decide to let her go?” – My intuition asked.

“I know she is cheating on me. She changed her phone password. Instead of taking me to the optometrist, she insisted that we went to shoe shopping. Plus, when I confronted her, instead of feeling guilty, she threatened to leave me. She is not the person I want to have in my life. If I die, she would be there to collect my will,” I replied with certainty.

As I was in the extreme grieving period, I asked myself to focus on my health and business. – I got phone calls from some relatives that told me I was an ass*^&% for letting her go. My ex-girlfriend’ friends told me that she was better off without me. I didn’t care. I moved forward with my life.

As I continue living a limitless life, my life changed from worse and almost committed suicides to living a life full of joy and laughter.
It was the reason why when I had a brain tumor the size of the golf ball, I had no fear or even regret. I knew for the fact that I live my life every single day as if it was my last. – I know for the fact that the end would come sooner or later. If the tumor took my life, I would accept it as it was.

As I survived the brain tumor, I told myself to never let anyone to demeaning me. When takers try to take me for a ride, I will distance myself from them. I will not harm them. I will not talk about it. I will simply focus on being the best version of me the rest of my life.

The question is, “Are you ready to become the best version of you from today’s forward?

If you are, I encourage you to download my free e-book, “The Limitless Mindset” at It will show you how to unleash your power to fulfill your duty & mission in life.

Limitless For Life,

Henry Gold
Author, Speaker, Limitless Potential Expert, Entrepreneur

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