Tap Into Your Inner Superman Like a Warrior With Jean Luc Marcil

Want to learn how to tap into your inner superman? — Jean-Luc Marcil is a coach, mentor, and trainer. He is also a businessman who has worked for more than thirty years in the manufacturing, retail distribution, and specialized marketing sectors. Jean-Luc sees himself first and foremost as a confidant for all those who wish to explore new avenues and perspectives so that they can access the full expression of their unique gifts and talents and thus enhance their personal and professional life experience.

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Tips Mentioned:
Success Quotes
  • “Our main responsibility is to maintain our high frequency and vibration level.”  Jean-Luc Marcil 
  • “This is where the magic happens.”  Jean-Luc Marcil 
  • “In that sense, cancer was a gift to me.”  Jean-Luc Marcil 
  • “It gave me an opportunity to explore something I didn’t know existed.”  Jean-Luc Marcil 
  • My meditation during this time reminded me that we are all connected.”  Jean-Luc Marcil 
  • “When you tell me a story, it affects me.”  Jean-Luc Marcil 
  • “Every time we coach people, we find something about ourselves.”  Jean-Luc Marcil 
  • “I live my life with the label of Harmony.”  Jean-Luc Marcil 
  • “I’m working on being more conscious of the concept that my life’s role is being harmony and helping others find their own energy.”   Jean-Luc Marcil 
  • “Be yourself.”  Jean-Luc Marcil 
  • “I wasn’t radical enough.”  Jean-Luc Marcil 
  • “Ideas that come from the heart not from the mind may sound radical, but they seem to serve me the best.”  Jean-Luc Marcil 
  • “Ho’oponopono  is all about cleaning as we go.”   Jean-Luc Marcil 
  • “When I catch myself with a negative thought I try to turn it around right away.”  Jean-Luc Marcil 
  • “A higher level of frequency starts with having a higher level of consciousness about myself.” Jean-Luc Marcil 
  • “I can step back and observe myself and change what I don’t like in myself.”   Jean-Luc Marcil 
  • “This is a daily practice.”  Jean-Luc Marcil 
  • “When things aren’t going well with us, it’s because of the memories that need to be cleaned.” Jean-Luc Marcil 
  • “There is much in your environment working for you. As you move forward with high energy, you will trigger that energy.” Jean-Luc Marcil 
Setbacks & Failure
  • Five years ago, Jean-Luc was diagnosed with bladder cancer.
Limitless Moment
  • “My real awakening came when I knew I had to be involved with the healing process but did not know where to start.”  Jean-Luc Marcil 
  • “After much research that resonated with my heart- not my brain- I had positive results in 6 to 8 weeks.”   Jean-Luc Marcil 
  • “That connection with my ‘inner self’ was my aha moment.”  Jean-Luc Marcil 
His Current Limitless Journey
  • Jean-Luc Marcil continues to coach and train others to make use of all their talents and skills. Jean-Luc seeks to enhance his client’s personal and life experience.
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