Rewire Your Mind for Success Like a Champion With Sylwia M-Burchart

Want to learn how to rewire your mind for success? — Sylwia is a qualified Transformational and Mindset Coach with an Advanced Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring. She is also an NLP Practitioner.  Sylwia works with people to rewire their mindset for success and helps them to establish goals and to create their own unique plan to accomplish an outcome that they really want. Clients will improve Time Management and eventually they will more effectively use the time to complete all daily tasks.

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Tips Mentioned:
Success Quotes
  • “Well done is better than well said.” Benjamin Franklin
  • “I chose the coaching because my passion is helping other people.” Sylwia M-Burchart
  • “Accept compliments and realize you deserve them” Sylwia M-Burchart
  • “I am an early riser, and then I have more time to focus on my business.”  Sylwia M-Burchart
  • “Meditation and reading are part of my morning ritual.”  Sylwia M-Burchart
  • “Just reading or listening to a book doesn’t help. You need to implement it into your life.” Sylwia M-Burchart
  • “Study personal development earlier, especially mindset.” Sylwia M-Burchart
  • “I don’t want to change my life, life changed me.” Sylwia M-Burchart
Setbacks & Failure
  • With a full-time job, Sylwia was under a lot of stress and anxiety, and even depression because the company required her to give up her passion of coaching.
  • “Low self esteem and lack of belief were the biggest things I had to overcome.”  Sylwia M-Burchart
Limitless Moment
  • “My journey into personal development helped me overcome these things [talking about low self-esteem] .” Sylwia M-Burchart
  • “The really big turnaround came when I found NLP and the Law of Attraction.” Sylwia M-Burchart
Her Current Limitless Journey
  • “My next project is an online video course.”   Sylwia M-Burchart
Book Recommendation
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