Why I Wake Up Early

I felt tired. I felt cranky. I felt restless. — This was the exact pattern I experienced for years or even decades.

Many times, I would sleep a good seven to eight hours. Still, I would wake up exhausted in which it took another one hour to be alert. This condition made me wonder if I would be able to change my circumstances as it was crucial for me to have peak performance at all time. I did a lot of research on the Internet. Some people said that as long as you sleep between seven and eight hours, you would be fine. – It wasn’t right in my case.

One day, I read a book about eastern philosophy. One of the chapters talked about our body will heal itself during a specified period. – Also, one of the famous philosophers, Lao Tzu said, “All things carry yin and embrace yang. They reach harmony by blending with the vital breath.” It means that when we supposed to sleep, we should head to bed.

Also, when I read the book called “Huangdi Neijing” which is known as the fundamental doctrinal source for Chinese Medicine, it said that if we sleep between 11 PM and 1 AM in the morning, the body will naturally heal our kidney function. – When I read that paragraph, I felt that it was baloney.

However, as the first text, the Suwen existed more than thousands and years and is a must-read book by all the eastern doctors, I decided to sleep between 10:30 PM and 4:50 AM each day.

On the first day, it felt amazing. – I did have to force myself waking up at 4:50 AM. I had 20% to 30% more energy compared to sleeping at 1 AM and woke up at 8 AM. And, I did force myself not to take any nap in the afternoon in which it allowed me to feel exhausted during the night. – Sure enough, I was more than ready for bed at 10:30 PM.

On the second day, I started to rip apart. Instead of hitting the snooze button, I decided to use the “tiger eyes” techniques to stay alert. Later on, I realized that this technique is called utilizing the power of your frontal cortex. – In fact, if you go to Wikipedia and search for the term “Frontal Cortex,” it will tell you that your frontal cortex is responsible for executive functions such as planning for the future, judgment, decision-making skills, attention span, and inhibition.

It also means that when you utilize the “tiger eyes” method, you send the signal to your frontal cortex on what you are going to do as soon as you wake up. – It is also the reason WHY I was able to discipline myself in which I ditched the alarm and wake up on my own at 4:50 AM.

After two weeks of self-discipline, it became a habit to wake up at 4:50 AM and sleep at 10:30 PM. – Of course, on several occasions, I would sleep at 12 AM in which I will still discipline myself on waking up at 4:50 AM. – Some people will ask me, “Why didn’t you sleep more?”

Answer: I want my body to feel the consequences of not disciplining myself for sleeping earlier.

The next question is, “What is the difference between waking up at 5 AM vs. 9 AM?”

Here was my old schedule: (9 AM)
  9 AM – Meeting with my team members.
10 AM – Answer & monitor the progress of my team members.
12 PM – Send out emails to subscribers & Lunch.
2 PM – Write one long article to share with my audience.
5 PM – Prepare meals for my family.
7 PM – Dinner.
9 PM – Working on some strategic tasks.
1 AM – Brainstorming for tomorrow’s to-do-list.
2 AM – Go to bed.

Here is my current schedule: (5 AM)
 4:50 AM – Wake up, washing face, brush teeth, and a 10-minute breathing exercise.
5:10 AM – Writing my first article.
6:15 AM – Prepare and ate breakfast.
7:00 AM – Continue writing my 1st article.
9:00 AM – Writing my second article.
11:00 AM – Email subscribers, answer, monitor team members.
12:00 PM – Eating lunch & updating my social networking sites.
1:00 PM – Working on strategic tasks.
3:00 PM – Prepare meals for my family. – i.e., I cut the veggies and meat earlier. It allows me to save a lot of time when I prepare dinner at night.
3:30 PM – Headed to Gym.
6:00 PM – Cook for dinner.
6:30 PM – Dinner with family.
8:00 PM – Shower and brushing teeth.
8:30 PM – Brainstorming for tomorrow’s to-do-list.
9:00 PM – Reply to some messages on social media and answering emails.
10:00 PM – Dwindling down and head to bed by 10:30 PM.

As I’ve been continuously waking up at 4:50 AM each morning, I feel energized, fulfilled, and empowered.  Besides, when I write a high-quality article, instead of taking me five hours, I could have an excellently written article in less than two hours. – Plus, as I have time to exercise, I can sleep better at night. It allows me to have more energy in the morning.

The question you need to ask yourself is, What is your ideal way to maximize your time and energy on a regular basis?

When you understand and go with the fundamental principle of the Ying and Yang energy, you will have full control of your day where you can attract more love, wealth, and health. — That’s the law of the universe.

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Limitless For Life,

Henry Gold
Author, Speaker, Limitless Potential Expert, Entrepreneur

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