Quality vs. Quantity

In the past few weeks, some readers emailed me with a similar question. And, if I were to summarize it, it will be, “Should I focus on quantity over quality?” The truth is, “It is depending on what you are trying to achieve.”

Back in 2003, when I was still in Boston, I had a luncheon buffet in a Korean restaurant. The owner looked very grumpy. The waitress told us not to eat the tofu soup as it was there for over a week. Though the price was relatively low, which was $7.95 per person, four of us were full but unhappy with the foods. The buffet has a lot of dishes, but the taste was less than average. So, we decided not to go back to the restaurant.

Fast forward, a few days before I decided to lose weight [Watch my video on my fitness journey], I went to a buffet restaurant. The price of each person was $36 per person. – It was 4 ½ TIMES more expensive than the restaurant in Boston. My wife and I had to wait for a little over 20 minutes. However, we didn’t mind at all as we knew we would have a nice meal in the end. Also, as we waited, I started drooling.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, here are a few questions you need to ask yourself:

#1 — Why are you in business? – Sure, we want to make money. However, if the purpose of our business is to make money alone, we will not be able to build a long-term business where we will continuously attract people come back to our company for a very long time.

Example #1:

Recently, there was a restaurant opened in Queens, New York. I decided to take my parents-in-law and my wife for a great dinner since I heard the HYPE that the restaurant had the best meal in town.

So, I ordered all of the best dishes. When the fish fillet came out, it was less than two slices. I immediately asked the waitress.
“How much does the fish fillet cost?” – I asked as I got curious.

“$17.95,” – The waitress replied.

“Wait, I paid $17.95 for two slices of fish fillet which didn’t even taste great either,” – I replied as I got distraught.

After the dinner, I overheard some customers complaint and said that they would never return to the restaurant again in the future. Within a few months, the restaurant shut its door for good.

Example #2:
I went to another restaurant in Queens in my parents-in-law. For one dish, I paid $17.95. When the food came out, I was surprised. The quantity of the meal was huge. Also, it was super delicious. We spent roughly about $100 for four people. Yet, we couldn’t even finish the whole meals.

Since that time, our choice was obvious in term of which restaurants we would visit every time we decided to go out to eat. – It would be restaurant A, B, or C out of 200+ restaurants in the area.

My point is, “Focus on quality products. And you’ll be surprised that the money will keep flowing to your bank account.

#2 — What legacy do you want to give on each client you serve? – When I was in my first deathbed, I told myself that I have given my all. I had no regrets about those things that I didn’t do, but I wish to do.

It was also the reason why before I headed to the operating room, I gave my all on all those secrets I used to run a high six-figure per year business with the IM Farewell package. It was also the reason why before I had to the operating room, I was smiling and all.

To my team members – I prepared a two-month salary just in case I didn’t make it. I told my fiancée then to give each team member news whether I would survive or not.

To all my marketing friends – I called over 100+ closest alliances to say “Thank You” for what they have done for my business. Also, I messaged, texted, and emailed some friends in person as well.

To all my relatives and family members – I called them on the phone to say “Thank You.” I didn’t talk about what I am going to do in case if I died. Instead, I focus on giving them lasting impressions.

To my coaching clients – I called each one of them on the phone to tell them that my VP would take care of their businesses. I wanted them to move through with their dreams and lived a limitless life.

To my IM farewell packages customers – I gave them the best products I could ever find that cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars. Also, it took me decades of struggles and tears to make it available to them. And, a few days before the surgery, I have even given them LIVE masterclass sessions for seven straight days also thought I was physically unwell. Why is that? One word: LOVE.

My point is, “The more you focus on quality, the more you will have customers keep coming back for more from your business.” The restaurant A, B, and C in Queens didn’t have to ask me and many of their patronage to come back through e-newsletters or massive advertisings. — I will keep coming back for more as long as it doesn’t sacrifice the quality of the products and services the restaurant provides.

On top of that, people will start telling others to head to your business as they are confident that your business will treat their friends and family the way you treat them. – It is what we refer as word of mouth advertising for your business.

Sure, it will be more challenging to compete with those people who created a big hype or buzz all over the Internet with low-quality products. In reality, they are burning their bridges. In fact, a few marketing friends came to me for advice. They told me that I was right when I gave them a public warning inside the secret group.

  • They didn’t listen to my advice.
  • A few of them made fun of my public warning inside our inner circle.
  • One marketer told me I was too old to give them any advice.

Yet, 8 out of 10 people who poked fun of me closed down their online businesses one year after I talked about it in the FB Group. One of them asked me to help them with their companies in which he was able to secure an extra $21,000 for his business.

My point is, “Focus on quality products. It might be painful and miserable in the beginning stage. However, when people recognize you will always give them quality products, you will NEVER run out of sales for your business.

The question you need to ask yourself is, “Why are you in business?”

Regardless, I strongly recommend you to download my new e-book, “The Limitless Mindset” for free at http://thelimitlessmindset.com. It will show you how to unleash your power to fulfill your duty & mission in life.

Limitless For Life,

Henry Gold
Author, Speaker, Limitless Potential Expert, Entrepreneur

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