Why I Decided to Quit My Job

You see, back when I was in a corporate job in one of the largest mutual fund companies in the world, I wasn’t pleased. – Sure, it looked very cool to dress up in the morning, wear the shirt, tie, and suit. In reality, I felt trap. – Of course, I could stay in the same company for the next 45 years of life. However, internally, I would feel very painful.

I didn’t want to be six feet under to think about those things that I didn’t do and wished to do. Well, it did happen to people in my neighborhood. After I decided to become an entrepreneur, I got to speak with many people in my community.

“Young man, I am proud of you,” – Mr. Apple told me.

“Okay? Is that mean that you will get my new home-study course?” – I asked innocently.

“No,” – Mr. Apple replied.

“So, why are you proud of me then?” – I asked as I hold on to my tear.

“You do something that I was afraid to do. I wish I had that mental toughness as you do,” – Mr. Apple replied.

As I walked out of Mr. Apple’s door, I got very upset about the fact that he didn’t sign up for the home-study course. However, the word “Mental Toughness” stuck with me for a very long time. – Instead of going home, I went to the bookstore and asked for the book that had to do with the word “Mental Toughness.” Well, there were no online bookstores then.

For hours, I skimp on many books on mental toughness. I didn’t know that the majority of the human being didn’t do what they supposed to do in life because of the word “FEAR.”

You see, when I quit my job, I had two different feelings:

  1. It felt deliberating. – I was able to schedule my day. I didn’t have a boss to control my timeline. I didn’t have to make my colleagues happy. I could be ME.
  2. I felt lost as I had no clue what I needed to do. – When I had a job, my boss would instruct me to do A, B, and C. Also, I have to complete the daily to-do-list before I can head off. After I quit the job, I became all alone with no direction and guidance. It frightened me.

Worse, on the first day after I quit, I felt lost. After one week, I had forgotten the idea of waking up in the morning. When I walked outside in the neighborhood, I had many people, mostly elderly and mom stared at me. As I was in Boston, Massachusetts where most people are college students, many of them would ask me about WHY I didn’t head to work.

A few months later, when my mother was in town, she tried to convince me that I made the wrong decision to quit my job. She told me that Internet thingy wouldn’t work. – She was right as back then, the only thing people know about the Internet was “AOL.” Besides, if you asked others to email you, they would laugh at you. – I didn’t laugh. I knew the Internet was the future. I worked hard on my dream.

I had to discipline myself to wake up earlier.
I had to discipline myself on accomplishing my goal on a daily basis.
I had to discipline myself on reading one book every single month.
I had to discipline myself on learning how to write an HTML code.
I had to learn how to depend on ME for the solution.

It was tough. It was a lot of tear contest. However, I did understand that it was the process I had to go through to reach peak performance in my life. – Yeah, it was excruciating like hell.

As I went through the pain, deep down inside, I knew I made the right decision on quitting my job. Otherwise, my life would be on auto-pilot. A few years later, I went out with a few friends from my college. I forced myself to say few words such as “Awesome,” “Good job,” “I am proud of you,” etc. – I couldn’t connect with them anymore.

“So, Henry, what did you do?” – Ms. Orange asked me.

“Oh, I am working on a new website. I needed to write an HTML code. Plus, it took a lot of…” – I replied.

“How was the food?” – Ms. Orange asked me as she tried to stop me from finishing my sentence.

“Great,” – I replied. Then, I stayed quiet.

*Ms. Orange continued her conversation by talking about her boss, her co-workers, etc.*

As she kept talking about how happy she was, Ms. Orange spoke about those people that she admired. Besides, she mentioned a few names in my field. – At that moment, I grumbled to myself.

“I want to be one of those experts that Ms. Orange mentioned,” – I talked to myself quietly.

“I know you will,” – My inner voice replied.

“Who are you?” – I asked as I got very curious.

“I am your other self,” – My inner voice replied. Later on, I realized that it was my intuition.

As I became curious about whom I talked with and how I was able to receive a real-time response, I stayed quiet for the rest of the evening. Instead of heading back home, I went to the bookstore. Unfortunately, it closed for the evening. As I became very curious, I started to have the conversation with my intuition.

“How can you answer me in a real-time?” – I asked my intuition.

“It is because I am you,” – My intuition replied.

“Do you think I made the right choice on quitting on my job?” – I asked as I got furious with Ms. Orange for cutting off my conversation.

“Yes, you do. However, you need to let go of the need to ask others for validation. Otherwise, you will face a lot of obstacles before you can arrive at where you want to be in life.” – My intuition advised me.

After I stopped listening to my intuition, my life went from average to worse in which instead of focusing on what I was supposed to do to live a limitless life, I spent many weeks got upset with Ms. Orange’s behavior. However, the experience with Ms. Orange allowed me to develop a new skill – a self-leadership skill.

And, it wasn’t without a cost. For a little over 15 years of my life, I failed to listen to my intuition. Instead of following the advice from my inner guide, I allowed my internal demon to take charge of my life. Also, I didn’t have a father figure or a real mentor to guide me out of my misery. – It was because of that reason. I failed miserably in which my relationship fell apart. My friends distanced themselves. My partnership ended up badly.

The question is, “Did I regret my decision on quitting my job?”

The answer is a firm “No.” In fact, if I stayed in the job, I wouldn’t have perfected so many different skills such as: Self-reliance, joint venture, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, leadership, copywriting, email marketing, blogging, systemization, etc. – Besides, I wouldn’t be able to travel to many different countries, met many awesome friends, and network with celebrities in many industries.

On top of that, I didn’t know I had so many weaknesses I had to improve. Even now, I am still working on improving my flaws. In fact, recently, I’ve also learned a new cooking recipe. – You can even say that I am a student for life.

Of course, everyone is in a different time zone. I can’t say that my way is a highway. I know for the fact that I don’t want to have any regrets about the things that I didn’t do when I am still able to. This way, at the end of life, I will say to myself that I don’t have any regrets in life.

The question you need to ask yourself is, Are you working on things that make you feel alive?

Regardless, don’t forget to download my new e-book, “The Limitless Mindset” for free at http://thelimitlessmindset.com. It will show you how to unleash your power to fulfill your duty & mission in life.

Limitless For Life,

Henry Gold
Author, Speaker, Limitless Potential Expert, Entrepreneur

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