You Must Say “NO” to Five Things to Achieve Greatness in Life.

After the brain tumor surgery, my fiancée asked me to take things easy. – I did. My future-in-law asked me to take things slow. – I did. My godfather told me to slow down and never think about exercise. – I did. My surgeon suggested that I shouldn’t do the high impact training such as Kickboxing. – I did listen to his suggestion.

I know those were great suggestions as I needed to take things slow. Otherwise, I would never see a recovery. For god sake, I had a brain tumor the size of the golf ball. There was no doubt that I had to take a rest for sure. However, it was because of the words “take things slow,” “take things easy,” “don’t do this and don’t do that,” etc. put me under a lot of depression. – Worse, I became mentally weak.

It was because of the same reason, when I established my new business,, I was in pain, despair, and fearful. I didn’t understand why. I didn’t realize what was going on inside me. – Then, I tried to remember the time when I was limitless in every aspect of my life.

Finally, after I exercised mental toughness on every area of my life, I understood the “FIVE” things I have to say “NO” to if I want to achieve greatness in my life. Well, here are five things you need to say “NO” to achieve greatness in life:

#1: Say “NO” to Your Internal Demon.

If you have watched the movie, Spider-Man 3 [Watch the clips here], Peter Parker decided to remove the symbiote from his body after he pushed the love of his life, MJ. Even though Spider-Man was a fictional movie, the truth is, “There is a struggle between the Yin and Yang” inside each one of us.

It means that every time you tried to do something out of the ordinary, the Internal Demon will tell you, “No, no, and no. Who do you think you are?” – The Yin energy will push you down to the point of no return if you let it. Let me give you an example of my own weight loss journey, okay?

When I decided to lose weight and regained four-pack abs [Watch my fitness journey here], it was hard like hell. My mother-in-law would laugh at me. My godfather told me that I would gain the weight back. My friends told me to stop the idea of losing weight. – Worse, Mr. Demon said to me that I should just give up the idea of losing weight altogether.

#2: Say “NO” to Perfection.

After I decided to re-establish my business with, I told myself that I have to do the podcast, Limitless Nation TV, featured on magazines, do an e-newsletter, created excellent videos, allowed my future customers to have one-on-one interaction with me. Also, I want them to be able to become columnists as I do.

I worked hard. I tried to make things perfect. I invested tens of thousands of dollars. Then, I hired a few coaches to help me to master my craft. One of the coaches, Mr. Orange told me that it wasn’t good enough and I shouldn’t put anything out. – However, as tens of thousands of dollars got out of the window, I was under a lot of pressure.

“Release the articles,” – My intuition jump into my thought.

“I can’t. Mr. Orange told me that it wasn’t perfect and I would be a laughing stock,” – I replied as I was in a fearful state.

“Just release the articles, and you will see,” – My intuition commanded me.

“Okay,” – I replied even though I’ve almost wanted to put my head on a hole I could find.

One day later, I released the article. It was a big success. However, my mentor, Mr. Orange scolded me. He tried to reaffirm to me that I would be a laughing stock. — I said “NO” to perfection. Now, a lot of things that I’ve learned from Mr. Orange have been implemented. My clients told me that the videos that I included on are ahead of the game. One marketing friend told me that while most people are just producing a talking ahead, I took my time on creating quality contents.

My point is, “Always take massive imperfect action. Then, improve the quality over time.”

 #3: Say “NO” to Distractions.

Put your phone on silent. Use an app such as Focus Mode [Download it here.] to remove your temptation on checking your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Then, use time block [Grab it here] to protect your time.

It also means that when you are in front of the computer, you are not there for the sake of looking busy. You are in front of the computer to complete your tasks. – What are you going to do with the rest of your time? – Cooking, cleaning, spending time with friends and family.

You see, life is beautiful. However, if you invest the majority of your time “looking busy” instead of doing your best in making things happened, you are wasting your life. Why do I say you are wasting your life? When I was in the step-up (ICU), I felt helpless. I couldn’t even go to the bathroom. I cried.

I got really upset. I told myself that IF I have the second chance to get out of the hospital alive, which I did, I will do whatever it takes to help others to achieve their success as well. [Watch my near-death experience here.]

That’s the promise between I and I. My point is, “You got to stop looking busy. Instead, when you work, you work. When you eat, you eat. When you take a rest, you do take a rest.”

#4: Say “NO” to Narcissistic Friends.

They are mentally weak human being. Narcissistic people are those people who are giving up on their lives and want others to be like them. – It does sound cruel. However, when you are dealing with people who are mentally weak, sooner or later, you are going to be weak as well.

Example #1:

A few years ago, I celebrated my father’s birthday at my seminar in Sandusky, Ohio. I wanted him to be proud of me. Instead of saying things like, “My son, I am proud of you,” he told me that he was better than me when he was at my age.

Worse, he told me that my former partners were a joke in which they would eat my business alive in the future. Since he is my dad, I decided to listen to him. I distanced my former partners as I was afraid that they would eat my business alive. – A few years later, I became broke. My company was on the verge of collapse. At one point, I called my dad as I was in pain.

“Dad, my business is failing,” – I told my dad on the phone.

“Hahahaha. I knew you are a loser. Why do you tell me this? I am not giving you any money if this is what you asked for,” – He laughed as he felt that he was better than me.

“I don’t need your money. I just want you to support me emotionally so I could do more to live my life,” – I replied as I was about to kill myself.

“You are such a loser. Everybody told me that. I told my friends about you. You should be ashamed of yourself, loser,” – My father told me with an evil laugh.

*After my father hang up on me, I took the knife and wanted to end my life.*

“Don’t do it, Henry,” – Mr. Intuition told me.

“Why do you care? My father told me I am a loser. I am really a loser to him,” – I replied as the tear dropped.

“You are not a loser. Your father is a loser. Avoid him, block him, and stop talking with him altogether,” – Mr. Intuition replied as he felt my pain.

I screamed like hell. I tried to get rid of the pain as it was too painful. As tear stopped dropping, I picked myself back up and promised myself to NEVER (ever) communicate with narcissistic people.

Example #2:

A few months ago, I told my godfather that I was very weak and almost mentally breakdown to establish a new business. – Instead of getting all upset, my godfather told me that he believed in me.

He told me that once I re-establish a new business, he wanted me to buy another house, a new car for him, and a new car for my god sister. – I said “YES” to him. Then, my godfather told me that he was joking about buying him a new car as he owned a Mercedes Benz and a multi-million dollar house. However, he gave me a few suggestions that let me believe that he genuinely cares about my success. What is it, Henry?

“You know, I’ve been wanting to see you become very successful and live near my house,” – My godfather told me with a smiling face.

“That house costs $2.5 Million,” – I replied as I know a condo in New York is already pricing at $700,000 a pop.

“I am confident you can get it. I can’t wait for you living next to my house,” – My godfather replied.

Since that time, I worked my neck off. I didn’t give in. I kept pushing forward. I completed my book. I completed an extremely high-quality product. I got new office space in New York. – I’ve given my all even up to today’s as I received the validation from an influential father figure in my life.

Why am I telling you this? A narcissistic person will try to obtain information about you as a way against you in the future. They appear to be helpful or kind. However, the more information you share with them, the more they will try to use them as a way to throw you under the bus.

My point is, “You need to have a zero tolerance policy to have a narcissistic person in your inner circle. PERIOD.

 #5: Say “NO” on Working on Too Many Projects.

When I was working with Mr. Orange, he told me that I need to do podcasts, Limitless Nation TV, Blogging, article writing, interviewing, branding, building list, creating products, writing books, etc. – At first, I said “YES” to everything Mr. Orange told me. However, as I progressed, I realized that Mr. Orange didn’t do what he preached. – Basically, in Mr. Orange’s mind, it was just IDEAS on what the world would be if we do this and that.

As I realized what Mr. Orange was all about, I got devastated. I told myself that I got to stop depending on his advice and re-create my business my way. So, what did I focus on? It is the customer satisfaction.

I said “NO” to 15 different tasks Mr. Orange asked me to implement. I stopped applying the viral techniques he asked me to do. I canceled a couple projects that will focus on giving me more fame and popularity. Instead, I concentrated on rolling out on a couple projects that will help my audience grows and receive their transformation as soon as possible.

For a few weeks, I stopped talking to Mr. Orange as I watched what people do and never what they say. Mr. Orange is not a doer.

“Henry, you should have done this. It works much better for you,” – Mr. Orange recommended me.

“I don’t think so. I need to complete these couple tasks first,” – I replied.

“You know who you are?” – Mr. Orange asked.

“Who am I?” – I replied with a lot of curiosity.

“You just want things to go easy your way. Basically, you just want to focus on systemizing the process instead of doing things manually,” – Mr. Orange got furious.

“Of course I have to systemize it. If I were to do it manually, I would have to work 50 hours a day. Still, nothing would be done.” – I replied.

*Mr. Orange became speechless as he knew I was right.*

A few weeks later, Mr. Orange told me that he had to remove some part of the projects as it took too long for him to complete it. – I wanted to say to him I told you so, but I kept my mouth shut.

My point is, “You should always focus on ONE or TWO tasks in front of you. It is the ONLY way you can eat the elephant in the room.

The question you need to ask yourself is, “Who and what is stopping you from achieving greatness in life?”

Regardless, I strongly recommend you to download my new e-book, “The Limitless Mindset” for free at It will show you how to unleash your power to fulfill your duty & mission in life.


Limitless For Life,

Henry Gold
Author, Speaker, Limitless Potential Expert, Entrepreneur

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