Overcome Obstacles Like a Champion With Forbes Riley

Want to learn how to tap into your stress-free life? — Forbes Riley is an award-winning TV host, spokesperson, celebrity fitness and lifestyle expert, professional coach, keynote speaker, actress, and author. Named by the press as the 2 billion dollar host; Forbes Riley is one of the most recognized TV hosts and infomercial presenters of our time. She appeared on dozens of TV series from ESPN’s X-Games, Animal Planet, AC-Family, Discovery to hosting her own TV series, Forbes Living – “a talk show version of Shark Tank”.   Forbes has also been added to the fitness hall of fame and has made it her mission to guide, motivate and inspire people– especially other busy moms — to lose weight and improve their fitness with simple, practical exercise and diet solutions. “One her mottos is health, wealth and happiness – being fit is the foundation, being financially sound is paramount but finding the balance is the highest goal.”

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Tips Mentioned:
Success Quotes
  • “You are the sum of the obstacles you overcome.”   Forbes Riley
  • “Every day, life happens for you not to you.”  Forbes Riley
  • “If you have all your arms and legs and you are not living your dream, shame on you.”  Forbes Riley
  • “How we overcame those things made me who I am.”  Forbes Riley
  • “People can’t change their skin color, I couldn’t change my eye color.”  Forbes Riley
  • “You will go through obstacles.”   Forbes Riley
  • “In unbelief, I asked the professor why he chose me.  His answer was not about how I looked but who I really was.  He was legally blind.” Forbes Riley
  • “You must believe in yourself and find a mentor who will believe in you.”   Forbes Riley
  • “Life is not all about you. True happiness is not about you but putting a smile on someone’s face.”     Forbes Riley
  • “I have this ability to look at peoples’ hearts and uncover some of the things that they are scared to ask for, that they wish they had, that they don’t even know is possible and uncover some of the blocks that keep them from achieving their wildest dreams.”    Forbes Riley
  • “You get what you tolerate.”  Forbes Riley
Setbacks & Failure
  • “Throughout my high school years, we had no money since my father had a serious injury.”  Forbes Riley
  • “I created a fitness product, investing mortgage money, my kids’ education.  One day a couple of years ago, U.S. Customs seized all my inventory and wanted to send it back. Then they told me I did not own the trademark for the little mark on the DVD and wanted to throw it all out.” Forbes Riley
  • “It took 6 days for 12 people to blackout that little mark out 44,000 times and saved my company.”  Forbes Riley
  • “In my youth, I decided I wanted to be an actress. All through high school, I tried out for plays and was always selected for a minor role or the choir.”  Forbes Riley
Limitless Moment
  • Forbes, while overweight, wanted to be an actress. In her senior year of high school was selected for the lead in the Shakespeare play; when Forbes asked why she was selected to play the lead role she was told that it is more about heart than looks.
  • Shortly thereafter Forbes left home and moved to Manhatten NYC to follow her dream of becoming an actress.
Her Current Limitless Journey
  • Forbes is on a mission to share and inspire people to live their dreams. She has revolutionized the fitness industry with her spin gym; allowing anyone to improve the quality of their life.
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