Tap Into Virtual Communities With Viktor Grant

Want to learn how to tap into virtual communities? — With over 30 years of experience, Viktor Grant is a disruptor and social innovator.  He is a recognized expert in the creation and maintenance of virtual communities.  He is also responsible for pioneering multiple technologies in the computer industry and on the Web. His expertise includes pioneering the use of social networking, multiuser roundtable chats, artificial intelligence-based e-commerce systems, viral marketing services, among others.  Viktor is an advocate for positive change. He is also a piano composer mixing classical solo piano, relaxation music, with jazz improv.

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Tips Mentioned:
Success Quotes
  • “Always be blogging”  Viktor Grant [Click to tweet!]
  • “Your words have this resonate ripple effect”  Viktor Grant [Click to tweet!]
  • “We have gone so far into the digital realm that people just want to connect mono e mono”  Viktor Grant [Click to tweet!]
  • “People make decisions based on the information they receive from social media” Viktor Grant [Click to tweet!]
  • “You never need more than 6 connections” Viktor Grant [Click to tweet!]
  • “It is better to sell on a trusted brand like amazon than to try to have your own website and collect credit cards over it” Viktor Grant
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  • “The buying process has shifted away from the online space into the physical space.” Viktor Grant [Click to tweet!]
  • “It is really tough to get 2,000 people focused today because we are so distracted.”  Viktor Grant [Click to tweet!]
  • “People love junk food.”  Viktor Grant  [Click to tweet!]
  • “If you can’t rank your website … then you need some tweaking to do”  Viktor Grant [Click to tweet!]
  • “The evolution of the internet ironically is going to be retro.”  Viktor Grant [Click to tweet!]
  • “As human beings, it is all about events.”  Viktor Grant  [Click to tweet!]
  • “Freely giving your knowledge and freely giving your information and not seeking to protect anything.”  Viktor Grant  [Click to tweet!]
  • “The more you can freely give of yourself the more powerful you are going to be.”  Viktor Grant [Click to tweet!]
  • “Synergy can be engineered but it has to be done through cooperation.” Viktor Grant [Click to tweet!]
  • “Go where you are invited.”  Viktor Grant [Click to tweet!]

Setbacks & Failure
  • Viktor found early on that it isn’t easy to be found or heard in the online world. He tried to automate plans and ideas in a bulk manner. This was not well received by everyone affected by his ideas to bulk automate making it easier for him to get his message out to many people at one time.
Limitless Moment
  • When Viktor read the book “Net Gain”, Viktor believed that he could do it. He believed that he too could help to expand markets through virtual communities.
His Current Limitless Journey
  • Viktor continues to share the mission of earthgrid. A better disruptive search engine that is more relevant and made to help the consumer find what they are looking for in a faster and easier way.
  • Viktor encourages others to understand that words have a ripple effect and to understand that words matter.
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