Three Things Your Potential Customers Want From Your Business

After the brain tumor surgery, I have had many past customers contacted me via email on what they need to do to build their businesses. As I was in the process of recovery and were no longer active in the Internet marketing industry, I declined to answer their questions. However, things started to pile up where my support girl told me that they received emails after emails asking for guidance.

As I really want to see each reader be successful, I will share with you three principles you must remember to get clients for life.

Principle #1: What is in it for your customers? (WIIIFM)

Your potential customers want what you have and NOT what you think they should have. It means that when you network with top influencers in your industry, they want to know HOW they can get in touch with top influencers as you do. What does this tell you?

As one of the top copywriters who has written for many high six-figure launches, I learned the secrets to write a compelling sales copy. – What is it?

  1. If you give people what they want, they will buy it.
  2. If you give people what they need, they may buy it.
  3. If you give people what you think they need, they will not buy it.

In other words, when you recommend products and services to your potential clients, you have to ask yourself IF the offer is the ONE you will invest to solve the problems or challenges in ONE area of your life.

Example #1: If you are in the weight loss industry, you need to ask yourself if the product that you recommend will help your audience to solve the problems once and for all.

Example #2: If you are in the dating niche, you need to ask yourself if the product you recommend will help your audience solve their problems once and for all.

Example #3: If you are a peak performance coach, you need to ask yourself if the product you recommend to your audience will help them become mentally tough once and for all.

If the answer is a firm “NO,” do not recommend the products and services. Seriously, screw the trip wire mindset or a $7 product. Instead, focus your effort on giving your customers everything they need to solve their problems once and for all. – Why is this important?

Well, when a potential client asks you what your product will do for him or her, you must be able to say proudly, “My product will solve your problem on ______   _______.” In other words, you, as the business owner have to stand behind your product 100%. – It is not just about being confident. It is all about staying true to the value you have set.

Principle #2: Overpromise and over delivery.

In the past, I would definitely want you to under promise to your potential customers and over deliver to them. However, the world has changed. With the social networking sites dominate the entire industry, there are many “noises” from those so-called gurus. – Many of them have no clue what they are doing. Yet, they claimed that their products are the best of the best.

This is the reason WHY the era of under promise should come to pass. It also means that you MUST be willing to risk your face, stand up in front of the crowd, and be ready to FIGHT head to toe with your competitors on WHAT you are going to give to your customers.

Then, you MUST over deliver what you promise. – And, no. You don’t compete with others in term of pricing. Instead, you compete with others in term of how and when your customers’ problems will be solved as soon as they purchase your products and services.

In other words, you will need to hear, “I don’t need any other products out there as I have Henry’s program that has already solved all the challenges I faced.

Principle #3: Qualities will always win quantities in the long-run.

In the past few months, I have had many marketing friends asked me to help them with their businesses. One of them, Mr. Apple messaged me on Facebook. He told me that he needed to get customers for his high-ticket coaching program. – I showed him the way.

Within a few days, he attracted $18,000. Plus, he has also had one client who would give him another $12,000. It gave him a total of $30,000 with my little advice. However, Mr. Apple asked me to show him how he could attract another $100,000, I declined on showing it to him.

Why is that, Henry?

I felt that he focused way too much on getting as much money as possible to his business instead of investing in providing value to his clients. So, I told him that before I can help him further, he needed to serve his clients first. Otherwise, I won’t show him how to increase his bottom line profit also. On the surface, it sounded cruel. In reality, I care about Mr. Apple’s success more than he realized. Why?

If Mr. Apple invests his time, money, and energy on serving the existing clients who have given him $30,000, chances are people will provide him with more businesses than he can even handle. However, if he keeps digging for more sales before Mr. Apple delivers the service he promised to his existing clients, sooner or later, Mr. Apple will start to compromise the quality he pledged before the transaction took place.

My point is, “Focus on investing your time, energy, and money on improving the qualities you provide to each client you serve. This is how you are able to receive word of mouth advertising for your business.”

The question you need to ask yourself is, “Do you know what your customers truly want from your business?”

Regardless, I strongly recommend you to download my new e-book, “The Limitless Mindset” for free at It will show you how to unleash your power to fulfill your duty & mission in life.

Limitless For Life,

Henry Gold
Author, Speaker, Limitless Potential Expert, Entrepreneur


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