Decide to be a Warrior Today With Natalie Ledwell

Want to learn how to be a warrior today? — Natalie Ledwell is a bestselling author, host of The Inspiration Show, co-host of the cable TV show WAKE UP, and founder of Mind Movies, the hugely successful and revolutionary online Personal Development company that has reached over 5.8 million people worldwide. Right now, she is working on her brand new groundbreaking school curriculum entitled, “Personal Growth Studies”, which is designed to teach youth from ages 5-18 years foundational life lessons like Gratitude, Meditation, Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, Compassion, Self Esteem and setting strong Personal Standards just to name a few. This curriculum gives our next generation the tools, and habits to empower them for the rest of their lives. 

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Tips Mentioned:
Success Quotes
  • “I bite off more than I can chew then chew like hell.”    Natalie Ledwell [Click to tweet!]
  • “If I take action and start moving forward, I don’t need to know the plan.  All I need to know is the next step.” Natalie Ledwell  
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  • “As I keep moving forward, I know that what I am focused on is going to show up as a reality for me.”  Natalie Ledwell  [Click to tweet!]
  • “If you are clear about where you want to end up and you want to create wealth, It’s not like you are focusing on a pile of money.  You are focusing on what the money means to you.” Natalie Ledwell [Click to tweet!]
  • “When making decisions about opportunities, take a moment and see how you FEEL about it; that often will guide you to the right decision.” Natalie Ledwell  [Click to tweet!]
  • “Our emotions are a frequency that we send out into the universe.”   Natalie Ledwell [Click to tweet!]
  • “If we are feeling high-frequency emotions most of the time, we will be attracting a lot of opportunities.”    Natalie Ledwell [Click to tweet!]
  • “It is important to surround yourself with people who have the knowledge of where you want to go.”   Natalie Ledwell [Click to tweet!]
  • “The more clear and more vivid you are about where it is you want to end up  the faster you get yourself there.” Natalie Ledwell  [Click to tweet!]
  • “If your colleagues are not challenging you, you need to find some who do.”   Natalie Ledwell [Click to tweet!]
  • “The last step of the manifestation process is surrender, not knowing how it will show up, not knowing what it will look like when it does, but surrendering to the fact that everything is happening the way that it is supposed to.”   Natalie Ledwell  [Click to tweet!]
  • “If I don’t understand a situation, I ask, ’What am I supposed to learn from this?’”   Natalie Ledwell  [Click to tweet!]
  • “Even though it is tough right now it is definitely going to be all OK.”  Natalie Ledwell  [Click to tweet!]
Setbacks & Failure
  • Natalie and her husband were struggling financially. They owned 4 businesses working very hard and were still struggling to pay their bills. While in debt for more than 100k in credit card bills; they dropped everything and flew to the US. to go to a seminar and learn how to make money online.
  • The first day Natalie launched her product, her email list grew to 80,000 members and her email auto-responder shut down.
  • After making 100k in the first hour of her launch the credit card company processing the transactions held the 100k for 6 months after Natalie had just made it.
Limitless Moment
  • Natalie decided to go to a seminar and spent 6 months working 10 hours a day to learn everything about the online world.
  • At the launch of her product, she made over 100k in the first hour. Because of her determination and strong internal muscles, she was able to survive.
Her Current Limitless Journey
  • After hearing a moving story of a young child taking her own life, Natalie decided to make a change and impact children in a positive way and change a generation for the better.
  • Natalie encourages others that at the end of the day, everything happens the way it is supposed to, and for and that every difficulty is here to teach us something.
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