When to Follow Your Intuition

I admit. I hated my intuition. Every single time my intuition told me to do something, I would try to do things MY WAY. — I ended up in the mud, feeling despair, and wasted my time and resources.

For many (many) years and even decades, I listened to my ego. When my intuition told me that this person is a great person, I would say that this person is somebody I could bully. I would do the opposite of WHATEVER my intuition asked me to do.

Four years ago, I decided to give in to my intuition. It also means that whatever my guiding force asked me to do, I would merely follow just that. — Even if the decision was very drastic or required me to let go of certain individuals or specific projects.

“This girl is so hot. Should I make her my girlfriend?” — I asked my intuition.

“Is she in the description you wrote down on the type of girl you want to have in your life?” — My intuition asked.

“Well, a kind of. She is pretty much what I wanted except this, this, this, and that.” — I mentioned nervously.

“Let her go.” — My intuition demanded.

“But, she is hot.” — I pleaded for the word YES from my inner guidance.

“It is up to you.” — My intuition replied.

Instead of listening to what my intuition told me, I decided to ask her to go out with me again. Unfortunately, on the next few dates, my bills went up drastically.

A Starbucks visit could cost me $45 for two people. — Seriously, it is the cheapest place someone could go. A dinner in a decent restaurant for two could cost me $150. — Well, I went to that place before with another date. It only cost me $40 maximum. Lunch in a cheap restaurant could cost me $80. — I went to this lunch place before, but it just cost me $10.

She wouldn’t call me in the evening. She wouldn’t say thank you for what I have done for her. Instead, she would only call me when she wanted to go to a specific restaurant. — At one point, my eye pressure went up. I had temporary blindness where I had to stop my car in the middle of the road.

“Stop it, Henry!” — My intuition demanded.

“But, I like her.” — I replied sadly.

“Are you planning to kill yourself? She doesn’t love you. She is a gold digger.” — My intuition replied.

(I stayed silent)

“I asked you to take care of you first. You wasted your time to hang out with this narcissist woman. What for?” — My intuition said it firmly.

“Okay, I’ll cut off the contact.” — I replied to my intuition.

I ceased the contact right away. My date did call two weeks later. — I refused to hang out with the girl again. Later on, I realized that she was using men as a way to get free meals and much more. Since that time, I became a believer in my intuition. I followed it 100% as I realized that it is ONE with the universe.

The question is “How do you know if the one that you followed is your intuition or not?

TWO WORDS: It depends.

A lot of time, we may misunderstand whether the inner voice was your intuition or your emotional feelings. It is the reason why you have to practice this one SIMPLE mantra every single moment.

In the beginning, you will try to chant this mantra hourly or every time you need it. Right now, I chant this mantra two to three times per day. — What’s the mantra?

ANSWER: What should I do now?

When you ask this question repeatedly, you will hear a voice telling you what you need to do. In the beginning, the voice would be very soft especially if you have avoided it for a while. However, when you listen to it and follow the steps it asked you to do, the inner guidance will become louder and louder.

It will become part of you, and you will merge with it. This is when you will feel the heat sensation comes from your body. — That is how you will move forward faster and faster on everything you want to accomplish in life. It is also the secrets how many influential leaders attract people to them.

It is there. Many people can feel the higher power vibration coming from those individuals. However, you have to be there to feel that vibration. Otherwise, it will only be a myth to you. — REMEMBER: Knowing and having are two different things.

If you have four-pack abs and understanding how someone can have four-pack abs, those are two different things.”

You can’t say that I know how it feels to have four-pack abs. — No, you don’t. Unless you own four-pack abs, it isn’t your place to say how it felt. However, before you own it, you can only guess how it felt.

When I said that IF you merge yourself with your inner guidance, you will feel the heat sensation. The truth is “It will always be a myth to you unless you experience it yourself.” 

The questions are:  

  1. A) Do you follow your intuition?
  2. B) Do you follow your emotional feeling?

 Let us know by commenting below. We would love to hear your thoughts. 🙂 



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