Use Your Mind to Create Your Limitless Life With Katie Godden

Want to learn to use your mind to create your limitless life? — Katie Godden is a wife, mother, public speaker, qualified NLP Trainer, and Master Hypnotherapist. Katie uses trusted procedures and steps to change her life and impact her business. She is now sharing these skills with people so that they too can spend more time and energy focusing on the things that matter. She is about using practical and effective tools to challenge patterns of thought to change the way people do life and business. The scientifically proven methods Katie uses, paired with her ability to challenge people’s thinking, help her clients change their patterns and habits and turn their desires into reality. Katie enjoys guiding, supporting and challenging people’s thinking while sorting solutions to problems so that they can be more productive, have more time and more freedom in business and life. She truly believes that with a strong mind you can achieve great things!

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Tips Mentioned:
Success Quotes
  • “Every step counts.” Katie Godden
  • “It was up to me to figure out how I was going to get myself out of that state of mind that had been controlling me.” Katie Godden
  • “You are never ready, just do it.” Katie Godden 
  • “Remaining curious about everything.” Katie Godden 
  • “Failure is the fertilizer for growth.” Denise Dufield-Thomas
  • “What is the lesson I can learn from this? Katie Godden
Setbacks & Failure
  • “My view of the world was my biggest challenge. Katie Godden 
  • ‘I am a type 1 diabetic, a teacher, a business owner, and a mom.” Katie Godden 
  • “I looked at the world from inside this box I had put myself in…from this viewpoint, everything radiated toward me.” Katie Godden 
  • “My second son was born, and he was very, very sick…five years later, I was still having flashbacks and blaming everybody for the chaos that had caused in my life.” Katie Godden
Limitless Moment
  • “One day when I totally exploded at my son for something rather small, I realized I was out of control and had to make a change.” Katie Godden
  • “I was in a personal development class where I heard speakers talking about American soldiers dealing with flashbacks. At that moment I realized that also was me….I used all of the lessons and tools I gained from that class, to get me out of the hole I was in and used to get control of myself and my emotions.” Katie Godden
  • “I began viewing myself as in a bubble instead of a box…from this position, everything radiated out…this change in view changed everything and I began to see myself without limits.” Katie Godden 
Her Current Limitless Journey

  • “I am creating training that can be used to help others take control of their lives.” Katie Godden 
  • “When we take ownership of what we are doing, we can create change in our lives.” Katie Godden
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