The Lessons from a Lady in Front of my ICU Bed

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The Limitless Life: Powerful Lessons in Personal Success

The Limitless Life: Powerful Lessons in Personal Success

This is an awakening moment for me. The reason why I said this is an awakening moment for me, if it weren’t because of this lady that I met in the ICU back when I had a brain tumor surgery, I probably wouldn’t realize that how much time I have left in this world. She was perhaps roughly about 58 or 59 years old, which is a little bit over two decades of my life, and at a time, I was under anesthesia, which is like a half awake and half asleep after the brain tumor surgery. And she would keep trying all the time for almost hours, which kind of bugged me because I was half awake. And there are some profound words that she told me. I asked, “why are you crying?” She said, “because I’m dying.” I said, “dying is part of living” And this is what she told me, she said, “I wasn’t afraid of dying. The reason I’m crying because I regret things that I didn’t do when I was still alive.”

When she told me those words, I heard it somehow, whenever I search on Google and any articles. But I never heard that when a person says those words in front of my face. She doesn’t want to die because she regrets what she didn’t do when she’s still alive. At the moment, I kept thinking that, what did I do when I was still alive? What did I do differently when I was alive? Except that I pass on a lot of my marketing techniques to many people to be me. It turns out that there are a lot of things that I didn’t do. I didn’t pass my strategy on living a limitless life. I didn’t give the process of being the best version of me. I didn’t pass on how I developed the skill of finding the girl of my dream. I didn’t share the strategy for overcoming the obstacles when my ex-girlfriend left me in the middle of my illness– because he left me when I was 90% blind on the left side of my eyes and 50% blind on the right side of my eyes while she was cheating with somebody else.

I didn’t have the time to do it. So after that moment, I told myself, why am I in this bed? What happened to me? I wanted to get her from the ICU room right away.

So that lesson itself kept hunting me daily when I had to stay in bed for six months recovering from the surgery because my hormone level was deficient and as good as a dean man. I had to sleep about 20 hours a day, for six months, to become normal again.

After I get up from the death bed, I only have two employees left. And I told them that I’m going to take this business to the next level.

Within two years, I’m working with eight employees, and we’re still going to hire another two sometime in the next couple of weeks. And then nine partners, which around 17 to 19 partners so far. And the things that I want to share with you are this, why waste the time we are bringing here on earth? Why waste it? Why not embrace it fully? Often, what the lady mentioned, some people taught me along the way in my career. They are people from 60 years old, 70 years old that they wished they could become somebody someday, sooner or later. But they didn’t become “somebody” because they were running out of time. They didn’t do what they were supposed to do when they are still alive.

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