What to Do When You’re Broke

It is the ONE single I used to ask myself every single day for the first 15 years of my career. In fact, at one point, I felt that my business was about to collapse in which I could sense that if nothing changed, I would probably have to lay off everyone in less than three months.

                                       I cried for weeks. — I did. 

It was excruciating in which I didn’t have anyone who would listen to my plea. — Well, my ex-was too busy shopping for clothes on Amazon. — I was too proud to get a mentor too. Why? Well, I had been doing it for more than 15 years. I felt that if people knew I was utterly broke, many of them would poke fun at me and even exposed me to the public.

However, as I let go of my ego, everything changed from worse to the best thing in my life. — Well, I relied on this secret. What is the secret?

ANSWER: I Make Everyday Successful.

You see

There is a quote from Bill Gates, Microsoft Co-founder. He said that before you caton change the world, starts out from cleaning your bed first.When I looked around me, my house was dirty. The carpet was full of stained and dust. My bathroom was full of fungus. My kitchen was full of mold. — It was super messy.
Worse, I had severe pain from my neck to a small brain for 1 1/2 hours each day in which I had to lay down on the couch. — It happened for more than three years.

“Neither did I realize that it was the beginning of my brain tumor.”

So, what did I do differently?

I started to clean up my house. I threw away all the spoiled foods from the fridge. I let fresh air came to my house every morning. I made my workstation clean at all time. I also made my bed daily. I started to lose my weight. I went to exercise in the morning.

Of course, it didn’t change the fact that I was barely survived in my business, but it did make a difference in my attitude towards life. Instead of complaining how things were terrible, I reaffirmed to myself how my place looked awesome to compare. That’s for me was already a big success.

It was because of this character; something else shifts within me. — What is it?

ANSWER: My self-confidence rises.

I started to behave more friendly toward customers, partners, and team members. I become more tolerant for building my internal muscles instead of looking at every challenge as if the world is ending type of feeling.

A few Months later..

“I Earned $100,000 in 12 Weeks.”

It does boost my confidence level to the max, but my attitude remained the same. — That’s the moment that I realized that money would come to you ONLY when you make everyday successful. — It is.

Think about this: There is a massive difference between someone who has four-pack abs and someone who felt that they have four-pack abs.

Yesterday, I asked one of my team members, Mr. A who has never had four-pack abs his entire life on what he think someone needed to do to get four-pack abs.

“Henry, they need to lose weight and do a daily exercise.” — Mr. A replied with confidence.

“What do you think someone will feel when they have four-pack abs?” – I asked Mr. A.

“I think they will feel great about themselves and feel more confident.” — He replied as if he knew how it felt.

“Well, it is more than that.” — I replied as I had four-pack abs.

You see, when someone has four-pack abs, he could feel every part of his body. It means that when he could feel his liver, kidney, heart, blood vessel, and much more. Function properly or not. He could also know whether part of his body needed repair.

“Why do I bring up this point?”

Everybody can say that I know how to clean up my closet or make my place clean IF I want to. —

No, they don’t. In fact, understanding and doing are two different things.

  • When you focus on “doing” something, the universe will reward you with more gifts. 
  • When you focus on thinking that you “know”something, you will never receive the gifts. Worse, the universe will take back every award it has given them to you. — Including your health and time.

What do you mean by that?

I abused my body. I drank five cups of coffee daily. I drank Red Bulls all the time. I was 238 lbs for a guy who is only 5 feet 7. I didn’t appreciate the gifts the universe has provided them to me. That’s how I had a brain tumor the size of a golf ball.

Fortunately, 3 1/2 years before the universe decide whether they would allow me to continue sharing my knowledge with others, I decided to make every day counts.– I made sure I took care of my health, finances, relationship, and life.

That’s exactly how I have more time to share my story with you. — As I have a second chance in life, I will keep doing whatever it takes to make every day count now and FOREVER.

The question is 

                   “What will you from now on with the time you have left?” 

Let us know by commenting below. We would love to hear your thoughts. 🙂 


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