Walking Dead vs. Limitless Life

Are you blaming all the misfortunes you are facing on others?

Would you prefer to be the walking dead or having a limitless life?

Are you indeed grateful for your life daily?

GET THE BOOK “The Limitless Life: Powerful Lessons in Personal Success

The Limitless Life: Powerful Lessons in Personal Success

The Limitless Life: Powerful Lessons in Personal Success

Let’s talk about walking dead and having a limitless life.

I received a Skype message from a friend. So the thing he asked me, “Hey, Henry, have you ever feel bored before in your life, and how is it possible that someone can easily get bored?” I told him, “the reason someone feels bored because they are just a walking dead.” When I say walking dead, it means that this person has no purpose. And if you look at so many people on the street, you’ll see people walk like zombies. Their day is just lonely and boring. It feels like just another ordinary day.

When I’m working with my godfather, every day was never a dull moment for him. He said this one thing that reminds me all the time, and he said, “Henry, every time I go to sleep, I always say thank you to the universe for giving me another day– for giving me a chance to be better than before.” And when he wakes up, he thanks the universe for giving him time to enjoy his life. When I ask him, “what do you mean by enjoying your life?” I mean, you work like hell every single day?

At the end of the day, life is a gift. How many people, after they passed away, can do the things that they want? Yet me, I’m still able to walk. I can always do my best daily. Then why not enjoy life?

When I listened to him, I decided to write a book even though it was challenging. So when I started to write a book, my mind changed. Everything changed. I’m no longer have that kind of fear of thinking that life is boring. And when I published my book, I don’t care if someone will read the book or not.

If you look at their life, some people keep working and do nothing. For instance, you are just complaining to your bosses. When your supervisor says things about you, you must first think about changing yourself to become better. How can you be better than yesterday? So, it would be best if you weren’t blaming it on your supervisor or your boss.

Moreover, you should ask yourself, how can I improve myself? What can I do differently? Because time doesn’t wait for you.

This is a thing that you have to understand; working like dead means you’re letting the day go, but having a limitless life is doing your best every moment to get things done.

Why am I doing all these videos and newsletters for you? I could just spend time with my wife instead. I do this because I care.

My mission is clear; it’s all about inspiring people to live a limitless life through my action. I use my effort to show it to you. So this is the key. I mean, you can spend your time thinking about how life sucks and all this stuff. At the end of the day, you’re just going to be like the walking dead all the time, or you can live a limitless life starting now.

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Stay limitless, forever.

Henry Gold
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