"The Limitless Life 30-Day Transformational Blueprint 1.0"

The 30-Day Transformational Blueprint 1.0 consists of a 30-day step-by-step video guide on what you need to do to remove all invisible chains that have been holding you back to get what you want in life. Each day, you will receive a video instruction, checklist, and a 17-minute action guide for the next 30 days where it will guide you through the discovery of your limitless self.

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"The Limitless Hero Journey Instant Spotlight 1.0"

Instant Spotlight 1.0 allows you to co-authored a book with other limitless heroes. Besides, you will instantly receive a columnist status, a signed edition of my pre-release book, a massive promotion on your co-author book on Amazon, Kindle, and social networking sites. In addition, you'll also receive two tickets to Henry Gold's LIVE event in Las Vegas, one-day mastermind with Henry Gold in New York, a stage time to talk about your business, a picture with Henry Gold, a signing book event for your co-author books, and 100+ promotion materials on your book launch.

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