What do you Want?

Do you know what you want?

Are you still lost in the translation of your life’s purpose?

Are you willing to change your perspective and lead by example?

GET THE BOOK “The Limitless Life: Powerful Lessons in Personal Success

The Limitless Life: Powerful Lessons in Personal Success

The Limitless Life: Powerful Lessons in Personal Success

The question you need to ask yourself is, what do you want? I’m not talking about other people. I’m referring to you. When I talk about this topic, many people start to bring remarks like, “if he goes that way, I’m going to go on my way.” People won’t act like this if other people act differently.

There’s this what I call the art of blaming or the art of selfishness. When I talk about being selfish, this doesn’t mean you are greedy about money or taking out any certain things. Instead, this means that you want everything to go your own way. So, when you insist on having things go your way without considering others, that is what I refer to as selfishness.

This will contradict a lot of the things you’ve known in the past. Selfishness is when you want things to be specific in line with your ideas where other people have different plans, you kept insisting it has to be your way or no way.

We are here not because of trying to make our self feel good. But we are here is because we want to pass on our legacy and inspire other people based on what we do. So the question that you need to ask yourself is, what do you want from yourself? Not from another person because they cannot fulfill you. Remember, everyone has their mission, including yourself. My mission is different from yours.

Another question is, what is your expectation from yourself? Because when you expect 100% from you and 0% from other people, that’s the start of being limitless. Thus, you don’t have any expectations from other people. You can set your 100% expectation on what you can do starting today. When you understand this concept, you’re going to ask yourself daily about the things you want. You don’t talk about changing other people because people will not listen to you if you are not changing yourself.

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